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Introducing our curated collection of eco-friendly soap savers, designed to elevate your sustainable living journey while extending the life of your fav natural soaps. Discover the perfect harmony of functionality and eco-consciousness with our Douvall's bioplastic soap saver, crafted from renewable biomass sources to provide gentle exfoliation and optimal drainage, keeping your soap dry and lasting longer. Embrace nature's versatility with Battle Green's plastic free soap saver,  handcrafted from discarded coconut husks, offering a natural, biodegradable solution to your bathing routine. Choose sustainability without compromising on quality with our diverse range of eco-friendly soap savers, each contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.


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Upcycled Coconut Husk Soap RestUpcycled Coconut Husk Soap Rest
Sale priceFrom £3.95 GBP
The Eco Soap Lover SetThe Eco Soap Lover Set
Sale price£14.00 GBP
Handmade Wooden Soap Rack
Sale price£5.95 GBP
Soap Saver | Extend Your Soap's LifeSoap Saver | Extend Your Soap's Life
Sisal Soap Saver BagSisal Soap Saver Bag
Sale price£3.95 GBP
Vegan Hair & Body Gift SetVegan Hair & Body Gift Set
Sale priceFrom £23.95 GBP