Meet Our Sellers - Battle Green

Meet Our Sellers - Battle Green

Meet our Sellers - Battle Green 

Every now and then, we like to share a little about the sellers on The lovely folk behind the gorgeous products.

We spend time finding them, checking out their products and getting to know them, to make sure we have the best makers and sellers of natural and organic products on the site.

We’re super proud to be working with our people! And we’d like to introduce you to the fabulous Battle Green.

Battle Green - What Do They Do?

Battle Green are making some of the best natural and organic beauty and cosmetic products in the UK. The products are handmade with care, natural ingredients and zero waste, plastic free, recyclable packaging. The company has its eye firmly on sustainable self care. They specialise in natural vegan cosmetics & zero waste everyday household products. They have just introduced reusable period products. On trend! Their hugely popular range of eco-friendly gifts and gift sets are just so cool.

Eco Friendly Letterbox Gift Set

Eco Friendly Letterbox Gift Set with cartoon graphics

This little box is a great example of Battle Green’s sustainable treats! A recyclable card box of goodies that fits cleverly through the letterbox for a surprise gift! With a natural soap slice, biodegradable sisal soap saver bag, a vegan lip balm, and a mini natural deodorant in a tin. The concept is cool, and the products are gorgeous!

How Did Battle Green Begin?

Battle Green began in 2018. Its founders, Lucy and her partner were feeling demoralised by never ending reports about the environmental damage and impact on wildlife caused by humans. Living in Snowdonia National  Park in Wales and surrounded by nature, wildlife and with Wales’s highest mountain as their view, they were inspired to start something different. A business that could work with nature, do good and have a positive impact for the planet.

They had the vision of a completely sustainable range of home and self care products, with zero waste and plastic free packaging. Offering people  truly eco-friendly alternatives. And today, they have it!

The majority of Battle Green products are reusable and refillable, helping to save money and reduce waste over time. A great example of this brand is their popular zero waste starter kits. One of our best sellers, they are available in three sizes, helping anyone to start their zero waste journey on any  budget. 


Zero Waste Kitchen Gift Set (Small)

This plastic free dish washing set is the perfect eco friendly gift for someone who loves their home as much as the planet! One of Battle Green’s great offers to start a eco friendly home lifestyle.Zero Waste Kitchen Gift Set (Small) on crumpling paper background with cartoon graphics

What’s the best thing about Battle Green?

Where do we start! We just loved this brand's story and how they were inspired to start up something that felt good - and had fantastic products.

A few things that make Battle Green just our type of people..

Vegan and Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Their whole product range is suitable for vegans. Lucy and the Battle Green family are huge animal lovers, so you can be sure their handmade cosmetics are PETA-certified vegan and cruelty free. 

Handmade, Small Batch Cosmetics

Big beauty brands overproduce by an average of 10% - which is all waste (equivalent to about nearly 5 billion dollars of waste - yikes!)

Brands like Battle Green, who produce in small batches, can closely match demand so minimal waste! And low or zero emissions as there’s no big factories or machinery used.

Because small batch production is generally hand made and not by machines, they’re made with love and care. And the ingredients are fresh and don’t need preservatives and all the usual chemical suspects in big production because they are meeting immediate demand. So your product is made to order and fresh off the line!

Zero Waste, Plastic Free Packaging

What Battle Green does so well is packaging. You won't find any plastic tubes or wrapping here! Products are minimally packaged in recycled card, (you can even opt out of this at checkout if you don't need it!) They only post out using plastic-free, compostable, and recyclable (and often recycled) packaging.

They even offer reusable organic cotton gift wrap, and will wrap a gift box for you. 

Their gift boxes are recyclable card only, and their ever popular natural deodorants for example, come in paper tubes or reusable tins!

Natural Vegan Deodorant

Natural Vegan Deodorant on pale yellow background with cartoon graphics

One of Battle Green’s best sellers - their vegan natural deodorant in delicate scents is an eco-friendly winner.

Is Battle Green an ethical business?

Yes, yes, yes! Not only do they hand make in small batches to eliminate waste and emissions, they are hot on packaging too. Their ingredients are ethically sourced, natural and organic. 

And, for a young indy UK company, they are already giving back where they can and promoting and raising funds for charities that are close to their hearts.

Battle Green belongs to the  Surfers Against Sewage 250 Club - a business membership scheme to help support vital work to clean up our beaches and seas. They help educate schools and communities on going #plasticfree, campaigning to improve water quality, and organise beach cleans up and down the country.

They are partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree for every one of their small, medium and large zero waste starter kits sold, and to offset the carbon footprint of deliveries.

And finally, with every Battle Green reusable gift wrap ordered, a donation goes to Freshfields, a community focused non-profit charity based in North Wales, and caring for abandoned, abused and unwanted domestic and small farm animals, along with sick and injured wildlife (

Supporting eco-friendly and ethical small business

So, just a snapshot of one of the small indy UK brands we’re so happy to have with us here at Like many of our sellers, Battle Green is full of heart with a great story, making fantastic natural and organic product ranges, and supporting local communities and charities. We just love this! We don’t need to ask you to support them, all you have to do is check out Battle Green’s gorgeous eco-friendly cosmetics and homeware. We know you’ll want some!! Quick edit below. Enjoy 🙂

Eco Friendly Beauty Gift Box

Eco Friendly Beauty Gift Box on blob purple background with cartoon graphics

Four vegan friendly, gorgeous pampering products in an eco-happy letterbox gift set. You can grab this one in either floral, fresh or fruity scents! Zero waste (of course!) A perfect natural gift set with organic clay mask, natural soap slice, vegan lip balm, and reusable make up pads.

Organic Cotton Reusable Bread Bag

Organic Cotton Reusable Bread Bag on pink background with cartoon graphics

These organic cotton reusable bread bags are just the ticket if you're looking for a way to store your homemade bread, or aiming to reduce plastic at the supermarket or your local bakery. Also, look pretty rustic and cool in the kitchen!

Natural Vegan Shampoo Bars

Natural Vegan Shampoo Bars on lilac background with cartoon graphics

Go plastic free with Battle Green’s sweet smelling, handmade natural shampoo bars that strengthen, soften and add shine. Zero waste compostable wrap, or in a travel tin. 

Reusable Period Pads Starter Kit

Reusable Period Pads Starter Kit on pale yellow background with cartoon graphics

Reusable period pads starter kits are a great introduction to zero waste periods. With a selection of reusable pads to try, they make an easy eco-friendly first period set. 

The pads are made with a soft, fluffy white bamboo terry topper, with a black leakproof PUL fabric backing, and a super absorbent microfibre core).

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