Give Yourself Kindness

Transform your inner dialogue with kindness - the same kindness you would give a friend. 

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Make a Life Changing Impact

Calm the mind, improve sleep, make a massive positive impact on how you feel with the gentle, empowering tools of Give Yourself Kindness. Find a safe space to explore how you feel with curiosity and kindness - the same kindness you would give to a friend.

This journal makes a difference! It has helped me observe and accept all kinds of difficult emotions, and taught me how powerful self-compassion can be. I can’t recommend it strongly enough!

~ Jenny

I have noticed a positive change after displaying the cards around my home. They have helped me start my day with self-love and one affirmation in particular really spoke to me when I had to make a difficult decision.

~ Pete

Really supportive. The words in this beautiful book really spoke to me. It is soooo much more helpful than any other journal I have seen.

~ Sue

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Kind to You ~ Kind to the Planet

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