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Dot & Lola brand was born from a need to drive home the value of natural, organic hair care and cosmetics. We believe, the products people use should be of the highest quality but affordable and ethically sourced. And we wanted to be sure that the shampoo & conditioner we use in our own salon stem from this belief.

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About Dot & Lola

Founder Gavin developed Dot and Lola from an unwavering commitment to drive change within our industry.
Despite the salon hair care market's worth in billions, it is saturated with brands that lack genuine concern for our clients, the end-users. While other brands may leave clients' hair feeling fantastic initially, they often merely conceal problems instead of preventing them from arising in the first place.
Dot and Lola springs directly from the salon, meticulously crafted with our clients in mind. These clients seek authentic hair experiences they can recreate in their everyday lives. No more empty promises!

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"Imagine a world where toxicity is replaced with purity, where peace and forward-thinking reign supreme. A planet that harnesses the abundant gifts it has already bestowed upon us. This is my vision, my why!" Gavin Taylor ~ Dot & Lola Founder

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