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Boho Vegan Cosmetics is a woman-owned small business based in Lancashire North West England. Boho launched in 2018 from a need for more nourishing products than those on the shelves of shops. We hope you love Boho as much as we do!


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Handmade with Love

Self care is at the forefront of everything Boho Cosmetics do and we believe every human deserves to care and nourish their body without breaking the bank.

From handmade body butters and body washes to facial care and wax melts, we create products that will heighten your senses,the aesthetic, feel and scent is every bit important as nourishing your body and soul.

All made with love by Jackie x

Nourishing and Affordable Vegan Beauty Care Products ❤

Boho Vegan Cosmetics

Customer Reviews

Chloe Powell

Date Night Body Wash

A beautiful body wash

This is a really unique beautiful scent that is hard not to love and lasts very well. I hope Jackie never stops making this! The overall design looks amazing too!


Mermaid Dreams Whipped Body Wash

A Dream Wash

I love this body wash! A little gives such a satisfying lather and it smells gorgeous! The only downside is messing the gorgeous swirl, I try and go around it to keep some of the swirl for a while! My skin feels so soft and smooth after use. Even better it lasts ages and leaves the bathroom smelling beautiful.


Bubble Wax Melts

Amazing smell

These wax melts smell amazing and keep the whole housing feeling fresh! Really easy to break up too! They also look very cute for a gift! Vegan and cruelty free too ❤️

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Eco Friendly

Small Business


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