15 gorgeous organic, natural gifts for mothers day

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Who ever said buying the perfect organic mothers day gift was tricky? Not us!

Check out our top 15 sustainable mothers day gift ideas for those absolute legends that are .. our mums, our aunties, sisters, godmothers and best friends. Just all the women out there who make a difference to our lives. You can easily do an eco-friendly Mothers Day gift this year, and put a big natural smile on their beautiful faces.

Sustainable and unique Mothers Day gifts.

The good news is doing eco-friendly gifts isn't hard. There's an amazing range of natural mothers day gifts, gift sets and products that are perfect for not just mums, but all the woman who mean a lot to us!

Natural & organic skincare thats super kind to skin, and don't forget natural haircare, zero waste deodorants, lush lip balms, divine body butters .. spoilt for choice! Or, go eco friendly gifts for the home, like vegan soy candles & natural home scents.

Here's our pick of sustainable, natural gifts for mums and utterly fabulous women everywhere. From skincare to homeware, luxury to affordable - all unique and sustainable.

Luxury but affordable organic mothers day gifts in natural skincare

We all love getting new skincare products, so this is always a sure fire winner. A natural  skincare gift just oozes self care and thoughtfulness.. brownie points right there! Here's our picks from our natural skincare range.

1 Brighten mothers day with a shot of Vitamin C

vitamin c cream on a gradient background of orange and lilac

A total gift for a natural skincare treat. Isabella's Clearly Skin brightening Vitamin C cream with the most natural and organic ingredients that won’t break the bank. Smells and feels wonderful. Vit C is big news for skin right now, and will bring that 'hey, you're looking good' glow.

2. Splash on a luxury organic moisturiser

hydrating facial cream on a gradient background of lilac and yellow with lilac text

Introduce mum to a little luxury and organic skincare for this year! Award winning Fitzjohn have a beautiful natural skincare range, and this luxury moisturiser is one of the best. If you can spend a little more for mothers day, luxury doesn’t come more natural than this one. And the beauty world just loves the Fitzjohn range.

3. Gift a home spa treatment with an organic deep cleanser 

Polaroid image of natural clay cleanser on a gradient background of lilac and orange

It’s just LUSH. Bristol Made create delicious organic and natural skincare you'll be addicted to. As a gift for mum, this just screams - ‘you deserve some proper ME time, you gorgeous woman!’ We recommend a long soak in a hot bath with this organic clay cleanser. Mum will feel like she's had a spa treatment!

Natural, organic green clay, scented with delicate natural rose essence for deep ceasing, and skin perfection. 

The best organic mothers day gift of divine & natural body care

Body and soul taken care of with these indulgent body and bathroom beauties for gift heaven!

1. The Ultimate sea scrub body scrub

This little beauty leaves skin so soft, we can hardly believe it. It's a blend of 100% organic Arabica coffee, natural Dead Sea Salt, and antioxidant rich oils that detoxifies, moisturises and exfoliates. As well as tacking cellulite and helping with stretch marks, this all natural scrub leaves the skin super soft. It's truly, naturally, officially gorgeous.

home made coffee and sea salt scrub on a gradient background of dark teal and lilac with teal writing 

2. The perfect eco friendly bathroom cosmetics hamper

Could this be the perfect eco friendly mothers day gift set? We think it might be! A beautiful natural box full of organic bathroom goodies - with lip balm, natural deodorant, shampoo and conditioner bars, a face mask and a natural soap slice. That's value!

battle greens eco friendly plastic free bathroom hamper with natural deodorant, clay mask, shampoo and body wash. All received in a brown box and made with love

And, what's more .. you get a choice of floral, fresh or fruity scents. Just choose mums favourite for maximum glory on Mothers Day.

A sustainable, unique and affordable gift packed full of goodies for mum, or just any gorgeous woman you know quite honestly!

3. A delicious all natural body butter and body scrub set

Choices, choices. Kathy Sue Ann's Scrub and Glow set comes in Au naturel, Sweet Orange, Lavender or Grapefruit. Choose your natural scent for the perfect natural and organic mothers day gift. The butter and scrub are packed with moisturising shea and cocoa butters, soothing aloe vera and organic virgin coconut oil. Dead Sea salt exfoliates to leave silky soft skin.

And if this beautiful scrub/butter is a bit over budget, the divine body butters come in mini's too!

handmade body scrub and body butter on a gradient orange and lilac background with yellow writing

4. Pink Champagne & Raspberry body butter for an organic mothers day gift treat

Need we say more?

Glimpse of Beauty makes some of the most indulgent body butters we've ever tried. The natural ingredients list is flawless, and oh my oh my, those natural scents will make you swoon. 

Their body butters contain a little dash of collagen and eco silk for anti ageing, plumping up the skin and leaving the silkiest finish. champagne and rasberry body butter by handmade tammy with a gradient background of teal and lilac with dark teal product description

(And, who doesn't want to be covered head to toe with pink champagne and raspberries?) 

Beautiful & affordable organic Mothers Day gifts

It's tough out there. We hear you! Here's our pick of genuinely affordable and gorgeous gift ideas that say 'love, love, love' .. but won't break the bank. Small, but perfectly formed.

1. Try a crystal healing bracelet

a pair of rose quartz crystal bracelets on a gradient yellow and lilac background with orange writing

Not only very pretty to wear, but with the natural healing power of crystals. Amelie Hope crystal bracelets are one of our best selling products. Hand made, with selected natural crystals to soothe symptoms of migraine, nausea, rheumatism, anxiety and menopause.

These are so thoughtful if someone you love needs a little healing touch. 

2. Smile, with organic lip scrub & balms

natural handmade lip kit with lip scrub and balm, on a gradient teal and lilac background with teal writing

Oh, we do LOVE Kathy Sue Ann’s entire natural skincare range. It melts, its softens, it works! For a delightfully small, beauty gift, try this. Any woman will fall in love straight off. And you get the points for introducing it!

3. Sustainable and natural 'Love' plantable card for mums

seeded plantable card with love written on the front, with a gradient orange and lilac background

A small, beautiful and affordable organic mothers day gift if you’re on a budget (who isn’t?)

Sustainable, eco friendly plantable cards to be enjoyed, then popped in the garden or flower box for a natural spray of wild flowers come Spring! These are handmade in the UK, and Mum is guaranteed a wonderful spray of English Daisy, Catchfly, Black Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, Spurred Snapdragon and Corn Poppy come Spring. The gift that just keeps on giving!

4. Go Zero waste, with a natural dry shampoo with essential oils

battle greens natural dry shampoo in a cardboard container on a gradient yellow and orange background with orange writing

We promised you small, affordable, gorgeous and organic gifts, right? Oh, if we could give you a scratch and sniff blog - you wouldn’t think twice! This dry shampoo is natural, gentle and it smells divine. Like fresh spring breeze - except, you know, on bad hair days. Busy mums everywhere will thank you for this one!

5 A natural shampoo bar in lavender and tea tree

Soothing, cleansing, relaxing. These little natural shampoo bars are jam-packed with effective plant-based ingredients and handmade in small batches. They come wrapped in compostable paper, but you can also choose to add a little travel/storage tin to your order. Spot on for a natural and organic mothers day gift. And so sustainable and waste free, it just makes us smile.

battle greens plastic free shampoo on a gradient lilac background with yellow writing and plastic free gift stamp 

Gifts for organic mums and eco homes

If the woman you're buying a mothers day gift for just loves her home comforts, then we have a few beautiful gifts that will not only fill her home with divine natural scents, but will give the spirit and soul a little lift too. (And one for the eco warrior we all are inside ..)

1. Gift a healing crystal candle with essential Oils

If you want to give the gift of peace and calm for mothers day (and we bet a few mums would be very happy with that as a gift!), try this.

polaroid of hoof & paws hand poured soy candle with real amethyst candle

A naturally scented vegan soy candle with an Amethyst crystal embedded for Balance, Peace and Calm. Infused with soothing blend of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage oils 'enhancing a calming and peaceful energy'. Hoof & Paw's gorgeous crystal candles comes with a range of crystals for different energies, and better still, you can grab one in travel size for a little less money! 

2. The ultimate zero waste kit for home

Is mum a true eco warrior, or on her way to going zero waste and plastic free? Then this is the totally sustainable mothers day gift you're looking for! A fab little zero waste kit for the house. Battle Green are genius at putting together their zero waste gift sets, and starter kits. This little box has a bamboo cutlery set, bamboo straw and coconut husk straw cleaner, in an organic cotton pouch. A GOTS certified organic cotton string shopping bag, and GOTS certified organic cotton produce bag. Go green, girl! 

zero waste plastic free kitchen supplies from battle green

Did we mention that every Battle Green box also plants a tree? Bonus!

3. 'Happy' natural and organic room mist

Give the organic Mothers day gift of 'Happy'!

A beautiful organic and natural room mist, scented with aromatherapy essential oils to 'uplift' the mood. And in 'Happy' room mist - zesty lime is blended with clementine, with peppery undertones of basil.

Made by Coopers say that basil is energising and relieves stress. Clementine is uplifting and zesty, and enhances mental clarity and mood. And lime uplifts and refreshes, easing anxiety and depression. 

Seriously, this is basically handing your mother an instant good mood hit!  

made by coopers homemade atmosphere sprays on a gradient background of orange and lilac

So, there's 15 of our favourites. Check out our entire rage of natural skincare, home products and beautiful hand made products for loads of organic mothers day gift ideas.

A gift on Mothers Day should be special and thoughtful. And do remember, they don't have to cost the earth to let the special women in your life know how much you love and appreciate them. Keep reaching out to the women you love, and keep the strength and grace to accept the helping hand they give you - and keep passing that love down the ladder.

Love yourself, love your mum, love your planet.


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  2. Bristolmade ~ Rose Clay Cleanser
  3. Eco-friendly Cards ~ Love Card
  4. Made by Coopers ~ Natural Atmospheric Sprays  





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