15 of the best natural and sustainable Christmas gifts & stocking fillers.

15 of the best natural and sustainable Christmas gifts & stocking fillers.

So, it’s nearly Christmas 2021. It’s been a tough few years! There’s a lot of stress and a lot of doubt out there. From the ever present Covid to climate change. It can be overwhelming. Many of us are beginning to take our mental well being seriously which is really positive news.

Can we please do Christmas a little differently this year and take the stress out of what should be a happy holiday? Less panic, less consumerism, less rushing around, less worry about gift giving, maybe?

Little wooden box with card message inside says peace, love, joy surrounded by christmas trips and berries on wooden background

How to have a stress free Christmas.

Whatever tribe you belong to, Christmas is the feast time before winter, a winter solstice, family gatherings, a time when the world slows down for a few days, an opportunity to relax, reflect, and spend time with people you care about. Whether you’re volunteering, travelling around, or simply taking up a long term position in front of the TV .. allow yourself to do it with love, and as little stress as you can.

In our mission to take the stress out of Christmas 2021 (in fact, all Christmas’s forever!) .. and because ‘We Are Organics’, we’ve put together 15 of the best small eco-friendly gifts and stocking fillers you can buy with us online. All from our family of small, independent brands and sellers. And all of which are eco-friendly, waste free, organic and or natural, won’t harm the planet and won’t break the bank! 

It really is the thought that counts.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Small, beautiful, thoughtful gifts are in. Big brash pricey gifts are out! 

Small open Christmas gift box with note says 'thank you' on wooden background

People you care about will remember the thought shown, the card game played, the cake baked and shared, the smell of the room, the time they spent with you. These are the things that matter. Not the money spent (only you will remember that, painfully come January’s card bill, probably).

Tips to ditch the plastic waste this Christmas

Not to mention the UK’s countrywide waste spikes by a massive 30% during the festive period alone. Eek! Crackers filled with plastic tat are, quite literally, crackers! Christmas gift fillers, or stocking fillers are so often cheaper plastic items, or made with plastic materials that can’t be recycled. And as for the tonnes of plastic packing and foil wrapping ….

Ditch the crackers (who ever kept a cracker gift, or found the joke funny?), use recyclable wrapping paper, and definitely avoid the glitter, foils and plastic bows (brown parcel wrap, coloured string and raffia is naturally chic!)

small Christmas gift in white natural wrapping with red bow says open me. With pine sprigs and berries

And, make this year all about the small, the thoughtful and the sustainable! Think less waste, zero plastic, sustainable, handmade, natural gift giving this year. Avoid that back-of-your-mind stress that you’re adding to the world’s environmental problems. Guilt free, stress free Christmas gift giving!

What is a ‘stocking filler'?

Stocking fillers are small gifts added to a ‘main present’ - to make someone feel they got ‘lots’ of presents. Often it’s ‘quantity’ over quality. Cheap, little filler gifts - more often than not, pretty environmentally unsustainable. Traditional popular stocking filler gifts include: 

  • toys 
  • beauty products
  • Small food gifts
  • Candles

Think that you can't get all the usual stocking gifts in a sustainable alternative? You can. This Christmas is where we can start to change the culture of ‘cheap novelty’ and make small gifts environmentally sustainable. 

For kids, look for toys made with sustainable materials, are recyclable or are handmade. UK company Envirotoy https://www.envirotoy.co.uk or Wigwam Toys https://wigwamtoys.co.uk/collections/ecofriendly-green-toys both make some beautiful childrens toys.

wooden children's toys for Christmas - a giraffe, elephant and small wooden dinosaur

15 great sustainable Christmas gift stocking fillers for grown ups

Look no further. We have sustainable beauty, food, candles, wellbeing and home Christmas gifts covered. Stress free, waste free Christmas shopping from small independent brands with environmentally sound products and practices. Small is beautiful.

Hoof & Paw Scented Crystal Travel Candles

Scented crystal travel candle
Little travel sized scented candles with embedded crystals for mind and soul are the perfect stocking filler gift. Beautiful organic essential oils to set the mood. Check out the gorgeous Hoof & Paw range of crystal candles 

Planet Moso Bamboo toothbrushes and case.

Bamboo toothbrush and case

These will slide neatly into any stocking! Totally natural and sustainable Planet Moso toothbrushes and cases for grown ups and kids. A lovely Christmas reminder that plastic is so over!

Rock Rose Organic gift set for men

Rock Rose organic face care gift set for men

The Rock Rose range for men includes beautiful organic facial oils, beard oils and and shave oils. No man will be without perfect natural moisturisation this Christmas!

No Ordinary organic hand lotion

No Ordinary organic hand lotion, shampoo and hand wash

A hand lotion, and range of bath and shower organic goodies. This range is as sustainable as it is fragrant and effective. Pop a No Ordinary hand lotion or conditioner into a stocking for maximum points this Christmas!

Menopause relief crystal healing bracelet By Amelie Hope Crystals

menopause relief crystal bracelet

Is there a better way to show someone you care about what they are going through? If someone close to you is feeling the symptoms of menopause, then this very pretty and healing bracelet is tactful, beautiful and healing. Amelie Hope Crystals make bracelets for all kinds of little stresses, aches and pains. 

Reduced Carb organic Hazlenut Chocolate Spread

jars of low carb hazelnut spread

Know someone with a sweet tooth? This delicious low carb Heart Hazelnut Spread with natural sweetness is a surefire winner in the stocking!

Organic coconut sugar from The Coconut Company

two packs of organic coconut sugar

For the health conscious cook and the health conscious sweet tooth amongst us. The Coconut Company have produced a winning ingredient with their coconut sugar. Quality organic ingredients aren't easy to find, so this is a total treat.

Restore Atmosphere Mist, Made By Coopers

Made by Coopers natural scented atmosphere mist room spray

Always our best sellers, Made By Coopers range of organic and natural atmosphere and room mists are a joy to experience. A real treat for the senses, packed with essential oils and perfect little treat stuff!

Grapefruit and Almond organic body butter by Suntribe

two pots of organic body butter

And who doesn't want some fruity zesty rich body butter at Christmas? A little reminder of summer scents! Great for dry winter skin, luscious and rich, organic and smells fantastic. A little tub of Suntribe organic body butter means a big smile on Christmas day!

Luxury hand and nail cream by Fitzjohn

Fitzjohn luxury hand and nail cream

You know those people we envy, with perfect nails and well kept hands? This beauty is for them! Fitzjohn organic luxury hand and nail cream that protects and moisturises and keeps nails strong and healthy all through the winter months.

Plantable handmade Christmas Cards

two plantable organic Christmas cards

Sooo cute! and hard to resist these fully biodegradable and plantable handmade Christmas cards from Organics Eco Shop. Put your Christmas message inside and pop in with a gorgeous little eco gift, and .. job well done! Plant them after Christmas and watch the flowers grow in spring. The little gift that keeps on giving!

Kathy Sue Ann’s Lip Duo & Some

a set of organic lip scrub and lip balms

What do we want for Christmas? No more chapped, cracked dry lips! This duo scrubs and mousiturises with only the best organic ingredients! Coconut based lip beauties that will light up that smile! Check out all Kathy Sue Ann's product range

Hemp & Jojoba Balance Face Butter by Perfect Blends Body

organic hemp and jojoba face butter cream

Organic rich moisturiser for happy faces. Made with a natural jojoba and hemp base, this face cream delivers all through the winter months. It will protect and lock natural moisture in. We say, perfect blend for those loved ones who spend lots of time outdoors. They will love it! Browse Perfect Blends 

Biodegradable dog bowl and organic dog products

Biodegradable dog bowl and selection of organic dog grooming products

Lastly, but never least. A few stocking filler ideas for the eco minded dog lovers we know (and the doggies, of course!) Check out K9 Organics for their range of natural and organic pet shampoos and conditioners for a perfectly groomed (and rather good smelling) pooch. 

And our favourite? A fully biodegradable dog bowl! Pet lover's perfect Christmas stocking filler.

We hope these are some ideas that help keep it small, beautiful and sustainable. Whatever your Christmas holds this year, don't stress it. Always remember it's the time spent and the care given to our friends and family that really counts.

Stay safe x


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