Why natural deodorants are better for you

Why natural deodorants are better for you

Why you should switch to natural deodorants.

There are so many natural deodorants available these days. We have ten gorgeous natural and chemical free deodorants from our sellers right here. So, there’s lots of choice. 

If you haven’t already, you should switch. And here’s a few reasons why.

Most spray on, or aerosol deodorants, are bad for the environment

Consumer aerosol products contain harmful chemicals. They go directly on your skin. The aerosol means you’re also inhaling the chemicals. And they are going directly into the environment. Once they are out there, they can be harmful to plants, animals, and human beings. 

A women spraying an aerosol deodorant to her under arm with cartoon graphics

 But CFC free aerosols are OK, right?

Most aerosols now are CFC free. Mainly because CFCs (the harmful chemicals that were depleting the ozone layer) were banned because of the proven and considerable damage to the environment.

BUT, it’s still the chemicals actually in the deodorant that can be pretty nasty and cause skin irritations and rashes in those delicate underarm areas. Read the ingredients!

Deodorants can contain chemicals that cause skin irritations.

Chemicals in six different test tubes on a rack with cartoon graphics

As well as the chemicals and VOCs needed to propel aerosol particles out of the can, the deodorant mixture inside can be hiding some pretty questionable chemicals. Like the long list below! 

  • SD alcohol, benzyl alcohol, and denatured alcohol - skin and eye irritants
  • Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) - an antioxidant.
  • Camphor - strong astringent. Can irritate skin, eyes, and lungs.
  • Chlorophenol  - potentially harmful to health.  It can damage the kidneys, liver, and reproductive system. Also carcinogenic.  
  • Citrus terpenes - preservatives used in aerosol hairsprays and deodorants. Can cause respiratory problems and heart abnormalities.
  • Diethanolamine (DEA) - a solvent, stabilizer, emulsifier used in cosmetics. Associated with liver cancer if absorbed by the skin or inhaled as spray.
  • Ethyl alcohol - can harm eye, skin, and respiratory tract.
  • Ethylene oxide - widely used in the manufacture of antifreeze, brake fluid, and other chemicals. Carcinogenic. Can cause nerve damage.
  • Phenol - toxic substance that irritates skin and eyes. 
  • Zinc ricinoleate - possible skin irritant
  • Parabens - can affect the hormonal system of the body.
  • Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is used in aerosols to produce a mist

You don’t need us to tell you most of this stuff isn’t going to be skin friendly. Especially used every day.  Using natural deodorants will avoid all of these chemicals which can irritate skin.

Skin irritations caused by deodorants

Irritation skins with cartoon graphics

If you’re using a spray deodorant, and even roll ons, you can become irritated by the chemicals it contains. You don’t have to be allergy prone. In fact, you can become sensitive over time with continuous use. Some of the chemicals we listed above can be in your deodorant. They are not skin friendly!

With deodorant reactions, one of the first symptoms that usually appears is a burning sensation and irritated skin. Other symptoms may include:

  • Red blisters or spots on the skin
  • A lump in the armpit
  • Very intense itching
  • Redness
  • In some cases, when the deodorant isn’t removed immediately, peeling, blistering or even burns may occur in the armpit.

In more sensitive people, there may even be more severe allergy symptoms, such as swelling of the face, eyes or tongue, the feeling of something stuck in the throat or difficulty in breathing. In these cases, you should go to the hospital immediately.

Anti Perspirant deodorant contains aluminium

Despite rumours, most cancer organisations and charities say there is no evidence to link aluminium to a higher cancer risk. That said, aluminium works to stop you perspiring by stopping the sweat coming out. There are differing schools of thought. Some experts say this doesn’t cause a ‘build up’ of toxins (that would normally come out in sweat). But, if you are experiencing irritated skin, you might want to avoid anti perspirants that use aluminium (a metal) to stop the sweat. There are natural alternatives.

Deodorant can or roll on packaging isn’t eco friendly

seven different deodorants packaging on yellow blob and off-white backgrounds with cartoon graphics

Most cans, roll ons or sticks packaging is made from aluminium and plastics. If not disposed of correctly, they end up in landfill, burned or in the ocean. And, remnants of the deodorant liquid are still in the can. This leaks out over time into the sea or the land, causing harm to soil, water tables and marine wildlife.

Why are natural deodorants better for you?

five natural deodorants on pale yellow and off white background with cartoon graphics

  • They use chemical free ingredients - gentler for the skin
  • They use natural and often organic ingredients that can help with skin conditions
  • There are zero aluminium and natural alternatives for anti perspirant
  • They have eco friendly packaging with less waste.
  • They don't contain environmentally damaging chemicals, VCOs or CFCs
  • They have gorgeous natural and botanic scents. Better than the sometimes weird fake perfumes of standard deodorants.


Ten of our best natural, gentle and effective eco friendly deodorants.

Guess what? We have some fab natural deodorants in stock from our independent sellers. They smell amazing, are made with completely natural ingredients and the packaging is all biodegradable. What’s not to love. Check these out. 

Clearly FRESH, Natural Magnesium Deodorant (Geranium Sage)

A Clearly FRESH Natural Magnesium Deodorant on off white background with cartoon graphics

Top marks for this one. Clearly Fresh 100% natural magnesium deodorant is formulated with plant and mineral based ingredients. It's super effective as a deodorant, keeps you dry, and protects sensitive skin. It's for everyone. With a subtle neutral essential oil blend of geranium and sage. It smells refreshing and invigorating, without being overwhelming. 


  • 100% natural plant based ingredients. Aluminum and alcohol free. 100% vegan and cruelty free. 
  • Natural ingredients including magnesium chloride and witch hazel   neutralise odour-causing bacteria to keep you feeling dry and smelling great.
  • 24 hour protection guaranteed - it's been tested on men, women, and teens. 
  • No staining! Roll-on liquid deodorant means no waste, no staining and no debris, like with solid deodorants. 
  • Made for sensitive underarms with organic Aloe Vera, organic Argan oil and Witch Hazel to help protect the skin from irritation and discolouration. 

NEW - Battle Green's  full range of natural deodorants.

Our new seller, Battle Green, has an incredible range of all new natural deodorants. In recyclable, reusable tins or their zero waste card tubes! Funky, cool and they smell unbelievable. We absolutely love them. Never going back!

Grapefruit & Mint Natural Deodorant Tin

Grapefruit & Mint Natural Deodorant Tin on Grapefruit background with cartoon graphics

This lush and fresh grapefruit and mint scents is just one of the award-winning natural deodorant balms from Battle Green. It's packed with effective plant-based ingredients. Designed to absorb moisture, soften underarms and leave a beautiful, subtle scent behind.
These Battle Green deodorant balms come in an aluminium tin (at least 100g). It's an eco-friendly alternative to so many plastic or aluminium deodorant tubes. You can reuse the tin for shampoo bars or travel soap. 

Orange & Patchouli Natural Deodorant Tin

Orange & Patchouli Natural Deodorant Tin on Oranges background with cartoon graphics

One of the big favourites of this natural deodorant balm range. Orange and Patchouli natural deodorant just oozes a fresh sensuality. With ingredients like Sodium bicarbonate & arrowroot powder, it's a super effective deodorant. With organic shea butter, soy bean oil and organic coconut oil it's gentle and skin softening. And the sweet orange essential oil and patchouli essential oil make it smell divine!

Lemon & Rose Natural Deodorant Tin

Lemon & Rose Natural Deodorant Tin on lemon background with cartoon graphics

For the delicate flowers who love some freshness with their softness! The Lemon and Rose deodorant balm is just summer and delicacy all over. But dont be fooled, this natural deodorant works hard to keep you dry, soft and smelling of roses. With Lemongrass  and Rose Geranium essential oils, it's heaven in a reusable eco friendly tin!

And you can rest easy. All orders from Battle Green are sent out in completely biodegradable, plastic free packing materials.


Lime & Vanilla Natural Deodorant Tube

If you don't fancy the balm tin, then Battle Greens fab cool natural deodorant tubes are yours! 

Lime & Vanilla Natural Deodorant Tube on a yellow blob with cartoon graphics

Packed with effective plant-based ingredients. The natural deodorant tube is designed to absorb moisture, soften underarms and leave a beautiful, subtle scent behind.
Lime & Vanilla deodorant balm comes in a plastic-free and biodegradable cardboard tube and has a scent good enough to eat.
So easy to use you just evenly push up the cardboard disk at the base of the tube to reveal the balm, and apply to your underarms. A pea-sized amount is usually about right, so this gorgeous stuff goes a long way.


Lavender & Tea Tree Natural Deodorant Tube

Lavender & Tea Tree Natural Deodorant Tube on off white background with cartoon graphics

Lavender and Tea tree natural balm makes the perfect combo for gentle and clean natural deodorant. Powerful and anti bacterial tea tree treats your skin, with lavender to ease and smell wonderful. Who needs chemicals when nature give you this partnership?

Battle Green make their PETA-certified vegan cosmetics in small batches using effective plant-based ingredients. So they'll always arrive with you fresh and naturally gorgeous-smelling.

Grapefruit & Mint Natural Deodorant Tube

Grapefruit & Mint Natural Deodorant Tube on a yellow blob with cartoon graphics

Zesty and fresh as it comes. All natural deodorant in a fully recyclable card tube with grapefruit and mint. Could there be a better deodorant scent?

A formula rich with totally natural ingredients will be a life saver if you have skin conditions or sensitive skin. This truly is a natural deodorant for sensitive, dry, flaky or allergy prone skin.

Orange & Patchouli Natural Deodorant Tube

Orange & Patchouli Natural Deodorant Tube on off white background with cartoon graphics

We said it before, we'll say it again .. this natural orange and patchouli combo not only smells heavenly, but is a fantastic alternative to standard deodorant. A rich melting balm in a zero waste tube. With no chemicals and its environmentally safe packaging, it's a sure fire winner.


And , if you want your natural deodorant surrounded by other natural, gorgeous goodies. Or you want a perfect gift box for her, him, yourself! Then have a look at these natural beauties.

The Zero Waste Beauty Hamper Gift Box

The Zero Waste Beauty Hamper Gift Box on lilac background with cartoon graphics

What about the perfect gift box with a little natural deodorant tucked in among the goods? All natural, each zero waste beauty hamper from Battle Green includes a lovely selection of natural, vegan and plastic free handmade cosmetics.

What's in the box?

You get ..
  • 1 x Dry shampoo powder (50g shaker pot)
  • - 1 x Soap slice (100g)
  • - 1 x Lip balm (11g paper tube)
  • - 1 x Deodorant balm (50g paper tube)
  • - 1 x Clay face mask (50g sachet)
  • - 1 x Coconut husk soap rest
Even better? It comes in 3 different scent themes.
  •  FLORAL - Botanical scents including lavender, rose, chamomile or vanilla
  • FRUITY - Juicy scents including lemon, lime, grapefruit or orange
  • FRESH - Clean, invigorating scents including mint, eucalyptus or tea tree 

And, want more eco friendly good news?

Giving as a gift? When you buy on the site, you also have the option to add reusable gift wrap, made from organic cotton and World Fair Trade Organization certified. Choose from red or green. And the lovely folk at Battle Green will wrap the set for you and include a handwritten gift tag (if you include a gift message) 

The Zero Waste Bathroom Box on pink background with cartoon graphics

We're throwing this in - also contains fabulous award winning natural deodorant! But, along with other eco happy products, this zero waste bathroom box is a great starting point for reducing waste and single-use plastic in your household. Which makes it an amazing gift!

What's inside?

You get ..
  • - 1 x Battle Green bamboo toothbrush (100% bio-based bristles)
  • - 1 x Natural Loofah on String
  • - 1 x Battle Green Natural Deodorant (Choose from 5 scents)
  • - 1 x Natural Shampoo Bar (Choose from 3 scents)
  • - 1 x Travel Tin
  • - 200 x FSC Bamboo cotton buds

You can also order zero waste gift wrapping with this one. And, along with the Zero Waste Beauty Hamper before, each box plants a tree! Win, win, win!

You should absolutely switch to natural deodorant!

We have these gorgeous natural deodorants, and there are many more out there. (but we bet you won't find better smelling that these ten awesome all natural beauties!)

With all the downside of chemicals, environmental damage, waste and increasing skin irritation and allergies, why wouldn't you switch?! It's a no brainer. Your armpits will thank you. Not to mention the planet.

Go on, break the habit and treat yourself.

Love yourself, love your planet x



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