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Natural remedy bracelets handmade with love and semi-precious gemstones by Amelie Hope. Beautiful bracelets with healing properties for relief from all kinds of minor problems. From anxiety, nausea, vertigo, rheumatism, headaches and menopause symptoms. 

These pretty, delicate bracelets are supplied in an organza bag and come with information about each crystal's healing properties.  You can make special requests for different combinations of stones. Just ask 💝

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If you're looking for a made-to-order crystal bracelet or crystal acupressure relief bracelets Amelie Hope Crystal's provides it all!

From natural anxiety relief to natural acupressure travel bands Leah has carefully curated a beautiful blend of gemstones bracelets to enhance your wellbeing and re-centre your energy.

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Jewellery and charms handmade by Leah with love and semi-precious gemstones.

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