The best gifts and ideas for an eco friendly Valentines Day for her, for him, for yourself!

The best eco friendly Valentine's Day gifts and ideas.

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It's hard to be original on this, possibly the most emotionally loaded gift buying day of the year! Yikes!

But right here, we're going to give you a little run down that not only has great ideas for Valentines Day gifts for her, gifts for him, for your best friend, your mum and heck, for yourself, but also some top ideas for Valentines Day treats, experiences and how to keep it all eco friendly. So read on!

Stress Free Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas.

Two things that we’re all about - NO stress and eco friendly! So, if you’re like us, read on. We’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you! Some perfect gift ideas, and the best organic and eco friendly gifts and ideas to make Valentine’s day easy, relaxed and full of love.

What is the best gift for Valentine's Day?

Keep it natural, organic and eco-friendly. Or keep it homemade, DIY and think more about an ‘Valentine's experience’ than money spent.

This says a lot about you to those you care about. That you’ve considered the environment in your decisions means you actually care about the world. So, as a start, think about what gifts or expereinces will bring relaxation, harmony and feelings of wellbeing. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend, your girlfriend or a beautiful Valentine's Day gift for your mum, favourite auntie - or yourself! (you deserve it!).

And, more than a gift, think an 'experience'. Something that will create memories   (the best gift of all).

Our take on the best ‘flowers’ for Valentine’s Day.

Bunch of pink roses to one side Valentines Day image

“A rose for my rose” ..? Traditionally, roses are the flower of choice. Did you know 250 million roses are produced for Valentine's day each year? Sounds OK right? They are flowers, they’re naturally eco, and healthier than chocolate and cheaper than jewellery. What can go wrong?

The problem is sustainability - or lack of it. It’s a climate thing and a transport thing. 

For the UK and US, roses aren’t seasonal in Feb. So, outside of the Netherlands, the biggest producer of roses for Valentine's Day is South America. That is a very long way to travel for a bunch of roses for one wintery day in the UK! On top of that, the flowers need to be refrigerated on their epic cross world journey. This means trucks to burn more fuel, meaning they have greater carbon emissions than their non-refrigerated counterparts.

The answer? You’ll be happy to know there’s a few solutions. Seasonal domestic plants or flowers are great. Buy plants that can go in the garden now for a Spring bloom.

You can create a stunning natural garland or vase arrangement with easily found foliage and sustainable flowers and finish with a fabulous statement bow made from fabric remnants, or recycle some old gift or tissue paper. 

Row of house plants sustainable valentines day gift idea

Or (we said we’d make things easy!) give a gorgeous handmade plantable card. We have this too cute range from Organics Eco Shop. The seeds contained in the card  grow into flowers when planted it so that extra special person in your life can enjoy their flowers all year round.

Valentines day plantable seed handmade gift card
Valentines day plantable handmade seed card message the best is yet to come with a rainbow illustration

What to buy your girlfriend or boyfriend. Perfect Eco friendly Valentine's Day gifts for her and him.

It’s all about giving an experience. We have created a small but beautiful range of organic and natural gift sets that aim to create certain moods and experience. Depending on what your partner, your mum or you love best. We even have mini gift sets so something for all budgets.

Do you know someone special who just adores natural scented candles, or comments every time they walk into a room with a gorgeous natural scented mist? We have just the thing! A scented medley - natural candles, crystal candles and room mists.


Valentines Day gift set of scented candles, scented crystal candle and organic room atmosphere mist


What about that person who just loves a little self care and pampering? Perfect gift set right here. Our mini pamper set.


Shop Mini Pamper Gift Set here


Or if someone you love needs a little relaxation and calm in their life, this is the one for them. Full size relaxation Valentines gift set with everything needed to find some calm and inner peace.



Amongst the many, many gorgeous and natural gift ideas we have on the site, these beautiful Amelie Hope crystal bracelets are among our top sellers.

Natural healing crystal bracelet

Our Rose Quartz Bracelets are the perfect gift for Valentine’s. Our Amelie Hope Acupuncture Bracelet for Vertigo and dizziness relief is designed with pretty rose quartz beads. These crystals enjoy a combined acupressure technique with crystal healing, making this a thoughtful, pretty Valentine's gift for a wonderful girlfriend.

What to buy your boyfriend for valentines day. Eco friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. 

What can you buy the guy who has everything? Or is totally convinced he doesn't actually need anything? We got it! Rock Rose makes fab natural and organic products for men and women. This shave and face oil set if the perfect Valentines gift for him (and he will smell irresistible!)

Valentines day gift set for him. Rock and Rose organic facial oil and shave oil set



Ideas for the best night in. Make a Special Valentine's Day meal different. Go vegan!

Create a beautiful atmosphere and experience. Cook for someone you love. You get to experiment, you get to create something healthy and tasty - and if you haven't done a vegan meal before, you get a great conversation piece! You could cook together.  Nothing bonds two people like doing something new! We have some fab organic, gluten free and vegan ingredients Here's just a few from our range!

Organic food natural reduced carb Orzo Vegan ingredient
Organic coconut flour from The Coconut Company

And if it all goes wrong, we have some easy organic ready sauces to save the day! - Read on!

Go romantic Italian with our low-carb Rigatoni Pasta. This delicious pasta is wheat-free and low  carb. This diabetic-friendly pasta is easy to and cook super healthy.

Organic food pasta, reduce carb rigatoni pasta from Heart

Add this organic arrabbiata sauce from The Nowt Poncey Food Company. A super versatile Arrabbiata sauce, made from garlic, tomatoes, and dried red chilli peppers cooked in olive oil. Adds a little spice! Delish!

Organic food pasta sauce Arrabiata pasta sauce

Our top tip: Go the full experience with this and create a beautiful, romantic or special atmosphere. Add some natural, scented candles. Hoof & Paw have a whole range of mini soy candles with crystals for a very special mood setting atmosphere.


Natural soy rose quartz crystal scented candle

Valentine's Day organic tea for two!

If you don’t want to go for the full on dinner experience, what about a cute high tea experience? We have loads of amazing organic teas you could have fun sampling. With incredible antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, organic loose leaf teas are great for skin, hair, digestive health & immune system. It’s a perfect Valentine’s day gift for anyone you just love.

Organic loose leaf thai white tea packet
Organic loose leaf Thai tea Butterfly pea and lemongrass

Our top tip: hit a charity shop and find a charming old fashioned tea set. Something like your granny brought out on special occasions. Mis-match cute china teapots and cups and saucers and really go for the theatre of tea. Recycle, reuse, and utterly charming ... for pennies!

Old fashioned tea cup with small flowers on the saucer

Valentines Day - wrapping it up

And finally. When you find that perfect, eco friendly gift - be it a second hand flowery china tea set, natural scented candle, perfect organic beard oil for your boyfriend ... wrap it up with love. 

Find some beautiful scraps of remnant fabric for wrapping and bows. Use recycled brown package paper and draw hearts on it. Natural raffia strings and bows look gorgeous. And this final touch says so much. It means you've taken care, thought and time to present your perfect Valentine's gift. Big brownie points right there.

Box of natural raffia and natural materials wrapping gifts for valentines day

We hope you find that special Valentines gift and that some of the ideas above will help you through. Whether you are celebrating with a group of friends, having a date night, or a quiet night-in. Love comes in all forms, with so many people we care about.

Love them, love yourself and love our planet. Happy Valentines x

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