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What Are Aromatherapy Oils?

What Are Aromatherapy Oils?

Therapy oils, also called essential oils, have become famous for their healing qualities and pleasant smells. At, we’re sisters who love sustainability and healthiness. We founded this company and are so happy to guide you through therapy oils that will assist you in making them part of your everyday life.

What Is the Difference Between Essential Oils and Aromatherapy?

Essential oils are potent and focused extracts from different parts of plants. This includes leaves, flowers, bark or stems, and roots. Making essential oil usually uses distillation, expression, or solvent extraction methods to concentrate the sweet-smelling compounds and healthful features found in plant material. These aromatic compounds make up essential oils' distinct smell and beneficial effects.

Aromatherapy, on the other hand, is a complete healing method that uses essential oils' therapeutic abilities to help with body, emotions and mind well-being. This includes breathing in or putting these natural plant extracts on your skin to activate the sense of smell system or absorb them into the bloodstream through your skin. In this way, it causes different physical and mental reactions.

Although all oils used in aromatherapy come from essential oils, it is not true that all kinds of essential oils are used for this purpose. Certain types of oils from plants are mainly employed in perfumery, flavouring, and other industrial uses; they might lack the therapeutic elements necessary for aromatherapy. Moreover, the grade and cleanliness of essential oils can differ significantly based on their origin, methods of extraction, or processing techniques applied to them. This emphasises the importance of selecting top-quality and pure kinds explicitly made for aromatherapy use.

What to Do With Aromatherapy Oils

You can use aromatherapy oils in various ways. For example, putting a few drops into a diffuser will spread pleasant smells throughout your home. Similarly, mixing these oils with homemade skincare products might enhance their nourishing qualities. Another method is adding them to your bath for a calming and soothing experience. Try various oils and combinations to see what suits you best.

How to Use Aromatherapy Oils for Massage

Massage with aromatherapy oils is an excellent method to improve relaxation and decrease strain in the body. Select a top-quality essential oil that matches your preferred feeling or treatment targets. Usual selections are lavender for relaxing, peppermint for refreshing, and eucalyptus to assist with breathing issues.

Then, it would help if you made the essential oil less concentrated by mixing it with a carrier oil. Carrier oils such as jojoba, coconut or sweet almond oil are often used for massage because they are not harsh on the skin and assist in spreading the essential oil out evenly.

Add drops of selected essential oil to one spoonful of carrier oil to create your massage oil blend. You can change the concentration according to how strong you like your scent and if there are any sensitivities on your skin.

When mixing your massage oil, we suggest warming it by rubbing it between the hands before putting it on the skin. Start with massaging the oil into muscles and joints, using soft circles to relax and lessen tension. Concentrate on parts of the body that are tight or achy, like necks, shoulders, backs as well as legs.

While you do the massage, inhale slowly and deeply to enjoy the smell of essential oils more. This can aid in boosting the therapy effects of your massage. 

After the massage, make time to rest and appreciate the lasting aroma of essential oils. You can also use any remaining massage oil on your skin for moisturising. This will make it feel smooth, healthy and refreshed.

How to Store Aromatherapy Oils

In keeping with the strength and scent of your aromatherapy oils, it is necessary to store them correctly. Put these oils in dark glass bottles, safeguarding them from sunlight and direct heat sources. The bottles should be kept in a cool, dry area for best storage. This assists in extending their shelf life and maintaining their effectiveness for use later on.

At, we have faith in the strength of nature to boost health and wellbeing. Our selected aromatherapy oils are of various kinds that are organic and obtained through ethical means, assisting you on your path towards overall wellness. Contact us to learn more about our aromatherapy oils and find out why it's essential for you to include them every day.

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