Best Organic and Natural Shampoo

Best Organic and Natural Shampoo

If you’re one of those lucky people who hasn’t desperately googled ‘best shampoo for dandruff’, or ‘hair growth shampoo’ or ‘what shampoo for frizzy hair’, then you may not have delved into the world of natural shampoo and haircare
Could natural haircare be the change you’ve been looking for? Check out 3 of the best organic and natural shampoo brands below.

Natural Shampoo Vs Chemical Shampoo

Natural Vs Chemical - Best Organic Shampoo -

Natural shampoo’s are generally free of sulphates, parabens and other chemical additives that can irritate sensitive scalps - and ultimately damage luscious locks. The mantra for haircare is gently does it
But you might think ‘gentle’ isn’t going to cut it when it comes to fabulous volume, curls, colour, frizz or shine.

Natural shampoo has come a long way, friends! These days, natural brands have developed powerful formulas with natural and organic ingredients that really deliver for your hair. Packed with all natural oils and natural botanics that nourish, hydrate and protect your hair and scalp. Not to mention they smell divine!
You don’t have to have problem hair to be a natural devotee. Going natural means treating your scalp and hair with gentle cleaning and moving away from harsh chemical solutions. Natural haircare, like shampoo bars, last longer and, because natural brands tend to be more eco aware, packaging is often plastic free, recyclable and zero waste.

If you’re searching, we have some fantastic independent brands who have gorgeous natural hair care collections..

Our Best Organic and Natural Shampoo Brands

Dot & Lola

Dot & Lola, Refillable Natural Shampoo and ConditionersDot and Lola was set up by hair industry professionals. They specialise in natural, organic hair care and cosmetics, and believe products should be of the highest quality, but affordable and ethically sourced.

Dot & Lola’s message is clear – “we have one life and one planet and if we do not change each area of industry to become one of care, for both the customer and the planet, we will have neither for much longer”. A gorgeous natural haircare range, with natural and shampoo and conditioners, and even zero waste pouch refills.

Battle Green

Battle Green - Small zero waste indy brandBased in stunning Snowdonia, Battle Green is a small indy brand punching above its weight in the natural haircare and cosmetics sector. Offering eco-friendly alternatives to everyday hair, body and natural bath products, Battle Green excels in gorgeous, handmade and vegan products with plastic free and zero waste packaging (which looks fabulous, by the way!)

Aloe Vera Las Coronas

Spanish based organic farmers, who specialise in producing some of the best aloe vera products out there. They are passionate about the health benefits of natural aloe vera, and produce a small, exclusive range of the best natural bath and body products.

Our Top Picks

Most Popular Organic Shampoo ~ Dot & Lola Natural Balance Shampoo

Dot & Lola Balance shampoo perfect for sensitive skin

This is a natural all rounder! Our most popular organic shampoo does just about everything you want. Natural Argan oil moisture that doesn’t add weight, lavender to soothe the scalp, promotes hair growth - and gentle enough for the whole family. Smells  good enough to eat (Don’t though!)

Best natural shampoo for fine hair ~ Battle Green Citrus Natural Shampoo Bar

Battle Greens plastic free vegan shampoo bars

Boost volume for fine hair with a citrus zing! Battle Green’s little shampoo bar packs a punch. Smells and feels zesty clean, removes flattening build up. You’ll be swishing those locks around in no time. And it comes wrapped in fully eco friendly recyclable, plastic free paper wrap. What’s not to love?!

Best natural shampoo for curly hair ~ Dot & Lola Hair Repair Natural Shampoo

Dot & Lola natural Repairing Shampoo perfect for curly hair and damaged hair
With organic aloe vera, bergamot and rosemary to treat and strengthen damaged hair, this natural shampoo for curly hair and coloured hair protection. Geranium treats the scalp & promotes hair growth. A fabulous smelling natural shampoo that just gives your hair a massive hug!

Best Natural Shampoo for sensitive/ dry hair ~ Las Coronas Organic Aloe Vera Shampoo

Organic aloe vera shampoo perfect for sensitive skin.

No-one can deny the power of natural aloe vera! Las Coronas uses the highest quality, hand-picked organic aloe vera and natural ingredients. This natural shampoo contains active organic aloe vera, known for its gentle, rejuvenating qualities. It keeps your hair and scalp hydrated and helps prevent itching. Perfect for sensitive skin and dry hair. 

Best Organic & Natural Shampoos

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Dot & Lola Natural Balance Shampoo ~ Refillable

There’s a reason our customers love it! Weightless moisture, organic ingredients, family friendly, good for a dry scalp - and divine natural scent of lavender, mandarin and vertivert. 

Battle Green Plastic Free Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Set

Battle Green Plastic free shampoo & conditioner barsDouble natural haircare joy! The shampoo & conditioner set comes in mint, citrus or lavender and tea tree. They also supply a plastic free tin so your little bars don’t disappear in the shower. Your natural haircare just got light, compact and eco-friendly!

Dot & Lola Natural Clarity Shampoo - Scalp and Strength ~ Refillable

A fresh natural shampoo to create clarity in your life - and your head! Organic lemon essential oil cleanses and balances an oily scalp. Eucalyptus soothes & stimulates hair growth. Lupine seed extract protects & strengthens hair and gently cares for hair follicles. Your hair & scalp will feel naturally clear, liberated and utterly fabulous!

Battle Green Mint Natural Shampoo Bar ~ Plastic Free & Zero Waste! 

Battle Green’s fresh Mint natural shampoo bars are jam-packed with effective, organic, plant-based ingredients and handmade in small batches. They come wrapped in compostable paper, but you can also choose to add a travel/storage tin to your order. Yay!

Las Coronas Organic Aloe Vera Shampoo
The perfect remedy for dry scalp, and dry hair. With all the power and gentle healing properties of his quality, natural aloe vera. Gorgeous, pure and great hair! 

Battle Green Citrus Natural Shampoo Bar ~ Plastic Free & Zero Waste! 
Another of Battle Green’s powerful little shampoo bars. Zing it up with some citrus to lift and freshen your hair and scalp.

Battle Green Sisal Soap Bag

Not a shampoo but a must have in your day-to-day zero waste lifestyle! Simply use this with your plastic free shampoo bars from Battle Green. 

Battle Green sisal plastic free wash bagPlace your bar inside the bag (securing with the cotton drawstring and wooden bead), and place under running water. The friction created by rubbing the sisal material against the bar helps create a lovely rich lather. Hang up until your next shower, and the sisal bag will keep your bar safe and dry for next time!  

Dot & Lola Natural Shampoo - Hair Repair ~ Refillable

Best for curly hair and coloured hair. With organic aloe vera, bergamot and rosemary, his natural shampoo is a tonic for unruly or damaged hair.

Dot & Lola Zero Waste Refill Pouches - Natural Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash
Fabulously eco-friendly Dot & Lola have these great eco friendly refill pouches for their natural shampoo, conditioner and body lotions. Keep your original bottle and refill!

Dot & Lola zero waste refill pouches available in 250ml in shampoo, conditioner, body wash and  body lotion.

Battle Green Eco Friendly Bathroom Hamper ~ Plastic Free

Ooh, we cannot think of a better addition to your bathroom. Or a more perfect eco gift!

Battle Green plastic free bathroom hamper gift setThis natural cosmetics gift set includes Battle Green’s best-selling plastic free, eco-friendly products! You get a natural shampoo bar, vegan conditioner bar, natural deodorant balm, vegan lip balm, a natural clay face mask and .. a natural soap slice!! Go get it!

Organics shampoo FAQs

Organic Shampoo FAQs

Are Organic shampoos good for my hair?

With no detergents or sulphates, natural shampoos don’t strip your hair. Natural ingredients are gentler on your hair cuticles and follicles for good looking hair. And the super shine comes from natural oils like shea butter, coconut oil, organ oil - that deeply hydrate hair and scalp. Yes! Organic and natural shampoo is great for your hair!

What natural shampoos are the safest?

Many of the natural ingredients in natural shampoos are healing, soothing and anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial - like aloe vera or coconut oil.
With no sulphates, parabens or chemical additives, natural shampoo can be considered safer for skin. Especially for scalp problems, like dandruff or psoriasis. Sensitive skin generally fares better with natural ingredients, unless you have a very specific allergy.

Who should use an organic shampoo?

Well, everybody! But people with skin sensitivities should definitely try natural shampoos. Reducing the level of chemicals and pesticides your skin is exposed to can help relieve symptoms like itchy scalp or damaged hair. Organic and natural shampoo is great & safe for kids.

Are organic shampoos really better?

If you believe that chemical free haircare is probably better then you can’t go wrong here. Since they were first around, makers have developed specific formulas and ingredients to not only target problem hair and skin, but make using a natural shampoo a foamy, deeply cleansing, satisfying wash. And the resulting shiny healthy hair speaks for itself.

What should I look for in an organic shampoo?

Look out for ingredients that are familiar and feel right! Natural oils, essential oils, botanics. Like coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, lavender, green tea, organ oil. If you’d eat it, it’s a good hair ingredient!

What are the benefits of natural shampoos?

Apart from clear health and hair benefits, most natural brands are more eco-conscious. You’ll find many more options for zero waste, plastic free, recyclable refills and environmentally friendly packaging. Health benefits, earth benefits!

Why trust for your natural shampoos?

Out stockists are carefully selected, small brands with product ingredients listed and checked by us. The natural shampoo and haircare products we stock, we stand by for their natural or organic qualities. And we love our independent brands for their eco-friendly approach to packaging. There’s many out there, but we think we are a great place to start!

Don't forget to love yourself & love the planet with ~ Mindful Shopping Made Simple <3 


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