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Discover our range of sustainable bags produced in ethical practices, from organic cotton tote bags to organic jute beach bags and handwoven bags.  We are proud to present our Eco-conscious bags and know they would be the perfect match for any outfit!


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The Tansanee ~ Handwoven Straw BagThe Tansanee ~ Handwoven Straw Bag
Sale price£24.95 GBP
The Tide ~ Natural Handwoven HandbagThe Tide ~ Natural Handwoven Handbag
The Sakda ~ Bamboo HandbagThe Sakda ~ Bamboo Handbag
Sale price£49.99 GBP
The Santichai ~ Handwoven BagThe Santichai ~ Handwoven Bag
Sale price£42.95 GBP
The Bua - Dumpling Straw BagThe Bua - Dumpling Straw Bag
Sale priceFrom £92.00 GBP
On sale
The Dok Rak ~  Straw BagThe Dok Rak ~  Straw Bag
Sale priceFrom £76.00 GBP Regular price£124.00 GBP
Save £5.00
Short Handled Jute BagShort Handled Jute Bag
Sale price£30.00 GBP Regular price£35.00 GBP
Short Handled Stripey Jute BagShort Handled Stripey Jute Bag
Sale price£16.50 GBP
Organic Long Handled String BagOrganic Long Handled String Bag
Sale price£8.00 GBP
Organic Short Handled String BagOrganic Short Handled String Bag
Sale price£6.50 GBP