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Why natural, organic lube from LUBETS is good for your sexual health (and fun!)

Just wow. What a great idea! That’s exactly what we said when Spanish brand, Lubets contacted us about their new, all natural and organic, and damn sexy product. Say hello to Lubets.

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What’s so new about Lubets intimate lubricant? (Apart from the cool packaging and the fact it is natural and organic?)

It comes in single use sachets - you can literally take it anywhere you go!

Lube has come a long way with women taking control of their own pleasure and sexual wellbeing. And Lubets have pushed the revolution a little further by creating these discreet purse/wallet/pocket sized sachets. So you’re ready anytime the mood takes you, and anywhere! 

No more frantic searches for that big gloopy pump bottle of lube. Just slip a Lubet sachet into your pocket and slide it out when you need it. The lovely people at Lubets tell us they’ve even made the packet easy to open one handed (in case the other’s busy. Ahem). 

Four green colour sachets of Lubets natural lubricant

Why Lube and what’s the best lube for you?

It’s not just about less friction. Sexual wellness nowadays is an important and everyday part of our self care. We’ve come to realise (sometimes the hard way) that a good lubricant will heat things up, ease them down and help avoid the common niggles of not-quite-wet-enough-sex. Making sex or masturbation (or both) a whole lot more enjoyable during and after. And that’s also why choosing natural lubes with organic ingredients is going to help everything stay balanced and healthy.

How is lube good for us?

There's many reasons why you should do lube. The best natural lubes can really heighten the pleasure stakes - next level longer, better, wetter! And lube will enhance your experience with sex toys (but steer clear of silicone-based lubes, they can react with silicone sex toys). Perhaps unsurprisingly the pandemic has  seen a huge surge in sex toy sales. If you’re a newbie to lube and toys, now is definitely the time to experiment. 

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Is natural lube good for sexual health

A good natural lube really will help if you experience menopausal dryness, for example. But even if you havent hit that stage yet, natural lube will help avoid injury, tearing and discomfort during sex. And this is much more common than you think. 

Also, natural lubricants can reduce the incidence of cystitis and UTIs https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/cystitis/ As many women can tell you, frequent or vigorous sex can cause the bladder to become inflamed which can lead to infections. Lack of lubrication can irritate the vagina, vulva and urethra, causing cystitis. Natural lube will minimise the irritation.

Can Natural Lube prevent thrush?

Lube can help prevent the dreaded thrush. Yay! 

The friction during quickies or rough sex can create heat and small grazes to the walls of the vagina. These can increase bacterial growth, leading to thrush https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/thrush-in-men-and-women/ 

Cut friction and you stop micro-tears, leaving a happier V-zone. But do pay attention to the ingredients, because, get this - your vagina and clitoris are actually highly absorbent!

Just like skincare, avoid parabens, petroleum-based ingredients (found in petroleum jelly), glycerin and glucose. These can start itchy, sore and uncomfortable yeast infections.

If you're prone to sensitivity, give funky coloured lubes a wide berth too, as they are dyed (chemical alert). And if you’re fond of a fruity lube, look for natural flavourings, not artificial ones (too many sugars,  glycerine or glycol - which thrush just loves!).

Once upon a time, we thought that lube was only used if you were experiencing problems with sex. Not so! Think of it as another sex toy. One that benefits you, your partner and the sex in all sorts of great ways. If you don’t use it, start now! We promise you’ll never look back.

What is the best lube to buy?

At www.organics.com we promote natural and organic products and lifestyle, so no surprise when we say go for natural lube. And organic ingredients where you can. It just makes sense. Lubets is our favourite, and for us the best natural lube you can buy - and not just because it slips discreetly into your jeans pocket! But it’s 100% natural stuff. Lubets have taken care to use only the best organic ingredients. So best for fun, and for natural sexual health care. The Lubets range features water and oil based lubes. So what’s the best lube for you?

Best things about natural water based lube?

Water based lube is most akin to your natural wetness. It’s mild, and safe to use with toys and contraceptives. It’s good old, pure H2O at its finest, so no sneaky additives to worry about. Some, like Lubets, may even have miracle aloe vera as an ingredient. It’s a natural lube in itself.

Downsides? Its lubrication may not last as long - but it depends what you’re after, or for how long! But hey, just have fun re-applying! Tip - slip two Lubets into your purse :-)

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Best of natural oil based lube? Keep it natural!

Best for? Keeping going! Oil based lube will last longer for those steamier, longer sessions. Less reapplication, and all round slip ‘n’ sliding pleasure.

Downsides? Don’t use it along with condoms. They don’t get on as oil may weaken the latex - and no-one wants that.

Top tip - avoid petroleum source oils (vaseline, glycerine) that aren’t particularly vagina friendly. Find lube like Lubets, that use natural oils, like coconut, almond, jojoba, grapeseed and avocado oils. 

Four green sachets of Lubets natural oil based lubricants on white background

Are silicone based lubes natural?

Is it natural? Well no. Silicone is man made. It is derived from Silicon - a natural chemical element. As it’s man made, silicone lube products are likely to have a number of additive ingredients, which you should check. You can use free online sites like skincarisma.com/ingredient-analyzer or incidecoder.com to easily check ingredients you’re not 100% sure about. Again, it depends what you want from your lube. 

You can use it in water (use your imagination), it won’t interfere with latex in condoms, and it will last and last as it doesn't dry out. Which is why its popular as an anal sex lube.

Downsides? Slippery when wet. Watch yourself on the bathroom floor tiles if you’re splashing this stuff around! It can degrade your silicone toys, and it’s a devil to get out of your sheets!

Being a natural product, the Lubets range doesn't include a silicone option, but as always, you choose what you want and what suits you best.

Lubets Keeps It Natural

For the best lube, we say stick to natural ingredients. Natural oil based lubes like Lubets will give you what you need for as long as you want it. Their range of water based lubes, including their 'Feel The Heat' extra tingling lube organics.com/collections/summer-sales/products/organic-water-based-lubricant-warming-effect, and Orgasm extenders (yes, you read that right!) are custom made for your pleasure organics.com/products/female-orgasm-enhancer?_pos=1&_sid=394ea508f&_ss=r

Pink packet of organic 'Lubets 'To Infinity' natural orgasm extender lubricant

And of course, that stroke of genius with Lubets, is the handy, single use sachets. Unique and honestly, why hasn't anyone thought of it before? 

With Lubets, great sex and tip top sexual health is with you wherever you want it, and whenever you want it.

Love your natural lube, pop your Lubets into your pocket and enjoy every moment of this wonderful natural life!

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