Meet our Sellers - The Coconut Company

Meet our Sellers - The Coconut Company

Meet the Sellers - The Coconut Company

You might love a product, but the people behind the brand are honestly just as loveable!

Our sellers may be in natural cosmetics, eco friendly homeware, organic shampoos, or natural pet sprays … but they all have one thing in common. They are making great products with the environment as a priority.

They source ingredients ethically, think about packaging and want you to be able to choose eco friendly, environmentally sound shopping.

Here’s a little bit about some of the lovely folk behind our products.

The Coconut Company 

If you asked them, they might say that they know their organic coconuts! (like, it’s a fruit, not a nut! Who knew?!)

The Coconut Company are not only lovely folk, they make some of the best coconut food products out there. And they do it with love (granted, a slightly obsessive love of coconuts). And they also do it with care for the people they work with. The Coconut Company definitely have the feel-good factor. 

What do the Coconut Company do?

They make some of the best plant based foods out there. The Coconut Company has spread its wings worldwide and produces high quality, organic and plant-based coconut products. 

They are right on trend for healthy, plant based alternatives to standard cooking sauces, sugars, flours and sweeteners. In fact, the company has created their own alternative to sugar itself!

The coconut company sugar held by hand on a gradient background

Organic Coconut Sugar 

A naturally rich, unrefined natural sweetener made from pure coconut sap. The sap is gently heated to obtain brown sugar crystals that hold the goodness of the coconut blossom. Coconut Sugar is a natural alternative to processed sugars and artificial sweeteners. This super pure and unrefined sugar boasts a low Glycemic Index, and is 100% organic & vegan certified. It’s also lower in calories per 100g! 

How did the Coconut Company begin?

Like many cool indy brands, The Coconut Company has a great story.

2007 and a guy called Mike Pilgrim was in the Phillipines, where he bought a small ship called the Odyssey. The boat needed some serious restoration. When it was up and running, Mike began using it as a ferry service for local people and vehicles bringing them  to and from the island of Alabat and mainland Philippines.  Pretty soon the islanders and local businesses of Alabat - now with a connection to the mainland - began to prosper.

Gradient background purple to yellow with orange squiggles place around and image of Vicky and Mike Co founders of The Coconut Company

One day, the local mayor asked Mike if there was anything he could do with thousands of waste coconut husks left over from the islanders’ coconut oil production. Challenge accepted! By 2014, Mike had started to process the husks to produce coconut fibre for export. 

Working with the islanders, he built a successful business. He also fell in love with coconuts! Not so weird! Seeing the growing worldwide demand for healthy plant-based foods - “The Coconut Company” was born.

What are organic coconut products?

Coconut is an incredibly versatile fruit!  And while we all think it’s just crunchy chunks of white stuff, or makes a rather nice juice, The Coconut Company realised it could do so much more. 

By blending, drying, fermenting and grinding coconuts, they use them to replace some of the unhealthy additives in standard foods. Using the fruit pulp, sap and husks, and with a little magic of their revolutionary methods, they create delicious sauces and cooking ingredients - without the sugars! 

Coconut Aminos Teriyaki

Coconut Aminos ~ Teriyaki Sauce

The Coconut Company’s Teriyaki sauce is one of our all time favourites. Using raw sap of coconut blossom, a dollop of nectar, a splash of coconut vinegar, bit of garlic, ginger and sea salt, you get a rich, sticky, salty-sweet teriyaki with a good ginger kick. Hot, cool and yum!

Best of all, its 100% natural, soy and gluten free because of their clever use of coconut!

How ethical is The Coconut Company (and why do we love them)? 

It provides income for the coconut farmers in the Philippines. From a wreck of a boat, and small beginnings, it's now a worldwide company, producing high quality, organic and plant-based coconut products. Based in Hong Kong and the Philippines, the company makes sure it sticks to its origins and ethics working closely with local farmers and producers.

A company with an eco-friendly outlook

The Coconut Company is pretty fussy about its beloved coconuts! They insist the coconuts are ‘raw’ and have gone through minimal processing. They work with farmers that have organic certification, or who farm naturally - meaning without pesticides or herbicides.

Which means the food you buy from them is non genetically modified, soy, gluten and dairy free - and has no refined sugars.

Not only that, The Coconut Company uses only recyclable materials for its packaging. 

What is not to love about these guys?

Helping local communities.

The areas The Coconut Company work in are prone to typhoons. And when they strike, it’s the poorest communities that get hit hardest. 

Mike and his company in the UK collect clothes and toys for the children of farmers in typhoon prone local villages. They’ve also contributed towards a typhoon recovery programme, and helped sponsor the building of a kindergarten. As well as making sure local producers can stay in business and make a living, they are also keen to help the local farming communities. Business can be good and make a big difference to people's lives.

Here’s some of The Coconut Company’s best products. 

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in the centre of image with turquoise squiggles around it

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ~ 500ml

This 100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made from carefully selected fresh hand-picked coconuts grown in Sri Lanka using a traditional ‘cold’ production process for centuries, ensuring the product remains 100% raw.
Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent substitute for vegetable oil in almost all types of cooking. Delicious when used in stir-fries and a great dairy-free alternative to butter and margarine. It’s also very moisturising for skin and hair. A little goes a long way!
Pure, natural and raw with a mild coconut taste.

Organic coconut Vinegar  

Organic Coconut Vinegar ~ Mother-of-Vinegar 

Raw coconut sap, naturally fermented Organic Coconut Vinegar, really is the Mother-of-Vinegar. Don’t disobey here; she knows what’s good for you.

It takes 10 months for this mother to be the chief that she is. The Mother-of-Vinegar organic coconut vinegar is the ‘Mum Who Knows Best’. 100% all-natural and 0% preservatives.

Organic Coconut Vinegars available in;  Classic, Mother of Vinegars and Balsamic Vinegar.

Organic Coconut Aminos ~ All Purpose Seasoning ~ 150ml

So what is Coconut Aminos? It’s similar in taste to soy sauce, but without the soy and gluten-free. Unlike regular soy sauce, our Coconut Aminos is naturally fermented over 6 months and retains much of the goodness in the coconut sap. Made using the raw sap of the coconut blossom, we mix it with a dollop of coconut nectar (and a smidgen of coconut sugar, garlic and sea salt), age it till it’s black, all before we let you get your hands on it. Our delicate way of fermenting also means that the coconut sap remains raw. 100% natural, soy-free and gluten-free. Leaving only the good stuff from that nutritious coconut sap.

So, what do Coconut Aminos taste like?

A sweet, salty, rich sauce and edging up very close to umami, but all vegan. How cool is that?

Check the full range of The Coconut Company gluten and soy free products here, and stock your larder up!

So, in a (ahem)  ‘coconut shell’ - The Coconut Company not only produces some of the highest quality, best plant based foods available, they do it with style! And with care for the communities they work with, and care for the environment.

And this is what we love when they sell with us at Because this is exactly the kind of company with a heart that we are proud to share with you in our marketplace. 

Let’s hear it for heart and soul business, and for coconuts!

Check out the full Coconut Company product collection today.

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