Plastic Free

Plastic-free, otherwise known as 'free from plastic' is where an item and it’s packaging is free from plastic. For example, foodstuffs and beverages can only be classified as plastic-free if the packaging they are provided in is plastic-free. 

Therefore, when it comes to plastic-free, you need to be looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives such as ‘bamboo fiber’ or ‘cardboard’, which can be reused, recycled, or, are biodegradable. 

There are steps you can take to reducing single-use plastic. Why not look to buy a bamboo travel cup, as opposed to repeatedly buying your hot drinks in a takeaway cup; hence reducing the amount of plastic-based items you use on a daily basis. 

In terms of making plastic-free adjustments to daily life and living, we have a wide range of beauty products in recyclable bottles, helping to reduce your beauty waste. You can also eradicate the use of plastic bags when you buy from our range of organic, cotton-based bags. We offer jute bags to carry your shopping in, our food storage bags, and long-handled string bags just to name a few.

It is so important to take steps to introduce plastic-free living into our homes and lifestyles. Plastic cannot be broken down and creates landfills, waste, and damage to the planet, especially marine life. 

By buying plastic-free products from us here at Organics, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are helping the environment and creating a more livable and sustainable lifestyle for yourself and future generations.


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Sodalite Crystal Candle ~ Soy WaxSodalite Crystal Candle ~ Soy Wax
Sale price£37.00 GBP
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Citrine Travel Candle ~ with essential oilsCitrine Travel Candle ~ with essential oils
Rose Quartz Crystal Candle ~  Soy WaxRose Quartz Crystal Candle ~  Soy Wax
Sodalite Travel Candle ~ Soy Wax CandleSodalite Travel Candle ~ Soy Wax Candle
Amethyst Crystal Candle ~ Hand-poured Soy WaxAmethyst Crystal Candle ~ Hand-poured Soy Wax
Zero Waste Kit - MediumZero Waste Kit - Medium
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Vegan Conditioner BarsVegan Conditioner Bars
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Natural Vegan Cosmetics Gift SetNatural Vegan Cosmetics Gift Set
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Natural Cosmetic Gift SetNatural Cosmetic Gift Set
Sale priceFrom £38.95 GBP
Natural Dry Shampoo PowderNatural Dry Shampoo Powder
Sale priceFrom £7.95 GBP
Handmade Wooden Soap Rack
Sale price£5.95 GBP
Deluxe Natural Cosmetic Wash Bag SetDeluxe Natural Cosmetic Wash Bag Set
Sale priceFrom £48.95 GBP
Zero Waste Reusable Period Pads BoxZero Waste Reusable Period Pads Box
Reusable Snack BagReusable Snack Bag
Sale priceFrom £7.95 GBP
Vegan Lip Balm ~ TinVegan Lip Balm ~ Tin
Sale price£5.85 GBP
Zero Waste Kitchen Gift Set - SmallZero Waste Kitchen Gift Set - Small
Sale priceFrom £16.95 GBP
Reusable Bamboo Make up Remover PadsReusable Bamboo Make up Remover Pads
Sale priceFrom £2.25 GBP
Natural Vegan Shampoo Bar - 55gNatural Vegan Shampoo Bar - 55g
Sale priceFrom £5.35 GBP
Eco Friendly Letterbox GiftEco Friendly Letterbox Gift
Sale priceFrom £18.95 GBP
Reusable Bamboo Straw Set with Cotton PouchReusable Bamboo Straw Set with Cotton Pouch
Natural Vegan Deodorant ~ Travel TinNatural Vegan Deodorant ~ Travel Tin
Organic Cotton Wash BagOrganic Cotton Wash Bag
Sale priceFrom £8.95 GBP
Eco-Friendly Spa GiftEco-Friendly Spa Gift
Sale priceFrom £19.95 GBP
Plastic Free Shopping KitPlastic Free Shopping Kit
Sale priceFrom £15.95 GBP
Natural Soap & Soap Saver Bag SetNatural Soap & Soap Saver Bag Set
Sale priceFrom £8.95 GBP
Zero Waste Kitchen Gift Set - LargeZero Waste Kitchen Gift Set - Large
Sale priceFrom £41.95 GBP
Eco Friendly Beauty Gift BoxEco Friendly Beauty Gift Box
Sale price£21.95 GBP