The Eco Friendly Influencers You Should be Following

The Eco Friendly Influencers You Should be Following

The Eco Friendly Influencers You Should Be Following

What is an "eco-influencer"?

Social media often gets criticised as a place where we go to switch off and enter the endless scroll of hundreds of thousands of people shouting from the proverbial rooftops that their life is a constant vacation, their social calendar is unending, their face has no pores, their partners are perfect humans, and their kids make no messes. But at the other end of the scale are people using the platform to expose life in its realest form. People not afraid to bring attention to the terrifying realities such as those detailed in recent reports like the one from the IPCC; that our resources are finite, we are living beyond our means, and we must change our habits now in order to save the Earth.  

This year, in honour of Women’s History month which celebrates women's contributions, we wanted to put together a list of a few of these female identifying "eco-influencers" who are committed to sustainability and are using their platform on social media to get their message out. They are proof that while individual change may seem insignificant, the greatest power we hold are the decisions we make on a daily basis, and the influence we have on others to do the same. Whether you're a pro at living sustainably or you're just getting started on your journey, these are the eco influencers you should be following.

1. Blue Ollis - blueollis

For Blue Ollis, the personal is political. She is an influencer, writer, environmentalist, blogger, and believer in focusing on change from the inside out. She centres on living mindfully and sustainably, and nurturing the relationship between you, your body, and your environment.

Her blog features everything from incredible vegan recipes to challenges that inspire minimalism.  

You can also find her on her Youtube channel promoting and educating on topics ranging from digital detox to tips for zero waste cleaning. One thing is for sure, if going eco-friendly feels overwhelming to you, Blue’s approach to sustainability is the breath of fresh air you didn’t know you needed. 

2. Izzy Manuel - izzy_manuel

At first glance, Izzy’s Instagram profile is a vibrant, colorful palette with high quality, high fashion images that anyone would love to take inspiration from. But looking closer, her images and videos highlight a much deeper issue–fashion and its connection to climate justice.


Izzy’s journey in ethical and sustainable fashion goes beyond just the environmental aspect and looks at fast fashion as not only an environmental issue, but a human one. Her commitment to sustainable fashion took off in March of 2020, when she became astutely aware of the injustices surrounding the fashion industry during the PayUp campaign, which addressed big fashion brands not paying garment workers for completed orders due to the pandemic. 

Now, she uses her Instagram to brand sustainable fashion as something that’s not only appealing, but also attainable. She emphasises the value of rewearing your favourite clothing items, buying second hand (and recognizing your privilege in doing so not out of necessity), and supporting sustainable brands like Lucy and Yak, Sister and Kin, and Yes Friends when you do want or need to add a piece to your wardrobe. 


Be sure to follow Izzy for tips on creating bright, colourful outfits, easy steps to make your wardrobe more sustainable, and information on the fast fashion industry and its link to climate justice. In addition to her work in sustainable fashion, she is also a social media consultant open to work with sustainable brands. 

3. Francesca Willow - ethicalunicorn

Francesca Willow’s blog and Instagram are focused on the vast, complicated picture that living sustainably and ethically can sometimes be. Her post topics range from zero and low waste living to social justice, and how all aspects of living sustainably and peacefully are intrinsically linked. 


She is an artist and activist who believes that, “true change requires a combination of consumer choice, intersectional collective action and policy change”, and she uses her blog and Instagram to inform and inspire others on their journey to understanding just what that means on an individual level.  Be sure to follow her for content in the full range of topics on sustainability–from everyday eco-friendly choices to hot button environmental and social justice issues, Francesca covers it all.

4. Lucy Brett - low.waste.lucy

Lucy’s journey to a more sustainable lifestyle started when she was still at university around 2018. She started out using cruelty free products and eating more plant-based foods. She began watching eco-focused Youtubers like Sustainably Vegan and Shelbizleee who inspired her to also reduce how much plastic she was using.


When she moved back to Brighton, a zero waste bulk store had just opened up and this was a huge push in her commitment to a low waste lifestyle. Had it not been for that, her low waste lifestyle would have certainly been more difficult, and she recognizes that one of the most difficult parts about adapting a more sustainable lifestyle is the accessibility of it. She echoes a statement we heard over and over again from these women when she states,

“I would love to see big name shops which are much more accessible to everyone to make serious sustainability commitments so that everyone has the option to make a sustainable change.”

Her account focuses on making low waste living manageable and more accessible. “Don’t feel like you have to go all in!  I think if you try to do too much all at once then it seems unachievable. Remember that the world needs millions of people being imperfectly sustainable rather than just a handful doing it perfectly.”


Her posts and videos are all about taking what you already have and finding a new way to use it. She’s got content on everything from zero waste dish washing to DIY candle making and we highly recommend turning on notifications for her videos because they are packed with useful tips. The best part? On Lucy’s account, you feel a part of a collective journey to sustainability together. 

5. Mikaela Loach - mikaelaloach

As eco-influencers go, Mikaela Loach is a force to be reckoned with. Her titles range from blogger to podcaster to climate justice activist. And although she champions the evolution and power of the individual, she has her eyes set on the bigger picture. 


The 24 year old activist has shown major corporations and government bodies that she is not messing around. Her list of political activism is unending and ranges from locking herself to an Extinction Rebellion stage to taking the UK government to court with the Paid to Pollute campaign in order to take public funds away from oil companies, and most recently in the Stop Cambo campaign to impede the UK government from continuing to expand oil and gas fields in the North Sea. In a Vogue article in 2021 she stated, 

No one is coming to save us. Our governments will not save us; big institutions will not save us. The only people that can save us are all of us, ourselves, and that means that we all have to be part of creating that change, and we all have to recognise the power that we have.”

Mikaela’s Instagram is one you want to watch to be in on the latest information on policy and just when, where, and how you can help. 

(Photo credit to featured blog image of Mikaela goes to Charlie Hyams)

6. Ellie Rhian Stennett - ellierhianstennett

Although Ellie admits that going veggie was slightly easier because the taste and texture of meat never really appealed to her, she also recognizes that going vegan was a gradual journey. She states that as she became more knowledgeable about veganism, she was determined to continue to make small swaps until it felt manageable. 


For anyone just getting started in eating more plant-based products, she cautions against being too harsh on yourself and starting with small, simple swaps at the beginning.  (Her posts like the one pictured below are perfect for saving for your next trip to the supermarket!)


 Everyone makes mistakes and it's all part of learning. It's better to have 1000 people doing something imperfectly but trying, rather than having just one person do everything perfectly.”

Ellie’s account is just the one you want if you’re curious about veganism and looking for help getting started. It is packed with everything from useful and easy vegan swaps, to funny and educational Reels about her ongoing journey with veganism and sustainability. 

You can also find her sharing vegan beauty and skincare tips as well as vegan food shop hauls on Tik Tok! If you’re just starting to dip your toes in the waters of veganism, Ellie’s account is a great place to start.  

7. Farihah Choudhury - easypeasysustainability

Farihah is a British-Bengali public health nutritionist with a passion for sustainable fashion. In addition to sharing her journey in sustainability as well as resources for others wanting to do the same, she is also a freelance writer and sustainability consultant.


She has written a list of sustainable brands and marketplaces on her blog along with other blog posts full of tips for the ethical consumer.

Farihah makes dressing sustainably more accessible by offering tips and sharing the day to day struggle of finding suitable swaps for fast fashion options we are so often dependent on. She is also passionate about sustainable diets and the sharing economy, often sharing her love of new vegan foods, libraries and thrifting.


8. Charlotte Norridge- littlebylottie

Charlotte, or Lottie as she’s known on her blog and social media, is a 24 year old woman living in Gloucester whose goal is consistently moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle and helping others do the same. She has a wide breadth of material that makes sustainability feel not only accessible, but also, well, sustainable. 

On her Instagram you can find bright, colourful, and highly informative posts on how to make easy sustainable steps every day. 


On her blog you can find her sharing everything from mind blowing ways to reduce food waste to tips for zero waste self care, and her Youtube channel is packed with short, digestible videos on sustainable swaps you can make every day. 

Using social media for good

Social media can be used for good, bad, and downright ugly. But one thing is for sure, never before have we had such potential to reach such vast numbers of people with a single click, which means every individual, regardless of their following, has the potential to reach thousands. As Lucy so astutely put it, and as all of these incredible women echoed, we must remember “that the world needs millions of people being imperfectly sustainable rather than just a handful doing it perfectly.” Thank you to all of these women and so many others like them who are dedicated to shouting that message from their rooftops, and helping us all become more sustainable, one post at a time. 

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