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In 2016 Madeleine, left London and jumped on a plane with a one-way ticket to Australia, with absolutely no plan in place! It wasn't until she was on the plane (after selling all her belongings and leaving her job and friends) that she wondered what was going to happen. Six months later, Madeleine found out and it was pretty great. HOOF & PAW was inspired by this trip which led to so many great things. 

Madeleine instantly fell in love with the energy in Australia and longed to be able to package it up and bring it home. So, she set about creating a completely natural product with essential oils which could not only capture positive energy but have the ability to release it into our spaces. It took about nine months and with lots and lots of testing, HOOF & PAW launched in 2017. 

The overall aim is to spread a little bit of love and light into the world, one candle at a time. 

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Hand poured with 100% soy wax and natural essential oils, the crystals are hand selected and each paired with essential oil blends to harness and enhance its' magic.
Everything we can see and feel has an energy so it’s no wonder that crystals, being millions of years old have extraordinary energy with each one emitting a unique vibration.
​HOOF & PAW’s natural essential oils have been carefully selected to compliment the hand selected crystals used to enhance it’s “magic” into your life.
Not only will the crystal provide a calming energy to your home, its will smell sensational too!

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Designed, blended and hand poured by Madeline, She knows exactly what goes into each candle and the energy that surrounds it. Good vibes only.

This is one of my favourite candles. The positive vibes fill up my living room. Absolutely in love with it!


The scent from my Citrine candle is the best!! I love lemongrass, so it's perfect for me.

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