Organic vs Natural

Organic vs Natural

Natural vs Organic Skin Care & Food Products

What does it mean for something to be Organic?

When a product is certified ‘Organic’, it means that you are buying a product that has ingredients sourced using environmentally friendly methods of production. Whether it's food, beauty products, or homeware they can all come in an Organic form.

This socially responsible approach applies to Organic ingredients in both natural beauty and food products. As long as the crop, farm, or harvest has been produced without the use of nasty chemicals, or synthetic production aids, then these ingredients will qualify as an Organic property.

Organic products don’t use artificial pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. Animals that have been bred for their meat, eggs, or dairy are fed natural feed and have not given hormones or antibiotics.

Artificial pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides contain harmful chemicals that can end up in the surrounding environment causing harm to local wildlife. For example, the run-off water waste from artificial production sometimes gets into rivers and oceans polluting the water and killing the ocean life.

Animals that are given synthetic hormones and antibiotics are given them because they gain weight faster with less feed. This is bad for many reasons, firstly synthetic hormones are thought to have carcinogenic effects which can lead to the cause of cancer. It is also incredibly cruel, as most of these poor animals given these antibiotics and hormones are kept in small dirty conditions, and, are poorly looked after.

Thankfully, in the Uk, there are rules in place that prevent farmers synthetically breeding meat and using harmful hormones and pesticides. Due to our ethics and values, we only stock products that are naturally sourced, organic, and ethically produced.

Made With All Natural Ingredients

Natural products focus on the way foods or beauty products are processed, not on how the ingredients are grown. Natural ingredients can be a plant, mineral, or animal-based i.e. something that has been produced by nature. They may also be a direct creation from a natural chemical reaction or the result of a naturally occurred process i.e. biological. A great example of both a naturally-created and biological natural ingredient is beeswax.

Since ‘natural’ products aren’t as regulated as organic ones (unless it has a certified natural stamp), natural ingredient based products can be harder to define than organic ones. However, most companies that claim their products are natural, use guidelines to follow.

When it comes to natural food production, the FDA (USA) and FSA (UK) governing bodies certify that nothing artificial or synthetic has been added to the production of that ingredient. Otherwise, it will not qualify as being naturally made.

Artificial and chemical food preserves, also known as additives, can cause harmful effects to our body such as heart disease or even breathing problems. This is why buying natural is better because it doesn't include artificial additives making them a healthier, and much safer alternative. Although not all preservatives are bad for your health, some natural preservatives have no correlation to cause any health issues and are just used to keep a longer shelf life.

What is the difference between a Natural Ingredient and an Organic One?

If you find navigating the realms of trying to decide whether you should purchase organic or natural, then you are not alone. Products that claim to be ‘organic’ are organic and natural. Products that claim to be ‘natural’ are natural but not necessarily organic.

It also comes down to regulation since organic products are regulated whereas natural ones don’t have to be, which is why certified organic products will have a label. In order for a product to qualify as organic, it must be made with 70% or more organic ingredients.

Organic vs Natural Chart

Natural vs Organic Cosmetics - Natural Ingredient Skin Care Products

Clearly Argan Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil.

Organic Argan Oil vs Natural Argan Oil


This Argan Oil is 100% pure organic. It contains no additives and is naturally rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids that are beneficial to skin and hair.

We only sell ethically sourced products, bringing your the highest, and most responsibly sourced products. Isabella's Clearly is a company that believes the best resources for your body are ones that are naturally made.

They hand produce all of their products and use only organic plant-based ingredients. This product and the company are highly eco-friendly and organic, which is why we stock them.

Another of our favourite natural skincare products is this gorgeous gift set by Depuff & Glow Gua Sha, Jade Roller & Facial Oil 

Depuff & Glow Gift Set

This set is perfect to indulge in a little self-care, or, as a gift for a special friend or loved one. The facial oil is made with organic rosehip oil, giving your skin that natural glow.

One of our favourite Kathy Sue Ann's products, this organic lip scrub , is perfect to keep lips moist and supple in the cold weather.

Shop Online Organic Lip Scrub UK

The scrub is made with organic coconut palm sugar, almond oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E. These organic and natural ingredients bring out the best in your skin in the most natural way, making this a must-have accessory in your natural skincare routine.

Organic vs Natural Shampoo

No Ordinary Shampoo ( Balance) For All Hair Types

Made with 76.25% organic and 99.05% naturally derived ingredients, it is a much safer and more natural alternative to chemical-filled shampoo that you get in your local supermarket. It also contains only natural preservatives found in the oils it is made from and has no other synthetic additives.

Organic Food

Coconut sugar is an organic alternative to processed and artificial sugars. It’s lower in calories than white sugar and contains nutrients from the coconut sap that it is made from. This is an organic certified product so you know how it has been produced and preserved during its manufacturing.

Shop Online Organic Lip Scrub UK

Organic Coconut Sugar

The packing used for this product is 100% recyclable and was made in an environmentally friendly way to reduce waste and effect on the planet.

 Organic vs Natural Pasta

Tagliatelle Pasta - Low Carb Paleo with 4 Free Range Eggs

This pasta contains no artificial additives such as coloring or flavours making it a healthier choice when compared to pasta you can find at the supermarkets. It is made from free-range eggs, a more animal-friendly pasta, compared to ones made from factory-farmed eggs.

Ready to go Organic?

Both organic and natural products are a great alternative to buying synthetic, non-eco-friendly products. They both offer increased health benefits to help you lead a longer and healthier lifestyle since they don't use artificial preserves or additives.

However, organic and natural products do also benefit both vegan and vegetarian lifestyles since they are made from natural ingredients and aim to benefit the environment and animals instead of harming them. Buying organic and vegan products whether for food or beauty leads to a more sustainable lifestyle that benefits your health and the environment.

We, at Organics, value and thrive on selling organic and natural products. We offer a large range of products from homeware to food, beauty, that are organic and natural. We love selling these products and we are working towards becoming the number one platform for buying sustainably sourced, natural, and organic friendly products in one place.

We love our customers and love to give you products that you can't buy from big corporate brands. We know the personal touch adds value and quality, and we aim to always give you the best prices and provide products that you won't find anywhere else.

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