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Problem skin? We have ten natural skincare solutions.

We prefer to call them 'skin challenges'! Who doesn't have issues with their skin from time to time? From dry skin, rosacea, eczema, dry patches, ageing skin, fine lines, blemishes and breakouts. While good cleaning, exfoliating and toning regimes will always help your skin, it pays to choose the right product if your skin needs a little help with something.

Natural skincare products and natural ingredients for skin.

The most common skin complaint is dryness and sensitivity. And left untreated, both of these can lead to other more difficult issues with your skin, that get harder to deal with. 

Over time and use, the hidden chemicals in skin care can make dryness worse instead of better and in fact make your skin even more sensitive. While skincare products that promise the world can make a difference quickly, but .. long term use can actually create the problems, not solve them.

Choosing skincare with natural and organic ingredients can be the route to problem free skin. No chemicals, no overly harsh cleansing or exfoliating agents. Just nature's solutions. These products use botanicals and essential oils, along with super bases of natural moisturisers - like jojoba, shea butter, coconut oils and all sorts of beautiful softeners. With botanical power, you can get really deep effective cleansing without the unnatural stripping of the skins protective layers. Your skin can breathe while it soaks up the natural goodness. Like a vitamin packed smoothie for the skin!

Ten great skin problem solving natural skincare products

Below, we've chosen ten of our best natural skincare products that will target specific skin challenges. If you're researching natural products for skin problems, check these natural beauties out.

Skin problem: Rosacea

Proskin Rosacea Natural Skin Cream|3.5 Fl Oz/100ml

Natural skin treatment for rosacea. Proskin rosacea treatment area with calendula and tea tree, natural organic ingredients

If rosacea is your skin problem, you’ve probably tried every product out there.

ProSkin Rosacea is a very effective natural skin cream specifically for tackling rosacea. It contains calendula extract and a unique blend of essential oils used for centuries to treat adult acne and rosacea. 

The cream formula, which is an all round excellent moisturiser,  contains the optimum amount of tea tree oil (it’s clinically proven to kill demodex mites, which are now thought to cause rosacea in a high number of sufferers). 

But, even the makers say, you skin will get worse first! 

Proskin say “Many of our rosacea sufferers feel that when their rosacea gets worse that our cream is not working but contrary to this it usually means the cream is working well and the demodex mites are being killed off. And, more often than not after this worsening phase, the rosacea clears up”. 

The worsening phase usually happens 3 to 4 days after first use of the cream and can last up to one week. According to Proskin, this is a healing phase. After which, the Rosacea clears, and is prevented from flaring up again with continued use.

Definitely one to try if you’ve been through multiple products. With its natural ingredients and essential oils, it won’t strip your skins natural defences and heals problems naturally. It takes time. Not unexpected as rosacea can be be one of the trickier skin problems to treat, but worth the effort!

Skin problem: Sensitivity (eczema, extreme dryness, itching)

Las Coronas Organic Aloe Vera Bath Gel

Organic aloe vera bath and shower gel for sensitive and very dry skins. Anti microbial, healing and soothing aloe ver bath gel from organic farm

If you have super dry or sensitive skin, bath time products can be a hazard! Many mainstream brands can contain skin irritating chemicals and drying soaps in their ingredients. No matter how gentle they claim to be, they can be a minefield for sensitive skin with the resulting dryness and itchy patches.

This gentle Aloe Vera Bath Gel from Las Coronas Organic Aloe Vera Farm literally soothes, repairs and regenerates your skin. If your skin is in bad repair, the Aloe Vera base will set about healing pretty much straight away.

Because this product has been formulated with Organic Aloe Vera base, it penetrates the serial layers with pure natural moisture. It won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. Best of all, Las Coronas pride themselves on the organic credentials of their aloe vera, grown with love on their family farm near Seville in Spain.

Skin problem: Clogged pores, dead skin build up, blemishes & oily/combo skin

Bristol Made Organic Green Clay Mask 

An organic French green clay deep cleansing clay mask for clogged pores and deep cleansing and exfoliating. All natural and organic from UK maker Bristol Made

Sometimes, our skin deserves a thorough reset. Skin on our face is exposed to so much daily dirt, grime and pollution. It’s key to take the time to strip away pollutants and stressors, remove dead skin cells and toxins, and restore the skin’s natural balance. Some detoxifiying products can use harsh ingredients to strip the skin - which will leave your skin feeling clean initially, but actually works against the skins natural defences.

We love this organic french green clay mask for a slower, deeper cleanse that works with your skin for longer term benefits.

The active and powerful ingredient is ultra ventilated argiletz green clay. It detoxifies the skin deeply and leave it feeling nourished.

Using it once or twice a week will make a big difference, really tackling clogged pores, melting away dead cells and debris and rebalancing the delicate skin.

As with all gorgeous Bristol Made skin products, this problem solving mask is:

  • Fully organic
  • Handmade and zero waste
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Free from parabans
  • Free from artificial colours and preservatives
  • Free from synthetic chemical stabilisers

Skin problem: Sensitive and dry skin cleansing 

Clearly FACE Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Oil

Organic and natural deep pore oil based cleanser with essential oils for penetrating the skin layers for deep cleansing

Seriously, Isabella’s Clearly FACE gives us something to look forward to morning and night! A luxurious oil based cleanser that effortlessly melts away makeup, dirt and oil without drying out the skin or clogging your pores. 

The super gentle formula is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids to give your skin a boost of nutrition, reduce inflammation and keep your complexion soft, bright and dewy. 

It’s formulated for the most sensitive skin with 100% natural and organic oils. Use it by gently massaging onto damp skin, let it melt away the day, then rinse away with warm water on a facecloth or muslin cloth. If you're nervy about oil cleansers, try this. We promise you’ll never look back (you’ll never look better either!).


  • 100% pure, natural and organic oils - nothing else!
  • The gentle yet powerful formula deep cleanses pores and melts away makeup, dirt, oil and pore-clogging debris without drying out skin.
  • Nutrient-rich natural and organic oils exfoliate, nourish and hydrate skin for a visibly softer, brighter and glowing complexion.

Skin problem: Acne and breakouts. 

Clearly ZITS, Natural Acne Treatment and Spot Treatment Serum with Tea Tree and Aloe Vera

natural and organic topical treatment for zits, blemishes, spots and acne, effective natural remedy

Another Isabella’s favourite. Clearly ZITS gently eliminates acne for a clear healthy complexion. 100% natural and essential oils are potent enough to effectively fight acne, yet gentle enough to maintain the skin’s moisture and prevent it from drying out. Bonus - it actively removes dead skin cells and the acne causing bacteria that clogs the pores. 

We love the bottle. The super handy roller means you can treat specific areas, breakouts or zits with absolute precision!


  • 100% blend of therapeutic grade natural and essential oils. No chemicals or preservatives.
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free.
  • Conceals, dries, and heals pimples and blemishes without clogging pores and prevents acne scars.
  • Non drying and keeps moisture in for optimal hydration.
  • Can improve skin irritation, psoriasis and eczema.

Skin problem: Ageing skin, fine lines, dryness.

Glimpse of Beauty Kakadu Plum Oil

Organic facial oil with Kakadu plum oil. Potent organic vitamin C source for ageing skin and extra dry skin problems

The Kakadu Plum fruit (also known as also known as Gubinge, Billygoat Plum, Gurumal or Murunga) has the highest known Vitamin C concentration of any single natural food source in the world! Its tree is an Australian native, and found exclusively in the Northern Territory and around Arnhem Land.

That’s your geography lesson! But what’s special about Glimpse of Beauty Kakadu Oil?

The Kakadu plum has ten times the amount of Vitamin C found in other fruits, making it an amazing antioxidant to include in cosmetic formulations. Vitamin C is the most essential antioxidant that slows down the ageing process. It helps to form proline, an amino acid that makes collagen. As well as being an effective anti ageing oil, it gives a natural shine and glow to the skin.

High in anti oxidants, it helps repair sun or age damage and tackles fine lines, and scarring.

Bonus? This Kakadu Oil contains gallic acid that acts as an astringent, antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial agent. 

Because its so rich, you can add a few drops of Kakadu Plum to your exfoliators, toners, masques, cleansers, serums, creams and moisturisers.

An all round, must have little bottle of power for your bathroom cabinet!

Skin problem: Dull, tired skin. 

Radiance of Venus - Advanced Skin Brightener | 50ml

Award winning Organic and natural skin brightening cream for ageing and dull, tired skin

A sure fire winner on our site, but it’s not just us! Radiance of Venus - Advanced Skin Brightener by Fitzjohn Skin Care has been WINNER IN THE BEAUTY SHORTLIST AWARDS 2017, FINALIST IN THE ATTRACTA AWARDS 2019 and SHORTLISTED IN THE NATURAL HEALTH BEAUTY AWARDS 2019. This is one brightener that has tongues wagging in the beauty world.

This advanced facial treatment instantly brightens and smoothes the complexion, and really does give a fresh, radiant glow. Fitzjohn have worked hard with this cream. Its formula is designed to nourish, brighten and it will enhance the absorption of other treatments. Basically, it just draws all the good stuff to your skin!

It’s packed with antioxidants - Vitamins C and E, and gentle It contains natural fruit AHAs, rosewater, honey and allantoin for maximum moisturisation and soothing. And biodegradable jojoba wax micro-grains gently exfoliate and polish the skin.

You can customise how you use it. As an express treatment in the shower (1-5 minutes). Or as a luxury face mask (10 - 20 minutes).

Either way, you will release your inner Venus and glow like a goddess.

Skin problem: Dry mature skin and neck

Metapora Seize The Day, Good Night Face & Neck Care | 60ml

Organic botanical day cream for ageing mature skin and neck. Natural skincare for ageing skinMeta Pora created this deeply nourishing face and neck moisturiser designed to work its magic while you sleep. It’s infused with natural antioxidants to enrich and rejuvenate the skin. And as skin does its best rejuvenating work overnight, it’s recommended as a potent night cream.

Bonus? It has a light texture, even though it’s rich, so won’t clog pores or create breakouts like some heavier night creams. And, Meta Pora have made it smell divine. It is infused with natural red mandarin, vanilla & cedarwood oils - helping you drift off to sleep.

It boast some powerful, natural ingredients.

  • Lemon Myrtle Extract - creates younger-looking skin, it tightens and tones tired complexions.
  • Kakadu Plum - the source of high levels of vitamin C that refreshes, renews and revitalises the skin.
  • Olive Leaf Extract - A powerful antioxidant, it conditions, softens and protects the skin to reduce the signs of ageing. 

Skin problem: dry itchy patches of skin. 

Rock Rose Multi Purpose Healing Balm

Organic and natural all round healing balm for skin problems, dry patches and rashes from Rock Rose Rock Rose’s Multi-Purpose Healing Balm is a must have remedy for those dry, itchy, sore patches that arise from time to time.

Its strength is in tackling dry or itchy patches of skin, or rashes. At the heart of this balm are sweet almond oil and shea butter both known for their ability to soothe dryness. It will immediately reduce any of the redness or inflammation associated with problem patches.

As well as it healing shea butter and sweet almond oil base, the multi healing balm contains powerful essential oils:

  • Rock Rose - a multifunctional oil that is used in skincare. Eases inflammation, in conjunction with chamomile it can help with eczema
  • Ravensara - reduces allergic reactions, prevents bacterial infections
  • Chamomile - an oil known for its ability to help with skin irritation and wound healing

It’s a fantastic all rounder, can be used on any part of the body, It’s a must pack for the handbag or suitcase.

Skin problem: Dry, environmentally vulnerable sensitive skins

Vaneda Anti Pollution Day Cream | 50ml

Natural and organic dat cream anti pollution protection against urban and everyday pollutants. Skin defence for your face from Vaneda organic ingredients and botanical power

Anti-pollution Day Cream is the ideal cream to protect the skin against pollution and environmental stress that cause dryness, redness and breakouts. Charged with Moringa pterigosperma proteins, the cream purifies and restores throughout that day for healthy and purified skin. Extremely gentle in its formula, it is particularly recommended for sensitive skin that needs a little extra protection from the day to day.


Environmental factors have a crucial role in the aggravation of skin inflammatory conditions, inducing sensitive skin, atopic dermatitis and acne. Protection from urban pollution is one of the main targets for skin appearance and skin health.

This face cream from Vaneda is developed to be active against agressive pollution and environmental stresses. Due to the specific action of proteins with purifying effect from Moringa seeds (Moringa Pterigosperma), the cream specifically protects against environmental pollutants such as exhaust gas and heavy metals, dust and cigarette smoke. It can, therefore, limit premature ageing, skin damage, and sensitivity caused by pollutants and gives a healthy, bright and pure skin.

Karite Butter

The cream contains Karite Butter, well known for its skin regenerating and nourishing actions, that acts specifically to give you a bright and pure skin, free from microparticles.

Extremely gentle in its formula, it is particularly recommended for skin types that need an effective purifying treatment.

Natural ingredients mean natural beauty 

If your diet is healthy, and you actively avoid processed foods and sugars, why not give the same treatment to your skin? Avoiding heavily processed and chemical ingredients in your skincare regime is exactly the same as looking after your body with healthy whole food.

And especially if you have specific problems with your skin, we highly recommend experimenting with natural and organic skin care products. Natural skincare can often be the solution you've spent years, and a small fortune, looking for.

These are just ten of the natural skincare treats we have from our independent sellers and makers. We love them, and maybe you'll find your perfect skincare solution right here.

Love your skin, love yourself and love your planet.

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