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8 Best Natural Skincare & Grooming Products for Men in 2024

8 Best Natural Skincare & Grooming Products for Men in 2024 -


8 Best Natural Skincare & Grooming Products for Men in 2024

Skincare for men is the 2024 holy grail for brands . The boys are taking care of themselves and their skin more than ever before. 

While it’s still true that most beauty and skincare products are aimed at the female market (pretty packaging, gender specific colours..yawn), the men's skincare market is blowing up!

Dress it up how you like, but ultimately it's always the quality of the product that will make the cut. Some men don’t care if the brand ’look’ is geared toward the female market as long as it actually works, and some men will only consider using a product that’s ‘boys only’. But however you identify, we all have breakouts, puffy eyes, bad hair days and wrinkles! In this, we are all one tribe. And we need good skincare!

The Natural and Organic Skincare Trend

A cluster of natural and organic skincare products on a minty background with cartoon graphics of plants around.

Marketing trends aside, the shift to natural and organic ingredients in cosmetics is real. We’re conscious of toxic ingredients and synthetics and we don't want them anywhere near our skin. Even the big brands are producing skincare and grooming products with 'natural' ingredients but with a lack of industry regulation about what natural means, this can be vague.

It's often the smaller indy brands with small batch methods (not industrial scale production) that will be more particular about their natural ingredients. And, their USP is their sustainability and eco-credentials.

So read on - I’m listing some of the best natural, organic skincare and grooming products from Organics Mrkt right here! Men’s skincare? Sure, if you like. Great natural products for everyone? Definitely! All from small brands who keep a very   close eye on their ingredients.

Best Budget Natural Skincare for Men

Small but mighty -  and if we have one little budget number that does big things it’s this! 

Kathy Sue-Ann's Nourishing Eye Stick

Kathy Sue-Ann's Nourishing Eye Stick on a minty background with cartoon graphics of plants around.

Easy use eye stick with  rich beeswax base and packed with hydrating organic ingredients. It soothes, depuffs, hydrates and protects the thinner, delicate skin around the eye area. This handy little stick creates a defensive barrier, preventing moisture loss. It’s anti-ageing and best of all - one stroke and you're done! For £8, it's bang for your buck!

Best Luxury Natural Skincare for Men

Douvalls Argan Daily Moisturiser with SPF30 UVA/UVB protection

Douvalls Argan Daily Moisturiser on a faded orange background with cartoon graphics of plants around

Some seriously good organic ingredients and natural SPF protection and comes in a big bottle made to last. It also comes in a 60ml and travel size 15ml. Because, trust me, you won't want to be without it.

A lightweight, vegan and fast absorbing moisturiser, chemical free, with natural non-nano Zinc Oxide. The Argan oil base gives a powerful defence against free radicals; Vitamin E hydrates and fatty acids plumps up skin. With impressive SPF30 with UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection, it’s dermatologically approved, reef safe, vegan, and in fully recyclable packaging with no alcohols, sulphates, parabens or toxins. Job done!

Best Natural Hair Loss Product for Men

Most ‘hair loss’ products are heavy on chemicals. In fact, the most effective way to treat hair loss and other hair issues is to stimulate and protect the scalp and improve the body’s natural oils and systems. Chemicals may give quick, short term results but long term, they’ll do more damage than good. If there’s a problem, don’t fight the body, help it with this!

Dot & Lola Natural Balance Shampoo - shine with Lavender, Mandarin and Vitamin E

Natural Balance Shampoo  on a yellow background with cartoon graphics of plants around

This plant based shampoo stimulates natural hair growth & helps the scalp. Argan oil hydrates, Vitamin E maintains a healthy scalp & also encourages circulation. It's good for all hair types. Combine with Dot & Lola's Balance Conditioner for the ultimate hair care routine to combat hair loss. A big 250ml bottle with refillable pouches available too.

Best Natural Grooming Product for Men

This one goes into my best natural men's product every time! An all natural, soothing oil that’ll make shaving a woody scented pleasure.

Rock Rose Beauty Shaving Oil ~ Rock Rose, Frankincense and Chamomile

Shaving Oil on a pink background with cartoon graphics of plants around

Organic and an extremely effective alternative to foam/gels. It works by softening hair and moisturising skin underneath. Better blade glide, less nicks, softer skin post shave. 

Healing essential oils (Rock Rose, Frankincense & Camomile) support skin and smell rather good!

Best Non-Toxic Deodorants for Men

Deodorant can be one product with the highest levels of toxic and chemical ingredients that work by blocking the sweat glands. And, my word, some of the artificial ‘manly’ scents would make you faint, and not in a good way!. If you’re thinking about healthier natural alternatives, try this non toxic, natural magnesium deodorant. Skin friendly, effective and subtle.

Read more about the benefits of natural deodorants here

Isabella's Clearly  FRESH, Natural Magnesium Deodorant - Geranium Sage 2 pack

Natural Magnesium Deodorant on a pink, faded, minty background with cartoon graphics of plants around.

A 100% natural magnesium clear roll on deodorant designed for everyone. Free from harmful chemicals and toxins, it effectively neutralises odours, keeps you dry, and protects skin. Formulated with plant and mineral-based ingredients, including trace magnesium, aloe vera, rose water, witch hazel, and essential oils. It's a powerful natural combo that works. 

Best Natural Acne Treatments for Men

Don’t launch into chemical warfare with acne! Instead, help your skin do its thing. Chemical solutions dry out and damage your skin (which is often the cause of more acne). Natural organic treatments will work with your skin, correcting the dryness or over production of sebum, both of which can be the cause of breakouts. So work on your skin's health for effective long term solutions. This 100% organic serum is blended for just that job.

Douvalls Argan Acne Rehab Serum ~ Plant-Based Formula for Acne-Prone Skin

Acne Rehab Serum on a pink, faded orange background with cartoon graphics of plants around.

Its formula is specifically blended for acne-prone skin to aid healing. Protein rich hemp seed oil is full of strengthening and repairing ingredients. Papaya extracts gently exfoliate, removing dead skin build up, which can cause dermal infection and acne. The formula also works by balancing natural sebum production and is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Literally every natural part of this blend is working for your skin's health.

Best Natural Lip Balms for Men

Lips can be overlooked, but are the first skin area to suffer with a lack of moisture. Cracked, scaly lips aren't an ideal look, but they can also be pretty sore, chapped and get infected. It’s not about the cherry chapstick, fellas,  it's about protection against the elements. Get this stuff!

Suntribe Natural Shea Butter Lip Balm

 Natural Shea Butter Lip Balm on a minty background with cartoon graphics of plants around

Suntribe are a bunch of outdoor adrenaline junkies! They created a range of organic skin products that could stand up to their lifestyles. So these products are tried and tested to the extreme.

This vegan, organic hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter hydrate even in extreme weather conditions. Packaged in a zero waste cardboard stick, reef safe and packed with the best organic ingredients. It works!

Best Natural Body Treatments for Men

This is a post workout recovery miracle. This is for the runners, the lifters, the spinners and the simple bath time lovers!

Bristolmade Bath Salts - Recovery Clove & Lemongrass

Pink Bath Salt on a yellow, faded green background with cartoon graphics of plants around

Bristol Made’s hand made blend of organic salts & essential oils is a recovery bath experience. Magnesium to ease muscles & Himalayan salt for regeneration and skin health. There's clove oil for a circulation boost, and lemongrass oil to reduce inflammation. It’s recommended for all skin types to ease sore muscles, aches and pains. 

What Are the Harmful Ingredients in Skincare Products?

A  lot of cosmetic products still contain man made ingredients. Not all are bad, but they are synthetic and chemical based. And what goes on your skin, goes into your body. 

Harmful Ingredients in Skincare Products

Here are just 4 ingredients to avoid in skincare. 

  • Parabens: found in cleansers, soaps, and moisturisers, parabens are preservatives that are endocrine disruptors, meaning they can interfere with essential hormonal functions in the body and potentially cause chronic conditions over time.
  • Fragrance: companies are not required to explain what is actually in their fragrance. So when you see ‘fragrance’ you’ve really no idea what that contains! ‘Natural Fragrance’ won’t have chemicals.
  • Alcohol: found in many cosmetics, but dehydrates skin and can cause irritations over time
  • Diethanolamine (DEA), Triethanolamine (TEA) - used in cosmetics as emulsifiers and/or foaming agents. They can cause allergic reactions, eye irritation and dryness of hair and skin. Toxic if absorbed into the body over a long period of time.

What To Look for In Non-Toxic & Natural Skin Care for Men

‘Natural’ ingredients are literally from nature. They can be plant, animal or mineral. But don't get ‘green washed’! Even natural products may have been processed with additives like preservatives to extend their shelf life. 

Some natural products may have certifications. Check out some natural products certifications for the cosmetic industry here. However, if you go for organic and natural, then you get peace of mind, as organic ingredients must be certified. Find out more on this from a previous blog about Organic vs Natural.

a collective of ten natural products certifications for the cosmetic industry.

And, if you want your natural skincare and cosmetics clean, ethical and sustainable, look for Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free too. Plastic free and zero waste, or refillables, you're onto a winner!

What is a good basic skincare routine for men?

Keep it simple and think of it as a daily workout for your face. Here’s the 3 step basics.

1. Cleanse - morning/night. 

I recommend Mama Natures Mother of Skin Cleansing Cream

2. Exfoliate - twice a week. Removes dirt build up, dead skin cells, improves skin.

Try this Bristolmade Beetroot & Shea Butter Face Exfoliator

3. Moisturise - morning / night. Use SPF to protect skin from UVB/UVA exposure. This one is top for everyday use.

Suntribe Natural Mineral Day Cream SPF 20

A basic skincare routine for men, including cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising.

You can add eye creams or gels, facial oils, hydrating serums and face masks. They will improve your skin, overall look and you’ll feel good!

(Maybe I’ll take it up a notch and cover these for the next blog for natural men’s skincare!)

Conclusion: Making the Switch to Natural Grooming

Natural and organic skincare for men can only bring benefits. There are loads of fantastic men's skincare and grooming products out there that won't break the bank, and don't contain harsh, man made chemicals or questionable ingredients. Male, female, they/them, whoever you are, treat your skin, yourself and your planet well.

A man with a beard putting beard oil on his face with cartoon graphics of plants around.

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