8 Best Organic Lip Balms of 2023

8 Best Organic Lip Balms of 2023

8 Best Organic Lip Balms of 2023 

‘Organic lip balm? Do you want me to eat it or wear it?’ Good question!

A good rule of thumb for all cosmetics is - if the ingredient list looks like you could eat it, it’s going to be healthy for your skin. Why on earth do we cover our lips with chemicals ?

Lip balm is an essential. If I don't have any, my lips are sandpaper in days and I'm raiding bags and pockets in the hope of unearthing an emergency 2 year old lip balm!

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Everything You Need to Know About Organic Lip Balms 

Some of us are more prone to chapped, flaky or dry lips. And it can get severe, with chapping turning into split lips, or extreme dryness around the edges - both painful and vulnerable to infection.

In any conditions - summer or winter - a quality lip balm with moisturising, soothing and protective ingredients is a must.

Below are some of the best organic lip balms, tips to pick the best one for you, and what to avoid to keep your lips lush!

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Ingredients to Avoid in Lip Balms

There’s surprisingly nasty stuff hidden in standard lip balm. They might give quick results, but are best avoided in the long term.

Here's the list of ingredients to avoid in lip balms.


A woman bite her lip with cartoon graphics aroundPARABENS

Parabens are in lots of beauty products, glues, oils, soft drinks as a preservative. They can cause skin sensitivity and irritations, because the immune system starts to attack absorbed parabens after a period of continued use. Dermatologists generally recommend paraben free cosmetics.


A classic lip balm ingredient. Also a classic at your local garage! Petroleum has been used in cosmetics for many years. Refining petroleum for cosmetic use involves ALOT of chemical processing. Which ends up in your cosmetics (and on your skin). And, it creates an airtight barrier over the skin. Some moisture may be locked in, but essentially it suffocates skin, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and infection. Not great.


You know balms that feel tingly at first? It's probably these bad boys. They strip away layers of skin, but don’t nourish or protect the delicate new skin. Harsh with no benefit. Best avoided.

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Anything with ‘added fragrance’ you should avoid. Added fragrance means added chemicals. No, it doesn't taste like raspberries and no, it's not good for you! Look for essential oils instead.

Also used in antifreeze, solvents, e-liquids, processed foods, fizzy drinks amongst other things you wouldn't dream of putting near your skin. It can cause skin irritation with continued use. Yikes.


Used a lot in cosmetics but has a severe drying effect, so definitely not what you want in your lip balm. Same for your deodorant (we recommend natural deodorants) or in any skin product. 

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Why To Switch to Organic Lip Balms 

Organic lips balms don't use chemical ingredients. You can use them on delicate skin areas, and trust there’s only natural ingredients going near your mouth and lips.

They use hydrating and soothing natural ingredients, like natural shea butters, organic and essential oils. 

The Best Organic Lip Balms

Our sellers specialise in natural skincare and have created some of the best organic lip balms you can buy. Because we check all the products on the Organics Marketplace for quality ingredients, we can guarantee they are all natural and will be your go to everyday lip care.

Best Value Lip Balm

Bristol Made Set of 4 Lip Treatments

Bristol Made Set of 4 Lip Treatments with cartoon graphics aroundYou get 4 perfect, different flavoured, zero waste pots of high quality lip balm - whipped, lightweight and non sticky. Made with organic shea butter, cocoa butter and rosehip seed oil, packed with essential fatty acids, combined to deliver moisture and seal it in. 
Bristol Made lip balm has a lovely creamy texture and is conditions, preventing and repairing chapped lips. 

Great value as you get 4 for a reduced cost, and all different essential oils. 

Best Budget Lip Balm

Kathy Sue Ann Moisturising Lip Balm

Three Moisturising Lip Balm on pale yellow square blob with cartoon graphicsCurrently at just £3.50, it’s one of the best budget organic lip balms you’ll find. Kathy Sue-Anne’s range is full of high quality organic ingredients that support overall skin health.
It has an astonishing list of moisturising agents (yes, just in this one little tube!) Including shea & cocoa butters, sweet almond oil, virgin avocado oil, coconut oil and vitamin E. It’s moisture deluxe with a budget price tag!

Best Lip Balm for Glossy Lips

Battle Green Vegan Lip Balm Tin

Six Lip Balm Tin with cartoon graphics around

I come back to this one for glossy lips every time! It has a beautiful natural sheen, and melts onto the lips. 
And it packs some seriously good ingredients including cocoa and shea butters, and Vitamins E & B. It's also antioxidant rich.
And, if that's not enough for you - five essential oils flavours AND Battle Green handmade natural lip balms are PETA certified vegan friendly and cruelty free and come in a plastic free tin!

Best Lip Balm for Flaky Lips

Rock Rose Multi Purpose healing Balm 

Rock Rose Multi Purpose healing Balm with cartoon graphicsIf you have severely dry lips, this is a miracle balm. It’s pricier, but this Rock Rose multi purpose healing balm can be used for all sorts of skin problems - cuts, grazes, bites, dry patches, eczema. Great for lips, especially if you need some healing power.

As well as moisturising shea and cocoa butters, it contains:

  • Rock Rose - a wonder oil that eases inflammation
  • Ravensara - reduces allergic reactions, prevents bacterial infection.
  • Chamomile - for skin irritation and wound healing
Absolutely worth having in your bag for any skin problem.

Best Lip Balm for Mature Lips

Douvalls Org Cold Pressed Hemp and Argan Multi Balm

Douvalls Organic Cold Pressed Hemp and Argan Multi Balm on pale yellow background with cartoon graphicsA first cold pressed organic Argan and protein rich Hemp balm packed with vitamins, all 3 essential fatty acids (omega 3,6,and 9) and antioxidants in a concentrated formula. It provides a protective barrier that locks in moisture. With rosehip, almond and rich cocoa butter for added nourishing benefits.

Douvall's balm is so good, you can use it as a face balm, or a muslin cloth for a deep cleanse.

A little luxury goes a long way! It’s hard working, perfect for ageing skin and lips. It’s so versatile, it’s a mini solve-all balm for body, lips and soul!

Best Organic Lip Balm for Summer

Suntribe Natural Hemp & Shea Lip Balm

Suntribe Natural Hemp & Shea Lip Balm on off white background with cartoon graphics
Holiday must have. Summer or winter sun. Suntribe really know about sun!

Vegan, organic lip balm that soothes dry and chapped lips thanks to radically moisturising and healing Hemp Seed Oil. 

Coconut Oil and Shea Butter hydrate in the most extreme weather conditions. Peppermint Oil and Lavender Oil soothe and help to repair chapped lip tissue (and smell awesome!)

Packaged in a zero waste cardboard stick, it’s well priced for a high quality lip balm (you can also save by buying in multiple units!) Love it. Holiday must!

Best Organic Lip Balm for Winter

Kathy Sue Ann Lip Duo - Scrub and Balm

A lip Scrub and three lip Balm with cartoon graphics

Kathy Sue-Ann’s range is one of our customer favourites. Great prices, and fantastic results. This Lip Duo is double protection against cracked and chapped lips with a coconut lip scrub and moisturising lip balm.
Perfect for winter when lips need an extra boost. The scrub contains coconut palm sugar and oils to gently remove flaking, rough skin, and soothes delicate new skin.
Packed with natural moisturising ingredients, at a lip smacking price!

Best Vegan Lip Balm

Battle Green Vegan Lip Balm Tube

five Vegan Lip Balm Tube with cartoon graphics aroundLush, handmade natural lip balms that are PETA certified, vegan friendly and cruelty free. They come in a plastic free cardboard tube - recyclable and zero waste.
These chunky little tubes last really well, and give a lovely natural gloss.
Multi award winning Battle Green is fast becoming an eco-friendly force of nature! Their vegan lip balm tube will show you why!

What to Look for in Organic Lip Balm

Glossy lips, aroma, hydration, protection, vegan, zero waste or anti ageing - there is an organic lip balm for you!

It’s part of your skin care regime and should be one of your essential foundation products like your moisturiser. And, a quick slick before you go to sleep will help your lips really heal overnight.

So, like all skincare products, decide what you need most from your lip balm, and look at ingredients, scents, and packaging. 

We’ve listed some lip balm ingredients to look out for here.
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Ingredients to look for in natural lip balm

The best organic ingredients to look for in a natural lip balm pack essential fatty acids (omegas) and Vitamins E & B. These soothe, protect and give long lasting hydration. Here's the list of best ingredients in lip balm.

  1. Shea butter
  2. Cocao butter
  3. Coconut oil
  4. Sweet Almond oil
  5. Natural soy and beeswax
  6. Jojoba
  7. Rose Hip seed
  8. Avocado oil
  9. Argan oil
  10. Hemp oil or extract

Filling lip tube with natural ingredients

Natural Flavours in organic lip balms 

If you like a little ‘flavour’ or scent in your lip balm, then look for essential oils that give a beautiful natural fragrance, and therapeutic benefits. Always avoid the dreaded ‘added fragrance’!

Essential oils that are recommended for lip balms:

  1. Citrus - orange, lemon, mandarin, lime, grapefruit - uplift mood, boost immunity, support healthy skin
  2. Lavender - soothing, calming
  3. Spearmint or peppermint - stress busting and may help with headaches
  4. Geranium - has superpowers! Soothing, anti-inflammatory, may help with sleep, antioxidant and antibacterial!
  5. Rose - improves mood, uplifting, antimicrobial properties
  6. Vanilla - calming, antioxidant, uplifting
  7. Cedar - gentle antiseptic and antifungal properties, soothes inflammation
  8. Clove or black pepper - stimulate the senses, high in antioxidants
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How to know if a lip balm is organic.

Ingredients will be certified organic, or fairtrade. In the UK, there are a number of officially recognised organic certification organisations  that products or ingredients can be approved by. 



They ensure product and ingredient quality and ethical standards.

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Your Lip Balm Questions Answered

If your lips aren’t exactly lush and soft, don't panic! A good organic lip balm will heal most issues.

Why are my lips always chapped?

Sore or dry lips can be caused by many things and are usually easy to remedy.
Common causes of chapped and dry lips:
  • Cold weather, dry air or wind
  • Damage from the sun
  • Dehydration
  • A lip injury
  • Allergies
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals.
  • Using non natural lipsticks, or cosmetics with skin irritants.
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A good lip balm will give you essential fatty acids for long lasting moisture, vitamins to improve skin health, antibacterial, anti inflammatory ingredients to heal and soothe issues and therapeutic oils. Get it right, and it will pack a whole list of skin benefits.

How long does organic lip balm last?

One application should keep your lips happy for 4 - 5 hours. If you’re out and about in severe wind or cold or heat, you may need more depending on how your lips feel.

As far as shelf life goes, organic lip balms are fantastic for skin exactly because they don't have unnatural preservatives. You should be using up and restocking your lip balm every few months.This will also help you keep your balms fresh and with less bacterial build up, so they should be renewed every six to eight weeks.

Go for tins, or paper tubes and zero waste options here, and no plastic tubes!

But whatever you do, keep smiling with those luscious lips!

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