Best oral care routine with these 7 natural products

Range of natural oral care products no chemicals and vegan

Create your best oral care routine with these 7 natural products

Ready to smile? If not, it's time to get your oral care routine in ship shape! And we have everything you need right here. All natural, safe, and will leave your mouth and gums cleaner than clean, and your smile dazzling.

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Prepare to get those pearly whites on display.

Natural oral care without chemicals

Great oral care means a good oral care routine. Just like a great skin care routine, taking care of your whole mouth will give you the results you want without scary teeth bleaching and whitening kits and harsh mouthwashes.

In Ayurvedic practice, the mouth is the source of what goes into your body.  And the health of your mouth an accurate indicator of the overall health of the body. So good oral hygiene is absolutely key. 

But we'll bet a holistic Ayurvedic approach won't be recommending standard toothpastes! Oral care for the most part today, is considered brushing your teeth twice a day.

Not bad. But we can do better. 

Cleaning, pulling, gum health, restrengthening, re-mineralizing and tongue cleaning are all part of your holistic routine for true oral hygiene and care. 

What chemicals are in Oral Products like mouthwash and toothpaste?

Normal everyday oral care with normal everyday products may be recommended. But you may be surprised by the ingredients. 

The big baddie, Triclosan is now banned from oral and body wash products. In only 2017, it was discovered to be a thyroid hormone disruptor that contributed to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and an increased risk of cancer.

But other chemicals lurk in what you put in your mouth every day.

Fluoride is in most dental products. As is alcohol. Both are effective at killing bacteria, but at what cost to your overall health? Fluoride is celebrated for its ability to remineralise teeth, but traditional toothpaste does not contain nearly enough fluoride for users to actually reap the benefits of remineralisation. And it is a toxic chemical.

Diethanolamine (DEA) is a foaming agent (makes your toothpaste foamy and feels more effective), but is a irritant, human respiratory toxin, and carcinogen.

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is an inorganic chemical compound that is widely used in toothpaste because it adds toothpaste’s signature white color.

Aside from not providing any oral benefits whatsoever, titanium dioxide is only safe when it is not absorbed. While we don’t swallow toothpaste and therefore swallow titanium dioxide, the membranes inside our mouths may very well absorb concentrations of titanium dioxide.

These are just a few of the chemicals commonly found in oral products. Yikes.

Natural ingredients are powerful and effective for oral hygiene

As always, Mother Nature provides. And when it comes to a great oral hygiene routine, she does have the ingredients to really clean your mouth, gums and teeth effectively and deeply.

Not only that, but you can totally ditch the plastic in your daily oral routine.

Safe, sustainable and smiling!

Best Natural Ingredients for Oral Care 

Charcoal and natural bamboo toothbrush and mint sprig arrangement for natural oral care

There are many, but a core of great oral health ingredients are used again and again. Because they work!

Here are some of the top ingredients to look out for when you're searching for your perfect natural oral care products.

  • Bentonite Clay - binds to impurities and bacteria 
  • Calcium - Supports healthy tooth enamel and promotes whitening.
  • Baking Soda - Naturally and gently polishes your teeth for a whiter smile.
  • Xylitol - A natural, plant-based sweetener that helps promote a neutral pH level in the mouth, and prevents bacteria from sticking to the teeth.
  • Activated Charcoal - absorbs plaque, bacteria and stains from the teeth and gums. Helps combat cavities, bad breath and gum disease.
  • Coconut Oil - The fatty acids found in coconut oil have antimicrobial properties that effectively kill bacteria and fungi
  • Manuka Honey - anti bacterial, anti fungal and healing
  • Essential Oils - especially cleansing anti bacterial mint and citrus oils


Our 7 Best Natural Oral Hygiene Products

We put together 7 of our best all natural oral products for keeping your mouth squeaky clean and your teeth white and healthy. All of these products are packed with natural ingredients from clays, to charcoal to essential oils ... even some with miracle baking powder.

Many of our small independent sellers are zero plastic and all are recyclable and sustainable. So this is oral care routines that won't ever cost the earth!

For deep cleaning and polishing

Battle Green Mineral-Rich Natural Toothpowder

Natural Tooth Powder

This zero-waste cinnamint tooth powder is freshly made in small batches. It's jam-packed with natural, effective ingredients that have strengthen and remineralise teeth, polish and whiten, freshen breath, and soothe gums. This powder is the absolute all rounder.

It contains Bentonite Clay. It binds to impurities and toxins around your teeth and gums (which are removed when you spit!). It’s packed with tooth-strengthening minerals such as silica, calcium and magnesium. And that's not all...the clay helps promote alkaline balance, which is especially important for dealing with the damaging effect of acidic food and drink on tooth enamel. Finally, the clay also helps to naturally whiten teeth.

If you're new to natural tooth powders, you may find the experience a bit unusual at first. There’s no chemical foaming agents in this product. Or synthetic mint flavouring! But the powerfully clean and fresh feeling you experience after use is truly a revelation!

Battle Green offer a glass jar or compostable refill sachet. Recyclable and sustainable!


For Naturally White Teeth 

Naturorganik Natural Whitening Powder: Activated Charcoal | 60ml

Naturorganik activated charcoal teeth whitening powder

Naturorganiks’ Whitening Powder uses natural activated charcoal. It absorbs plaque, bacteria and stains from the teeth and gums - which are expelled when spitting out after cleaning. 

Natural activated charcoal helps combat cavities, bad breath and gum disease. And because it’s stain removing, really helps whiten teeth. Without the bleach or chemicals! It’s a 100% natural Product

We love this product because of its absolute simplicity. Its activated charcoal and nothing else!

  • Cruelty Free
  • Plastic Free
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly


For Bad Breath

Natural Coconut Oil Mouthwash With Peppermint Freshness | Pulling Oil

Naturorganik tooth pulling oil with organic coconut oil

Another winner from Naturorganik. Their Natural Coconut Oil Mouthwash is a natural way of keeping your mouth fresh and protected against bad bacteria which cause bad breath. The fatty acids found in coconut oil have antimicrobial properties that effectively kill bacteria and fungi. It’s one of nature’s super cleansers!

The mouthwash also contains Xylitol which which has an anti-cavity effect. And it has Peppermint essential oil to keep your mouth zingy fresh.

It’s pulling oil, which is an ancient method of mouth cleaning. Work 2-3 teaspoons of oil in your mouth. Keep your mouth closed and suck, push and pull the coconut oil through your teeth and every surface of your mouth for about 5-15 minutes. (Maybe 5 if its your first time pulling!)

After that, spit out and wash your mouth with water. All the toxins, bacteria and debris are absorbed by the oil and washed away! 

We love it. It’s a new trick, but delivers a deep clean you can feel. Healthy Mouth! Equals Healthy Body!


For Natural Stain Removal

Isabella's Clearly GLOW Teeth Whitening Charcoal Kit + Bamboo Toothbrush + Copper Tongue Scraper

A natural oral care kit with charcoal tooth paste, copper tongue scraper and bamboo toothbrushes

Why not go for a the full oral routine kit!

The Clearly GLOW KIT includes everything you need for gentle teeth whitening, a glowing smile, and healthy teeth and gums. 

It includes teeth whitening Activated Charcoal Powder, which again, literally binds up the debris, toxins and bacteria and pulls them out of your mouth and gums. The Charcoal powder will also remove staining from teeth if used as apart of your daily oral care routine.

There’s a bamboo ultra soft toothbrush with Charcoal-Infused BPA-Free Bristles. Sustainable and with charcoal!

There’s a 100% COPPER Tongue Scraper. Tongue scanning is an Ayurvedic self-care ritual that removes bacteria, food debris, fungi, toxins, and dead cells from the surface of the tongue.

You also get a reusable Eco-Friendly Cotton Gift Bag.

For serious natural oral care, this little kit has it all. 


For Strengthening teeth and gums

Isabella's Clearly SPICE, Remineralising Toothpaste Powder (Orange Spice)

Toothpowder orange spice favour natural oral care

Another super cleansing tooth powder. Without those dodgy foaming agents and chemicals, toot powders are becoming increasingly popular.

Clearly SPICE tooth powder is made with natural and organic ingredients with vital and trace minerals. SPICE rebuilds and restores lost minerals to keep teeth and gums healthy and strong. Its high mineral content strengthens enamel and prevents tooth decay.

Its essential oils tackle bad breath and eliminates gingivitis by healing inflamed and bleeding gums.

And it’s baking soda content will scrub those teeth without damaging enamel, so giving you a whiter, cleaner smile!

Our favourite for flavour. We just love the spicy zesty orange. Kids love it too.

Bonus? It’s 100% natural, organic, Non-GMO ingredients. There’s no chemicals, preservatives, glycerin or fluoride.

And it’s 100% vegan and cruelty free. 

What is not to love about this mouth miracle?


For Natural Plaque Removal

Natural Coconut Oil Toothpaste With Manuka & Peppermint Freshness |60 ml

Natural mint toothpaste no chemicals or additives

One of our longest independent sellers, Naturoganik specialises exclusively in oral natural products. All Naturoganik products are environmentally friendly, using sustainably grown plant ingredients that is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The natural ingredients they use have been used for thousands of years in many cultures and Ayurvedic practice. So Naturorganik know what they’re doing when it comes to oral care.

Their natural coconut oil toothpaste is made of organic food-grade ingredients.

The organic ingredients help remove dental plaque and stimulate restoration of lost minerals to teeth enamel. 

Anti bacterial and anti fungal coconut oil promotes gum health and eliminates bad breath.

It has Calcium Carbonate needed by the body for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. And Xylitol - known for stimulating restoration of lost minerals to tooth enamel and its anti-cavity effect. So its packing a powerful natural punch!

This toothpaste comes in Manuka Honey and Peppermint flavours. Both anti bacterial and will leave your mouth fresh, zingy and so clean.


For a Zero Plastic, Sustainable Oral Care Gift

Battle Green 'Bamboo Toothbrushes for a Year' Gift Box

battle green zero plastic zero waste natural oral care gift box sustainable green life dental care

Now, if you’re looking for a little eco treat for yourself or the perfect gift for her, or him. This is it!

This eco-friendly Oral care gift box offers a simple way of reducing plastic in daily life, with enough bamboo toothbrushes to last a year!

What's inside?

You get - 4 sustainably sourced bamboo toothbrushes with 100% plant-based bristles. No more plastic! And an FSC certified Battle Green bamboo toothbrush travel case. Nice

And to use with those fab bamboo toothbrushes, Battle Green pack in a 50g glass jar of their vegan-friendly cinnamon mineral-rich tooth powder. Its packed with natural goods - Bentonite, Calcium, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium chloride, Xylitol, Cinnamon extract, Salvia (a mint family) leaf extract and Peppermint oil. 

All the natural cleaning and freshness you need.


A 100% natural oral care routine

We know it's not the sexiest of daily routines, but oral hygiene and care is maybe the most important. Toxins and bacteria in your mouth will eventually end up indoor body. Without good oral care, there is the risk of other health problems creeping in.

 It’s easy to grab standard oral or dental care products. But they do contain a whole host of chemicals. And in the long run, these aren’t good for our bodies either.

So, the solution? Go natural. The ingredients featured in these natural and vegan friendly products really pack a cleaning punch.

So they will take care of your mouth and teeth. And your overall health and body. No foaming agents, no toxic chemicals, no irritants.

Just healthy smiles, and sustainable lives.

Love yourself. Love your planet.

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