Meet our Sellers - Dot & Lola Natural Hair Care

Meet our Sellers - Dot & Lola Natural Hair Care

Meet The Sellers - Dot & Lola natural hair and body care

Because we like to get to know our sellers pretty well, we thought you might like to know a little about them too! Gorgeous natural and organic products are our thing, but we also want to make some noise about the top indy brands we work with. Small companies, doing great things with care and consideration for the planet.
Image of Gavin CEO and Founder of Dot & Lola with a graphics of Meet The Seller

Dot & Lola are one of our newest sellers. Not only are they going to give you great hair with their 100% natural hair care range, but they are serious about ingredients and about their environmental impact!

We’re super proud to be working with our people. We’re delighted to tell you the Dot & Lola story.

What Do Dot & Lola do?

They are makers of some of the finest natural and plant based shampoo, conditioner and organic hair products in the UK. They also produce a natural shower and bath range with gorgeous body lotions and washes, hand creams and handwashes. Basically, everything you’ll need for the best shower of your life! They even have a mood boosting body wash. Clean skin is not enough for this brand - they want to give you clean, and happy!

Bergamot, Grapefruit & Cypress Mood Boosting Body Wash

Dot & Lola’s divinely scented body wash is one for the body, mind and soul!

How Did Dot & Lola Begin?

We’ve noticed that all our sellers have a great story behind their brand, and Dot & Lola are no exception.

The UK company is based in Leicestershire and was formed by Gavin Taylor, a hair professional with over 20 years experience in the industry. Gavin watched on as big brands dominated the hair world, leaving little or no room for smaller businesses or for hair care innovation. Big brands dictate standard formulas and ingredients for products, and not always to the benefit of the clients! He became frustrated that more natural alternatives rarely made the salon shelf.

Being prone to allergies, he struggled to find a company that had products committed to using as many natural ingredients as possible.

Like many of us (raiding the larder for apple cider vinegar, lemon, honey anyone?), Gavin began experimenting at home with natural ingredients to see if he could land on a formula that would work for his skin and hair.

He found it! And by then, had researched so many ingredients and their benefits, he was passionate about natural hair care options. Suddenly, making his own products seemed less like a crazy idea, and more like the only way forward! And Dot & Lola was born.

A few great things about Dot & Lola 

Hair Care with a belief in harmony with nature.

Dot & Lola is passionate about using plant based ingredients because they work in harmony with the body. Instead of quickly masking the problem like many chemical hair care formulas do, the ingredients in their products aim to balance out the hair and skin, to give long lasting naturally glossy, naturally healthy results. It’s about dealing and healing with hair, scalp and skin problems. And it’s about long term prevention, rather than masking over.

Care for the user

As haircare professionals, Dot & Lola care about the experience their customers have using their products. Their products are developed with good skin and hair health as a priority. This is why they are super fussy and strict about the origin and quality of the organic ingredients they use in their natural body care and hair care ranges. They recognise that not everyone's skin can handle chemicals and heat treatments, so their products are designed to be gentle and natural.

Great ingredients

Dot & Lola know their stuff! And they know all about the stuff that goes into their natural shampoos and conditioners too. With extensive experience of hair care, and a passionately geeky knowledge of natural ingredients that work, the products are packed full of high quality ingredients that will target problem hair, or scalp or skin. 

Dot & Lola Repair Natural Shampoo & Conditioner 

Natural Shampoo - Hair Repair

Organic aloe vera, bergamot and rosemary treat and strengthen damaged hair. It’s a winner for curly and coloured hair protection. Geranium treats the scalp & promotes hair growth. A fabulous smelling natural shampoo that just gives your hair a massive hug!

Are Dot & Lola an eco-friendly company?

Dot & Lola make their business philosophy pretty clear 

“..we have one life and one planet and if we do not change each area of industry to become one of care, for both the customer and the planet, we will have neither for much longer”

The brand was born from a need to emphasise the value of natural, organic hair care and cosmetics. They believe the products should be of the highest quality, but affordable and ethically sourced. And they pride themselves on the values of positivity, quality and sustainability.

No artificial additives

All Dot & Lola natural bath and body products are free from SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), SLES (Sodium Lauryl Ethanol Sulphate), Parabens, Silicones, Synthetic Fragrances & Colours. 

They are Vegan products and never tested on animals.

Natural Products - Eco-Friendly Refill pouches

Keep your original natural shampoo, conditioner or lotion bottle - because Dot & Lola are mindful of their carbon footprint. You can use their recyclable refill pouches for all their products. Nice eco-friendly touch!

Dot and Lola refill pouches

Our Round up 

Dot & Lola are an all round fab UK indy brand, punching above their weight in a big brand led market. The ingredients in their natural hair care and body products are flawless and target specific problems. Passionate, knowledgeable and not afraid to think outside the box, it’s brands like them with care for their products, their customers, and our planet that we’re delighted to be working with!

Oh, by the way - all their products smell absolutely amazing!! Check the full collection here. Below - our quick Dot & Lola top picks edit 🙂

Balance Natural Hair Conditioner with Lavender and Mandarin

We love this Lavender & Mandarin infused natural conditioner that soothes the scalp & encourages hair growth & shine. Vertivert helps blood circulation & organic Argan oil gives natural moisture. Vitamin E maintains a healthy scalp making this a natural conditioner that's great for all hair types.

Natural & Organic Hand Lotion - Orange, Grapefruit & Aloe Vera

Natural hand lotion packed with organic ingredients that protect, soothe, and care for skin, nails - and the planet. Orange peel & Grapefruit are natural disinfectants & antiseptics. Lemon extract gently exfoliates dead skin cells, for super soft hands. Clean conscience, soft hands, good nails! Love!

Natural Shampoo - Clarity

The Clarity natural shampoo and conditioner, for example, targets fine, flyaway or greasy hair. The brand uses a formula of organic ingredients - lemon essential oil, eucalyptus, and lupine seed extract - to balance sebum levels in the scalp follicles. This gently clears build up, encourages the production of the scalps natural oils and defences, and will promote volume and in some cases, hair growth.

Aloe Vera, Lemon & Eucalyptus & lupine seed tackle fine, greasy or oily hair.  

Explore Dot & Lola's Full Natural Haircare and Natural Skincare range on

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