Stay Home and Self-Care During the Covid-19

Stay At Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak with Wellness Tips and Access to Natural Products & Organic Ingredients for the Best Self-care

All around the world we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation, self-isolating and self-distancing due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Many of us are quarantined in our own homes, adapting to working from home, staying at home and homeschooling.  More than ever we need self care ideas and natural products to look after ourselves, our communities and our loved ones so that we can remain full of vibrant health. Wellness is the key to enjoy this isolation period. team are here to help you with the best selection in natural health, beauty and home products for wellness, self-care and self-isolation. We have come up with some simple ideas for cooking healthy nutritious meals from scratch with limited cupboard supplies, ways you can create an “at-home spa” with our organic beauty essentials and we wanted to let you know you can still find paleo pasta, antibacterial hand soaps and hand sanitisers on that may be hard to find elsewhere.

If there was ever a better time to buy local and support small independent organic and natural sellers the time is now; will deliver straight to your door so there is no need to leave the comfort and safety of your home.

Wellness At Home Organic & Natural Cooking Essentials:

Delicious Organic and Natural Food and DrinksClick on the image to discover an amazingly wide range of natural food & drinks for staying at home during isolation


We all want to open our kitchen cupboards to find natural, organic, cooking essentials that will liven up everyday meals. Right now the desire is for hard-working, multi-tasking all-purpose ingredients so we can limit our trips to the supermarket and cook nutritious, flavourful dishes at home. Top of our list is Organic Coconut Aminos – All Purpose Seasoning; try chopping up a variety of crunchy organic veggies to easily create delicious stir-fries with this natural alternative to soy sauce. With added ginger and garlic this “All-Purpose” seasoning will boost your immune system and you could add a splash to soups and salad dressing for a sweet, salty rich sauce that is suitable for vegans.

Little treats are an important part of self-care:

Raw Chocolate Starter Kit - Selfcare products to stay at homeClick here to enjoy at home making your own Chocolate with this Raw Chocolate Starter Kit

Whatever your situation during this pandemic make sure you treat yourself as well as looking after everyone else. What better pick-me-up is there than chocolate! This week we have been trying out “Elements For Life” Raw Chocolate Making Starter Kit; fun at-home activity for kids to do supervised by an adult. You could even incorporate this DIY activity into a “homeschooling” cookery lesson! The results are delicious – gluten and dairy-free chocolate for all the family to enjoy. With no refined sugar in this chocolate making kit, it is a fantastic sweet treat to enjoy more than once! We had such fun making these chocolates we will certainly be buying more at-home chocolate kits to send to friends and family – there are two chocolate mould designs to choose from “swirls” or “hearts” and an easy recipe guide to follow contained in the kit.

We Deliver Multi-tasking Cooking Essentials To Your Door:

Coconut Aminos All Purpose Sauces - The Best Organic RangeClick on the image to discover our range of Coconut Aminos


Online food shopping is the way forward for the foreseeable future and The Coconut Companies Amino sauces are our heroes in the kitchen; another multi-tasking product in their range is the Coconut Company Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – add to smoothies, make pancakes or add a dollop of this flavourful oil in your stir-fry to get your daily dose of good fats you can also use their cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil for face, hair and body treatments – head to our previous article here “The Benefits of Coconut Oil” for more information on this magical kitchen and bathroom cupboard essential.

Paleo Pasta & Long-lasting Store-cupboard Foods:

Paleo Pasta - Shop Online selfcare productsClick on the image and choose your favourite Paleo Pasta

We have probably all experienced empty shelves in the supermarkets recently… can’t find pasta or other long-lasting cupboard essentials? Don’t worry we have a good supply of paleo pasta by Heart as well as other organic, sugar-free long-lasting food supplies. The great thing about Heart Paleo Pasta is it is high in protein and fibre so will keep you fuller for longer – just remember to add five times more water when cooking than you would usually do with other types of pasta. Heart’s delicious pasta is wheat-free and we stock two types the Low carb Paleo Rigatoni Pasta and the Low Carb Paleo Tagliatelle Pasta. We also offer other low carb sugar-free long-lasting cupboard essentials so why not pop a few other items in your online basket now such as the Low Carb Sugar-Free Hazelnut Chocolate Spread or Sugar-free Premium Paleo Lemon and Marmalade Jams. Keep a loaf of bread in the freezer so you can toast and spread these delicious diabetic-friendly spreads any time.

Don't quite understand the paleo diet? Don't worry, learn about 'Understanding the Paleo Diet' in more detail.

Mood-boosting Items for you and your loved ones:

Crystal Candles to shop online and add to your must-have list of selfcare productsDon’t lose time click on the image and discover our range of candles

This is naturally going to be an anxious time for everyone so make sure you reward yourself with time-out, self-care and regular treats. Work on creating a beautiful tranquil atmosphere in every room in your house – light a calming candle or send one as a gift to a friend – Hoof & Paw do a selection of natural crystal candles with 100% essential oils to enhance wellbeing in mind, body and soul. Their “Amethyst” Candle brings balance, peace and calm while their Citrine Candle is energising and uplifting. Another way to create an uplifting atmosphere is with an happy atmosphere mist room spray from Made By Coopers or simply put the kettle on and enjoy a cup of relaxing tea. Moos Broos do a fantastic selection of organic teas here.

Suffering from anxiety. Self care Ideas and Products to beat it:

Acupressure Wristband to relief anxiety to Selfcare


Discover one of our best sellers at – The Anxiety Bracelet


Have you tried practicing deep breathing or daily meditation? Just twenty minutes each day will make a huge difference to your overall well-being. Another idea for anxiety or to help a friend suffering in this way is to try wearing Amelie Hopes “Anti-anxiety bracelets”. If you can’t get outside or don’t have access to a garden make sure you stand in a sun-lit window for at least 15 minutes a day… light influences our physical, mental and emotional state and sunlight entering the eyes stimulates the secretion of endorphins which gives us a feeling of wellbeing. It is important to spend time in sunlight even on a dull day.

Create an At-Home Spa with Organic & Natural Beauty Products:

Organic Facial Oil made in the UK Here - Buy this selfcare product hereQuickly click on the image to shop one of our must-have Facial Oils to Moisturise With

Self-care should not be confined to weekends, try introducing daily pampering rituals into your weekday as well. Indulge in Rock Rose Beauty’s powerful healing products such as their Facial Cleansing Oil that is light in texture but extremely effective at removing impurities. Or start the week off with some at-home pampering and create your own spa-like retreat without the need to leave the house. Suntribe’s All Natural Body Butter is free from preservatives and parabens containing Coconut and Argan Oil for a deeply nourishing, long-lasting boost of moisture.

Hygiene products & hand sanitisers:

 Natural Hand Sanitizer - Natural Selfcare Products Buy Hand Sanitizer here. Click on the image and choose between Lavender and Orange hand sanitisers.

For most of us, 2020 will be the year we spend washing our hands! So choose a hand wash with a conscience like No Ordinary’s which in their words “cares for your hands and the planet”. With natural ingredients that disinfect and have antiseptic qualities what’s not to like about this No Ordinary Hand Wash containing key ingredients such as Organic Aloe Leaf, Bergamot, Grapefruit and Orange Peel Oils.  Other fantastic eco-friendly soaps and hand sanitisers we offer our from EcoSoapia and Isabella’s Clearly. 

Caring for the Community during a Pandemic:Organic Room Spray to improve your mood in the quarantine - Stay at HomeDiscover how Aromatherapy can improve your mood this quarantine. Click on the image for more wellness suggestions.

We can still look after each other even if we are in self-isolation by regularly checking in on neighbours and loved ones over the phone, text or Skype. A lovely way to surprise people is to create an “self-care bundle” or “care package” that you can personalise with products tailored to your friends or family’s tastes. How about sending Isabella’s Clearly Charcoal Face Mask with Made By Coopers Restore Atmospheric Mist and luxurious organic Body Butter and if you are feeling extra generous add in Hoof & Paw’s “Sodalite Candle” for Creativity and Courage.

If you enjoyed this article lookout for our next Wellness feature coming soon which will offer virus-prevention advice and immune-boosting tips for a healthy body and mind. Wishing you all an upbeat April and the chance to slow down and welcome Spring…

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