Social Contribution - Buying Products from Businesses that give back to the environment

Social Contribution - Buying Products from Businesses that give back to the environment

Scientists think that global warming will be irreversible in 11 years, so we need to make changes now. These changes can be about our buying habits or how we live.  Making changes to how we live and what we purchase, will help to sustain the planet so that it continues to be safe for us and future generations to live in. 

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What is social contribution?

Social contribution is when a company gives back to the environment in some form or another. They can give back in multiple ways from planting trees for every product brought, their product goes into a sustainable waste cycle where it can be used for something else or used again; and, to donating profits to charities that help the environment. 

Supporting Small Businesses

What do Organics do that supports Social Contribution?

As an ethical business, we are taking every step possible to provide a platform where environmentally friendly products are easy to access for conscious consumers. We sell only eco-friendly approved products that are made with care and natural resources. By supporting companies that contribute towards helping the environment, we are growing a stronger, environmentally-friendly brand and a positive image. In doing so, we are able to help ‘eco-businesses’ grow, whilst providing an online space for people to share their stories and products, and to connect with other like minded people.

Supporting Small Businesses

What does this mean for you?

We sell products that have had time and effort invested into them that help bridge the gap between concern for the environment and functionality. We know you may have queries regarding a product’s practicality, despite it’s greener benefits against a non-environmentally friendly counterpart that you have been/are still using. 

Let us give you an example of a socially contributing product we sell at a great price, that has great taste with great ethical values, giving you purchasing peace of mind. 

Our Espresso Dark Roast Fair Trade Organic Shade Grown Bird Friendly Coffee is only £4.99 for a 200g pouch. It boasts intense flavours of cocoa, fruity tanginess and had a dark creamy body making this ideal for espresso and milky drinks. 

Organic fairtrade coffee

The creators of this stunning, and delicious 100% Organic Arabica Coffee, only roast seasonal coffee that has been certified ‘Bird Friendly’. They grow their coffee slowly and in natural conditions to create their distinctive flavours. These coffees are grown on forest farms, which protect the diverse tree canopies that provide homes and havens to threatened birds, especially migratory birds, insects and various other wildlife. 

So whilst you, the customer, are purchasing coffee, an everyday staple item for many of us; you are also buying into a cycle that aids  conservation and wildlife protection. Not only do you get a great tasting, great quality and cost-effective product, but you can purchase with peace of mind too.

This is what it means to be an Organic customer, you get the products you want that are sustainably sourced, look, feel and taste amazing, at competitive prices. We have already done the research in finding suppliers and creators of environmentally friendly products so that you don’t have to. By buying from us, you are using products that feed-back into a continuous reusability cycle, growing a more eco-friendly, socially contributed buying and selling system that helps keep our planet cleaner and safer. 

Three examples of our  Social Contributors 

We believe in our beautiful world, but it is suffering at the hands of us. Our purpose is to help provide a platform where people can buy products of all kinds with the knowledge that they are helping towards the environment. We believe businesses can be a force of good, because of this we support businesses that see it as their social responsibility to help positively contribute to our environment. 

1.The Recyclable Material.

Lavender calming soy wax candle

One of the brands we sell, Made By Coopers, like many other brands we collaborate with, use glass containers. Using glass containers instead of plastic is a form of social contribution because once the product has run out the glass container can be recycled instead of being put into landfill. 

2.The Fair Trade Investors.

Organic Skincare on
YouOrganic Skin Care is another example of a brand that gives back to the environment. They use only fairtrade suppliers so that workers get paid a better wage, and as a result, the fairtrade suppliers invest in environmental projects.

3. The Gift That Returns Itself To The Environment.

    plantable cards

    Another product we love is our plantable cards. These have proved themselves hugely popular this Christmas. These are a great example of social contribution because they contain a seed that grows a flower. These flowers help with purifying the air. Just a small card can create an environmental impact. That’s one less product to add to landfill.

    A unique gift, this is something your loved one, friend or colleague can enjoy for long after, as the flowers in your garden will remind them of that classic gift.

    We know that supporting companies who contribute towards the environment is vital. Otherwise, we will continue to kill our planet and wildlife. We can stop this happening by continuing to buy from socially responsible companies that offer help to improve the environment. Which, in turn, helps you to purchase recyclable products, fairtrade products and invest in purchasing into an eco-friendly production. 

    We understand that whilst you will be aware of the dangers facing our environment across the globe, that you currently might not connect this with how you purchase your products. For any of you that are using us for the first time, we invite you to browse our extraordinary and unique range of environmentally friendly products. And to those of you who are already loyal customers, welcome back!

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