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Another year it's going to be great .. but still maybe a little tricky with everything we've all been through past few years! We're going to need something special to lift our spirits. And nothing brings a smile to faces like a gorgeous Christmas gift set, full of lots of goodies.. and thought!

But, we hear you cry, "What goes in a Christmas gift set? What can I put in a Christmas gift set for my mum? What goes into the best Christmas gift set for someone really special?" 

Don't panic. (We're all about the stress free Christmas). We've  created the best guide for natural handmade gift ideas and best gift sets this Christmas. Keep reading to find out how to make your own gift set special.

It's been a tough few years (understatement!). Christmas needs a bit more thought to make it special. Doubt still hangs over us about whether we can even get together with our loved ones, and if we've learned anything, we're maybe thinking a bit more about the environment. And especially how small, local businesses really need our support now more than ever.

So, rather than the usual Christmas gift list and frantic dash around Marks & Spencer, Aldi, John Lewis, Waitrose, Tesco... or a panic purchase online with Amazon, we thought that it's time for a change, and offer up some ideas on how to prepare a hand-picked gift set that really shows just how much we care. And support the smaller, independent businesses out there. Ooh, and - shop environmentally aware, eco-happy!

So, thinking about giving, we sat down to come up with a complete guide of how to put together an eco-friendly Christmas gift set that is sure to be given with love, and received with a big smile. We poured over some of the great products available on our site and   how we could bring them together in the best of natural and organic gift sets. We've created a few of our won, ready to go! 

Our customers have asked us about the best products and the best presentation of a gift set. "How can I make a gift set look good without a basket?" "Is it cheaper to make my own gift set?" "How can I present a gift set in a natural and eco-friendly way?" All good questions. Eco-friendly attractive presentation can be a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be.

To start you off, here's a link to a great video on how to present your gifts in a way that's gorgeous, totally eco happy and fun to do! 

How to wrap a gift set and make it look good without a basket? 

Start on minute 4.30. Video Created by HealthNut Nutrition

So, when it comes to putting together your own gift set, with hand-picked gifts, how do you make a gift set just perfect?

The first thing is to decide who the gift set is for, because you can be pretty certain that your four year old nephew won’t be over the moon with the best anti-ageing facial oil! 

To assist you in your journey across tricky terrain towards the perfect gift set solution, we've consulted with our sellers and created some great collections that include Glorious Scents, Pamper Gifts, Organic Winter Skincare and our very special Relaxation Gift Set. And, if you’re looking for stocking fillers, check out our more than 100 stocking fillers or, if you were thinking about something more sophisticated to stuff in your stocking, visit our luxury eco-friendly gifts collection.

What goes in a gift set?

Giving is about making someone feel special. Putting together a gift set of things you've taken time to think about makes it feel so personalised. Gift sets are a great way to put in lots of things so that there is something for just about every taste. Check out the followings collections that we have created just for you, to make it easier to find  the best gift for your loved ones:

Relaxation Gift Set

Click on the image to find out what includes this amazing Organic Gift Set 


Our Relaxation gift set has some of the very best in unique or custom, organic, natural or handmade products from our shops. It includes one of our best sellers, Calm Room Mist by Made by Coopers a luxurious and calming gentle spray with natural oils of lavender, bergamot, ylang-ylang, rosemary, and frankincense. Gorgeous. Clearly REST  delivers truly relaxing deep tissue relaxation and total skin hydration, Amelie Hope's Migraine and headache relief Crystal Bracelet will ease those seasonal tension headaches and look gorgeous, and the little Amethyst crystal travel candle will create a calm, beautifully scented atmosphere wherever you travel this Christmas

Luxury Eco-friendly Gifts

Our luxury gifts are built around the observation that luxury doesn’t need to cost the earth. In fact, the essence of luxury is something that is naturally excellent.

The fact is that Nature doesn’t need a helping hand to make anything luxurious. It just is, naturally. Our luxury collection is based around this observation in that all the ingredients our sellers use are natural, organic and eco-friendly, just as nature intended them to be.

Last Minute Stocking Fillers

There are loads of ideas for stuffing a stocking with something useful and eco-friendly this Christmas. And they don’t need to be wrapped in plastic or single-use paper. Disposable materials include fruit (especially those that are easy to peel!) and nuts, organic chocolate, candles, or bathroom products such as organic cosmetics and bamboo toothbrushes.

Another great way to be sustainable and eco happy this Christmas  is to try things like subscriptions to your loved one’s favourite streaming platform, audio book club or charity are great for keeping your personal carbon footprint to a minimum. (Adopt a polar bear with WWF)

Go Zero Waste this Christmas

The big Christmas spend creates huge amounts of waste; and this on top of the stuff we normally toss out. So, how can we have a waste-free Christmas and still show our love? Check out this great blog for tips.

Of course, Christmas is important. But so is our environment. Sustainable Christmas gifts are the answer. And there are loads of them to choose from: Organic and gorgeous bath & shower products, Crystal Healings Bracelets, organic food and loose leaf teas and coffees, to help you shop in an eco-friendly way. And what about a range of sustainable special gifts for the home ?

Handmade Christmas

If you have the gift of being a fab artist, or crafter, or knitter - then  the best Christmas Gifts, and the ones that mean the most, are the ones you make yourself. Because they are made by you, you can make sure that all the ingredients of your handmade Christmas gifts are ethically sourced and sustainable. But, if you’re not exactly Leonardo Da Vinci, there’s some great hand-made gift ideas from our sellers. These great handmade products are the next best thing to making it yourself - like the Carnelian Crystal Handmade candle from Hoof and Paw. Check here for all our sellers handmade gifts

Christmas hand-picked gift sets for…

Some of the best gift sets for Christmas are those that are filled with luxury goodies. We’ve got you covered:


The Winter Skincare luxury gift set for her

Crafted to keep her skin radiant and protected during the chilly winter months, this gift set features an exquisite selection of premium skincare products. From hydrating serums to rich, nourishing creams, each item in the set is designed to pamper her skin and enhance her natural beauty. It's the perfect gift to show her how much you care, ensuring she looks and feels her best all season long. Give the gift of winter skincare luxury and watch her face light up with joy.


Winter Wonderland Christmas Self-care Gift Box

Christmas Gift Set for him

Unwrap the magic of the holiday season with our Christmas Gift Set specially designed for him. Whether he's a fashion enthusiast, a foodie, or simply appreciates the finer things in life, this Christmas Gift Set is bound to make his holiday season even more special. Show him just how much you care and watch his face light up with delight as he unwraps the treasures within.

Christmas Hamper For Him


Keeping it small, independent and local.

As we said, small local producers and small independents are really feeling the pinch this year. It’s a great idea to buy local, not only to help those small businesses. All our sellers are small independent brands doing their very best to be sustainable and keep it eco happy! You know when you shop with us, you're putting your hard earned cash into the smaller brands working hard to keep their businesses ethical and sustainable. You can browse for products for your Christmas Gift Set by brand or you can search products by our values like organic, made with natural ingredients, social contribution, vegan, and eco-friendly!


Is it cheaper to make your own Christmas gift set?

When you buy an expensive gift set covered in plastic wrapping, foil and dressing, you're paying for all that waste and someone else's time to wrap it. You can create your own much more sustainably. Creating your own gift set is cheaper and an easier and you can fill it with all the products you know your friends or family will love, and not with the standard Marks & Spencers, Sainsburys stuff.  You can always find cheaper options than the big retailers. And you get to  personalise your gift set with thought and care.

How to make a gift set without a basket?

This video will show you an example on how to make a hamper without a basket. Don't forget to reuse an old box and wrapping an eco friendly-paper and with old clothes.

DIY Gift Set 

Video Created by "MISS CREATIVE Muzayyana Faisal"

How to make your own gift set.

1. Create an eco friendly gift set container with an old box.

2. Fill it with recycled shredded paper made with any paper waste you have lying around the house (no bank statements!)

3. Select the most special natural and eco-friendly gifts that you know the person you are thinking of will love. And, if you have time, add a personalised handmade gift, such as a little drawing or a handmade bracelet, or a handwritten plantable card - something that will make your gift set even more special!

4. To put the finishing touch, wrap it with recycled wrapping paper - brown marvel paper is really chic, tied with an old ribbon or some coloured or natural string.

And there you go. A beautiful gift set, minimum waste, gorgeous eco-friendly natural products gift made by you. They will love it just for the personalised touch and thought you gave it.  

Happy buying, wrapping and giving! This Christmas is going to be just amazing.

Stay safe. Be kind. Love your world.

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