Our Story

We are Lalana and Pim, and we’re sisters on a mission to make sustainability fun, inviting, and exciting! Environmental awareness has been part of our upbringing since we can remember. But we don’t think that living sustainably means we have to stop buying beauty products, or homeware or nice things. We just need to buy the right stuff!

Organics.mrkt simply connects great eco-brands with our customers, who love to shop more sustainably. Ethically sourced, plastic-free, zero waste, vegan, made-with-natural ingredients and organic - you name it, we have it! Our aim is to have a fantastic range of ethically produced, sustainable products all in one place. It’s mindful shopping made simple! The brands we work with have their own pages and collections on Organics.com. We check all the eco-credentials so you can trust you're getting the best in eco-friendly products.

We started as a small business, just like many of our sellers. With a few eco-brands on board, we began to promote sustainable products. And we have continued to grow ever since as more and more people are choosing to shop sustainably. Now we have over 30+ sellers and many many visitors every day. And still growing! Fast forward to 2023, and we have the new Organics.com.

✩。°⋆Why We Care about Sustainability and Environment ⋆。°✩

From a very early age, we saw first hand the damage that plastics and non-biodegradable waste causes to the environment.
Since the 1980s, our dad has worked in the environmental engineering industry, finding ways to reduce the impact of pollution. As kids, we’d go with him when he was working on landfill sites. Fun, right? For me and my sister, it was a big eye-opener that there is no Planet B.

Needless to say, being environmentally aware has been part of our everyday lives from a young age. So, our passion is for our planet, the environment and the natural world. We're not saying we are perfect in the world of sustainability, but we try our best!

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Our Mission

✩。 We want to make it easy for everyone to live more sustainably without giving up the nice things we all love!
★ We want it to be easy to find gorgeous products that have less environmental impact.
✩。We want to connect people, share stories and help independent ‘eco-businesses’ grow.
★ We want to do business well, sustainably and have a positive impact
Because, by supporting a more eco-conscious retail sector, we can promote its benefits - and support the bigger issues that mean a lot to us. Our market may not save the world, but it might help in a small way to make living sustainability just a little bit easier :) We believe small changes can make a big difference!

So, our mission is to make eco-shopping simple for everyone! Maintaining our values is key to 'Mindful Shopping Made Simple' - which is a mantra we love, and hope you love too!

Pim & Lalana

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