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A little revolution in sexual wellbeing. Lubets natural water and oils based lubricators are gentle, chemical and worry free. They come in single use sachets - just slip into your pocket and have your magic moments anywhere and anytime. Our top tip? Try their orgasm enhancer or naughtily warming lube for extra smiles all round! Pure, natural sexual wellbeing lubricant.

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Let it be clear: we do not sell lubricants, we generate experiences

After countless trial-error tests, we can confirm that human beings need to release tensions and we have discovered that the whole world needs a good shake, to lose weight and have a more fluid life. Conclusion: "Not everyone has a good slip."
The daring ones decide to leave the comfort zone, completely overcoming boredom and putting themselves in their pockets: action, quality and respect for the rest of the planet.
Who doesn't want to have happiness at hand? Now we put it in your pocket. MADE IN SPAIN joy from "cover to cover". Designed from the beginning for great finals, the kind of traca. Are we in this life of passage? Lubets has something to talk about, and our goal is to have people speak highly of you.
Enter a detox of complications, make your skin shine more and they can say... How noticeable are the clicks! We want you to look in the mirror and say: Today everything is slipping me! We are the click that changes your life.

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