Best Natural Skin Solutions for Problem Skin

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Problem skin? We have ten natural skincare solutions.

We prefer to call them 'skin challenges'! Who doesn't have issues with their skin from time to time? From dry skin, rosacea, eczema, dry patches, ageing skin, fine lines, blemishes and breakouts. While good cleaning, exfoliating and toning regimes will always help your skin, it pays to choose the right product if your skin needs a little help with something.

Natural skincare products and natural ingredients for skin.

The most common skin complaint is dryness and sensitivity. And left untreated, both of these can lead to other more difficult issues with your skin, that get harder to deal with. 

Over time and use, the hidden chemicals in skin care can make dryness worse instead of better and in fact make your skin even more sensitive. While skincare products that promise the world can make a difference quickly, but .. long term use can actually create the problems, not solve them.

Choosing skincare with natural and organic ingredients can be the route to problem free skin. No chemicals, no overly harsh cleansing or exfoliating agents. Just nature's solutions. These products use botanicals and essential oils, along with super bases of natural moisturisers - like jojoba, shea butter, coconut oils and all sorts of beautiful softeners. With botanical power, you can get really deep effective cleansing without the unnatural stripping of the skins protective layers. Your skin can breathe while it soaks up the natural goodness. Like a vitamin packed smoothie for the skin!

Ten great skin problem solving natural skincare products

Below, we've chosen ten of our best natural skincare products that will target specific skin challenges. If you're researching natural products for skin problems, check these natural beauties out.

Skin problem: Rosacea

Proskin Rosacea Natural Skin Cream|3.5 Fl Oz/100ml

Natural skin treatment for rosacea. Proskin rosacea treatment area with calendula and tea tree, natural organic ingredients

If rosacea is your skin problem, you’ve probably tried every product out there.

ProSkin Rosacea is a very effective natural skin cream specifically for tackling rosacea. It contains calendula extract and a unique blend of essential oils used for centuries to treat adult acne and rosacea. 

The cream formula, which is an all round excellent moisturiser,  contains the optimum amount of tea tree oil (it’s clinically proven to kill demodex mites, which are now thought to cause rosacea in a high number of sufferers). 

But, even the makers say, you skin will get worse first! 

Proskin say “Many of our rosacea sufferers feel that when their rosacea gets worse that our cream is not working but contrary to this it usually means the cream is working well and the demodex mites are being killed off. And, more often than not after this worsening phase, the rosacea clears up”. 

The worsening phase usually happens 3 to 4 days after first use of the cream and can last up to one week. According to Proskin, this is a healing phase. After which, the Rosacea clears, and is prevented from flaring up again with continued use.

Definitely one to try if you’ve been through multiple products. With its natural ingredients and essential oils, it won’t strip your skins natural defences and heals problems naturally. It takes time. Not unexpected as rosacea can be be one of the trickier skin problems to treat, but worth the effort!

Skin problem: Sensitivity (eczema, extreme dryness, itching)

Las Coronas Organic Aloe Vera Bath Gel

Organic aloe vera bath and shower gel for sensitive and very dry skins. Anti microbial, healing and soothing aloe ver bath gel from organic farm

If you have super dry or sensitive skin, bath time products can be a hazard! Many mainstream brands can contain skin irritating chemicals and drying soaps in their ingredients. No matter how gentle they claim to be, they can be a minefield for sensitive skin with the resulting dryness and itchy patches.

This gentle Aloe Vera Bath Gel from Las Coronas Organic Aloe Vera Farm literally soothes, repairs and regenerates your skin. If your skin is in bad repair, the Aloe Vera base will set about healing pretty much straight away.

Because this product has been formulated with Organic Aloe Vera base, it penetrates the serial layers with pure natural moisture. It won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. Best of all, Las Coronas pride themselves on the organic credentials of their aloe vera, grown with love on their family farm near Seville in Spain.

Skin problem: Clogged pores, dead skin build up, blemishes & oily/combo skin

Bristol Made Organic Green Clay Mask 

An organic French green clay deep cleansing clay mask for clogged pores and deep cleansing and exfoliating. All natural and organic from UK maker Bristol Made

Sometimes, our skin deserves a thorough reset. Skin on our face is exposed to so much daily dirt, grime and pollution. It’s key to take the time to strip away pollutants and stressors, remove dead skin cells and toxins, and restore the skin’s natural balance. Some detoxifiying products can use harsh ingredients to strip the skin - which will leave your skin feeling clean initially, but actually works against the skins natural defences.

We love this organic french green clay mask for a slower, deeper cleanse that works with your skin for longer term benefits.

The active and powerful ingredient is ultra ventilated argiletz green clay. It detoxifies the skin deeply and leave it feeling nourished.

Using it once or twice a week will make a big difference, really tackling clogged pores, melting away dead cells and debris and rebalancing the delicate skin.

As with all gorgeous Bristol Made skin products, this problem solving mask is:

  • Fully organic
  • Handmade and zero waste
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Free from parabans
  • Free from artificial colours and preservatives
  • Free from synthetic chemical stabilisers

Skin problem: Sensitive and dry skin cleansing 

Clearly FACE Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Oil

Organic and natural deep pore oil based cleanser with essential oils for penetrating the skin layers for deep cleansing

Seriously, Isabella’s Clearly FACE gives us something to look forward to morning and night! A luxurious oil based cleanser that effortlessly melts away makeup, dirt and oil without drying out the skin or clogging your pores. 

The super gentle formula is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids to give your skin a boost of nutrition, reduce inflammation and keep your complexion soft, bright and dewy. 

It’s formulated for the most sensitive skin with 100% natural and organic oils. Use it by gently massaging onto damp skin, let it melt away the day, then rinse away with warm water on a facecloth or muslin cloth. If you're nervy about oil cleansers, try this. We promise you’ll never look back (you’ll never look better either!).


  • 100% pure, natural and organic oils - nothing else!
  • The gentle yet powerful formula deep cleanses pores and melts away makeup, dirt, oil and pore-clogging debris without drying out skin.
  • Nutrient-rich natural and organic oils exfoliate, nourish and hydrate skin for a visibly softer, brighter and glowing complexion.

Skin problem: Acne and breakouts. 

Douvall's Argan Acne Rehab Serum ~ Plant-Based Formula for Acne-Prone Skin

Douvall's plant-based Argan formula is specifically blended for acne-prone skin to aid healing and really is a gentle but powerful healer for pesky breakouts or more stubborn acne. Because of the gentle hydrating formula, it can also help with psoriasis and eczema.

It heals pimples and blemishes without clogging pores and gently fades and heals acne scars. And unlike many acne formulas, its non drying and aims to keeps moisture in for optimal hydration. So it avoids that endless cycle of drying, irritation and flare ups.

With organic cold pressed hemp seed & argan oils, this serum is packed with Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants which all treat, strengthen and repair the skins outer layers. It exfoliates dead skin cells, and acts as a natural retinoid to really boost skin health and radiance. And with its essential oils (lavender and palmarosa) it balances, hydrates, rejuvenates, soothes and importantly, helps to control that sebum production. 

Check the 5 skin superfood ingredients.

  1. Argan - helps to heal scarring and repair the skins texture
  2. Hemp Seed Oil - full of linolic rich and is anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial. It reduces redness, and protects and the skins barrier. 
  3. Papaya Fruit Ferment Extract and Seed Oil - natural retinols gently remove dead skin, bacteria and sebum which cause acne and breakouts
  4. Palmarosa & Lavender actively balance sebum production, soothe irritated skin and rejuvenate. 
  5. Vitamin E protects against free radicals and environmental factors.

And, as you might expect from Douvall's, these ingredients are a 100% blend of therapeutic grade natural and essential oils. No surprises, no chemicals and no preservatives. Just natural, organic and high grade stuff. Oh, and wonderfully vegan, cruelty free and ethically sourced.



Skin problem: Ageing skin, fine lines, dryness.

Skin Equation Peptide Serum ~ Hyaluronic Acid

We're all in love with hyaluronic acid. So this little serum is an absolute hydration powerhouse. It's our favourite hyaluronic boost, fortified with potent active ingredients. An expert combination that diminishes the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

Revitalising beautiful lavender floral water, orange floral water, blended with millet extract and lupine peptides delivers a silky glide on the skin and absorbs rapidly - dry, mature skin will literally drink it in! You get an instant softness and smoothness, while behind the scenes, it stimulates circulation, rejuvenation and regeneration.

With its exceptional hydrating capabilities, it's great for all skin types but with a special affinity for mature skin. So, if it's tackling dryness and fine lines you're after, this serum is a great solution as a pre moisturiser. Skin Equation recommend their natural Anti Ageing Intense moisturiser as a follow up. Or you could give their divine Ylang Ylang and Lavender intense face cream  to add a hydration boost.

As you'd expect, no artificial ingredients, water free, cruelty free - just pure natural skincare. Yum. An all round, must have little bottle of power for your natural skincare routine.


Skin problem: Dull, tired skin. 

Boho Cosmetics Reign Drops Overnight Recovery Oil

When you step into Boho Cosmetics, it's like you're a sparkly mermaid in a fairy land dream! This delightful range of vegan, natural body and skincare is fun, funky, dreamy and quirky all in one -  but uncompromising in the power and effectiveness of their skincare.

And we just love this supercharged, natural overnight recovery face oil for dull and tired skin. It's designed specifically to go to work as you sleep, which is when your skin (and body) is regenerating itself.

The unique combo of ingredients go straight for that glow, deeply nourishing to brighten, rejuvenate and get back to a skin lustre, dewiness and freshness come the morning. Check out its active ingredients.

Rosehip Oil for hydration and diminishing redness and dullness.

Avocado Oil to hydrate and add protection for your skin

Camellia Tea Oil brimming with Omega 9 fatty acid and with natural Phytosqualene to strengthen skins elasticity and suppleness.

So, if you're a fairy princess who has lost her sparkle, we recommend this for a dreamy beauty sleep - and natural dewy glow come the morning!


Skin problem: Dry mature skin and neck

Douvall's Organic Argan Wrinkle Rehab Serum 

We just have to put another Douvall's product forward for this one. Dry mature skin needs extra help to replenish and rejuvenate. And Douvall's plant-based collagen-boosting ceramide-rich formula is specially made for aging skin.

Super rich in fatty acids to protect and lock in moisture creating a barrier. Retinoids to repair, and hemp extract to help with dull, dry skin. It's blended with pure essential oils to brighten and tone skin by promoting collagen production. It rejuvenates, minimises the appearance of fine lines, and long term sunspots by improving cell structure and appearance of tired skin while restoring a natural glow.

This natural serum is absolutely jam packed with active ingredients. We'll leave you with this list, and need to say no more about this serum - other than, it really works for mature skin!

  • Organic Argan Oil - high in Vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids to repair, protect, pH balance and nourish skin. 
  • Poppy Oil - a lightweight oil packed with fatty acids that gives the skin a silky smooth feeling with skin barrier repairing properties.
  • Andiroba Oil - Rich in omegas to replenish dryness and wrinkles. High in triterpenes which are anti-inflammatory. High in vitamins A, B, C and E for supple and hydrated skin.
  • Rosehip Oil - packed with vitamin A, beta carotene and omegas beneficial for mature skin and to prevent and repair fine lines and wrinkles as well as balancing sebum production.
  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil - a protein and linolic rich oil for anti-inflammatory, redness, anti-bacterial and to protect and repair the skins barrier. 
  • Castor oil - rich oil packed with anti-oxidants and fatty acids that fight free radicals and help skin to retain moisture. 
  • Hemp Extract - in its most natural form a powerful ingredient to soothe and re-hydrate. Anti-inflammatory, anti-redness and anti-ageing. 
  • Orange, Ylang Ylang and Lavender - brighten and improve skin tone. Promote healthy collagen production to prevent and repair fine line, wrinkles and sunspots.
  • Vitamin E Naturally preserves and fights against free radicals and environmental factors.  



    Skin problem: dry itchy patches of skin. 

    Rock Rose Multi Purpose Healing Balm

    Organic and natural all round healing balm for skin problems, dry patches and rashes from Rock RoseRock Rose’s Multi-Purpose Healing Balm is a must have remedy for those dry, itchy, sore patches that arise from time to time.

    Its strength is in tackling dry or itchy patches of skin, or rashes. At the heart of this balm are sweet almond oil and shea butter both known for their ability to soothe dryness. It will immediately reduce any of the redness or inflammation associated with problem patches.

    As well as it healing shea butter and sweet almond oil base, the multi healing balm contains powerful essential oils:

    • Rock Rose - a multifunctional oil that is used in skincare. Eases inflammation, in conjunction with chamomile it can help with eczema
    • Ravensara - reduces allergic reactions, prevents bacterial infections
    • Chamomile - an oil known for its ability to help with skin irritation and wound healing

    It’s a fantastic all rounder, can be used on any part of the body, It’s a must pack for the handbag or suitcase.

    Skin problem: Dry, environmentally vulnerable sensitive skins

    Suntribe Natural Mineral Day Cream SPF 20

    This was a tough one to choose! We have so many great natural protective serums, face oils and moisturisers, but this one has got to be the all rounder and fail safe hero for getting your skin through day to day life, whether you're in the city, coast, country or office! A natural mineral day cream with a good SPF that will protect your skin from all the environmental hazards of life!

    With only natural and organic ingredients this exclusive non-oily mineral formula with Non-Nano Zinc Oxide is developed for everyday use and helps keep skin healthy and youthful, no matter what's thrown at it.

    It's vegan and non-comedogenic, it works well under make-up - and its broad spectrum SPF 20 protects all day. Bonus is it will create a barrier to visible blue light from electronic devices (HEV). Making this cream great for everything from normal to super dry and sensitive skin. Especially if your skin is sensitive to environmental influences of pollution, heat, cold or wind.

    Suntribe has a strict philosophy of only using ingredients that are proven to be safe for humans, the environment and coral reef friendly🪸. But they still have to be super protective in the sun. They only use fully researched and tested organic oils, waxes, butters and natural minerals in their range so you know you’re getting natural stuff with high quality ingredients!

    Natural ingredients mean natural beauty 

    If your diet is healthy, and you actively avoid processed foods and sugars, why not give the same treatment to your skin? Avoiding heavily processed and chemical ingredients in your skincare regime is exactly the same as looking after your body with healthy whole food.

    And especially if you have specific problems with your skin, we highly recommend experimenting with natural and organic skin care products. Natural skincare can often be the solution you've spent years, and a small fortune, looking for.

    These are just ten of the natural skincare treats we have from our independent sellers and makers. We love them, and maybe you'll find your perfect skincare solution right here.

    Love your skin, love yourself and love your planet.

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