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Best Natural Bedding for a Good Nights Sleep: Ethical Bedding

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Ethical Bedding - the eco lifestyle choice for natural beauty sleep

Natural bedding is seriously trending right now. From pillowcases to mattresses, the bedroom is getting an eco-makeover! Good news for the planet, but natural bedding is also linked to better sleep and quality sleep is essential to our overall health. We spend almost a third of our life sleeping (or trying to) and that's quite a chunk! So better make it dreamy!

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Organics Mrkt has just welcomed the amazing Ethical Bedding to our seller family - so I thought we’d have an in-depth look at sleep - the health benefits and why natural bedding and ethical materials are the clear (and sustainable) choice.

Celebrity Non Sleepers

Recently, celebrities are coming out about their sleep problems. A glamorous lifestyle doesn't guarantee high quality R&R. In fact, it’s often the opposite. Insomnia is quite the leveller!

George Clooney overcame chronic insomnia, but it re-emerged when he became father to two young children. Sleep is hard to come by - for parents of young kids the world over! 

Mariah Carey openly discussed regular sleep deprivation due to her hectic schedule and the constant adrenaline of performing and being in the public eye. 

And even Rhianna has said in interviews that she finds it hard to switch off and sleeps just 3 - 4 hours a night.

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It's not just the celebs who crave a better night's sleep. We all have hectic lives, stresses, anxieties and to-do lists that would have anyone tossing and turning for hours on end.

Why is sleep important for health?

Science is showing us just how important sleep is to our health. Not just how long we all need per night, but the quality of the sleep we’re getting.  Just like regular exercise and a healthy diet, getting enough good sleep is an essential part of looking after your physical and mental health

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Key Benefits of Good Sleep:

  • Improves heart health: A lack of sleep increases the risk of high blood pressure diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Sleep gives the heart time to rest and recover. 
  • Improves focus and concentration: Bad sleep means that your body and brain functions decrease, affecting attention, concentration, assessment of risk and reaction times. 
  • Improves memory and learning: ​​Sleep allows your mind to rest, repair and rebuild. It converts short-term memories into long-term memories. We see things more clearly after a good night's sleep.
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight: Studies have shown good sleep helps maintain a healthy weight. Personal trainers say good sleep is as important as exercise! Being tired uses more energy, increases appetite and changes the level of hormones that signal hunger and fullness.
  • Keeps immune system strong: Sleep gives your body the time it needs to rest and repair, and boosts the immune system.
  • Improves emotional and mental wellbeing: Bad sleep increases poor mental health. Improving sleep helps mental health and wellbeing.
  • Reduces stress levels:  A good night’s sleep has an ‘anti-stress’ effect - relaxing the systems in the body that manage stress response.

A woman hiding under the blanket with cartoon graphics around.

Natural bedding is part of a strategy to improve our sleep habits. There’s a number of solid reasons why it can help. It’s 100% non-toxic with no chemicals so hypoallergenic, it’s temperature regulating which promotes good sleep and it's naturally soft and comfortable.

What is Natural Bedding?

Natural bedding is made from any fabric that is woven with fibres sourced in the natural world. These fabrics cover a huge range in quality, sustainability and affordability. Natural bedding can be wool, cotton, linen and silk. And super sustainable materials such as hemp, eucalyptus and bamboo are making a big entrance, as they are more sustainable to grow, harvest and produce.

Organic Natural Bedding

One step further is organic natural bedding. This means the fabrics are certified as organically grown and therefore weren’t exposed to chemicals, chemical dyes or toxic pesticides in processing stages. (Some ‘natural’ fabrics may not be organic).

5 Benefits of Natural Bedding

  1. Natural organic fabrics are naturally hypo-allergenic and prevent dust and mite build up. Great for allergy prone sleepers, and sensitive skins.
  2. Eco friendly & Sustainable - natural and biodegradable
  3. Temperature Regulating and Breathable - unlike synthetic fabric, they allow air to circulate so warm in winter, cool in warmer seasons.
  4. Durable and resilient - natural fibres are strong with natural elasticity and wash well.
  5. Feels soft, comfortable and cosy.
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 Introducing Ethical Bedding

Ethical Bedding are producers of beautiful natural bedding. We’re talking chic natural colour palettes, soft 100% organic fabric and a serious style statement in your bedroom! 

It’s not just their gorgeous products we love. Environmental sustainability is at the heart of every decision Ethical Bedding makes.

Ethical Bedding was founded by James Higgins with his love of nature as its driving force. They have proudly created the most sustainable luxury bedding range on the planet.

Their aim is that Ethical Bedding products:

  • Don’t harm the planet
  • Instantly improve sleep
  • Are designed to last a lifetime
  • Preserve the natural world for future generations
  • The business creates a path for other businesses to follow

Ethical Bedding products are made from eucalyptus. They use eucalyptus silk across their whole range - from mattresses, sheets and snuggle blankets. Naturally hypoallergenic, more hygienic and softer than cotton, their materials are 100% organic. Eucalyptus silk boast these top benefits:

  • Naturally Softer 
  • Zero Static
  • Temperature Regulating
  • More Hygienic
  • Sustainable Eucalyptus is sustainable
  • Zero Toxic Chemicals
  • Natural & Biodegradable

And their products speak for themselves. Check these utterly gorgeous sleepy sustainable goodies!

Eucalyptus Softy Blanket
Eucalyptus Softy Blanket on a yellow blob with cartoon graphics aroundThis softy blanket has to be experienced to be believed. A unique super-soft eucalyptus with an extra-smooth finish makes snuggling so much better. Not only eco, it’s luxuriously edged with a silk trim. You won’t want to come out from under this gorgeous thing!

Bottle Bounce Snuggle Blanket in Grey
Bounce Snuggle Blanket in Grey with cartoon graphics around.Made from recycled polyester from recycled plastic bottles, this super soft blanket dresses every bed beautifully and is perfect for the serial sofa snugglers!
In classic natural grey, it suits any decor. It’s the perfect gift for someone or treat yourself. Go get it!
Each blanket recycles approximately 30 plastic bottles, and the super-soft fibre gets softer with each wash. The quilted pattern keeps everything in the right place, so easy care and looks (and feels) fabulously snuggly. I look forward to cold dark nights with this! 

Best Selling Eucalyptus Silk Pillowcase Pair 

three Eucalyptus Silk Pillowcase stack together on a green blob with cartoon graphics around

Oh so soft pillow cases made from eucalyptus that's grown using 95% less water than cotton, no farmable land, and zero herbicides or pesticides. Reduce those sleep wrinkles, de-frizz that hair! And all you need to do is head off to dreamland on one of this pair!

Eye Mask Sleep in Grey Eucalyptus Silk on a pink blob with cartoon graphics around

The most luxurious, eco-friendly eye mask in the world. Drift off in style with this dreamy eucalyptus silk eye mask. Eucalyptus uses 95% less water than cotton, and no herbicides or pesticides. It's naturally hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria growth and has the same sleep benefits as conventional silk. Go full sleep diva, you can match up with eucalyptus silk duvet cover .

three different colours of Eucalyptus silk duvet cover with cartoon graphics around

How Ethical is Ethical Bedding?

Ethical Bedding calls their social responsibility strategy “Future Proofing”. The company designs natural bedding that's more than just luxurious and more than just sustainable. They want their products to promote wellbeing, as well as being eco-friendly. They maintain a 100% ethical supply chain and production; 100% sustainable and organic products across their range; and make meaningful charitable donations to global sustainability initiatives.

How is Ethical Bedding Socially Responsible?

ethical bedding's certificates with cartoon graphics around

Ethical Bedding is the only Certified BCorporation bedding company on the planet.
B Lab has been well known since 2006 for certifying ‘B Corporations’ - companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

They are also the only Vegan Society approved bedding company in the world. And, a portion of their profit is donated to the World Wildlife Fund appeals.

A woman sleeping with cartoon graphics around.Natural organic bedding can help you get that dreamy sleep. Ethical Bedding are leaders in the market. Not only with high quality, luxurious products, but with organic and sustainable materials, and a socially and environmentally conscious approach that would give anyone a peaceful night's sleep! That's why we love them. Treat yourself or make it the perfect organic, sustainable Christmas gift. Browse beautiful bedding here.

Sweet dreams!

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