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Meet our Sellers - Suntribe

Meet The Seller Suntribe Sunscreen

Meet The Sellers - Suntribe 

If it's natural mineral sunscreen you're looking for, then you need to meet the Suntribe people!

Summer is definitely here. It’s hot and we’re all reaching for the sunscreen. When it comes to sun protection, it’s worth knowing what’s what.

From time to time, we like to introduce you to the people and brands behind the lovely natural products we have on And now the sun’s out, it’s a good time to say hello to Suntribe - because Suntribe knows all about the sun!

Suntribe makes some of the best natural mineral sunscreens on the market. Their natural sun products are 100% safe for skin and for nature. Chemical free, effective and reef safe.

Active Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 with cartoon graphics

Who Are Suntribe?

The founding tribe are Karl, Hampus and Julia. Swedish self confessed surfers, hikers, climbers and all round lovers of sun, nature and the great outdoors. 

The story began when, as sports enthusiasts, they couldn’t find good natural zinc sunscreens in Europe. There simply was no natural alternative. And they couldn't find sunscreens that used sustainable packaging, or that were verified as environmentally sound, reef safe and human safe.

All the  standard sun products they were looking at were jam packed with chemicals and additives - not only bad for us, but actively damaging to the environment and oceans. 

In fact, Karl, Hampus and Julia got so frustrated about the lack of care taken by big manufacturers, that they started to make their own sun products. And so Suntribe began!

Karl, Hampus and Julia on a pale yellow background with cartoon graphics

What ingredients are in Suntribe natural sunscreen and skin products?

Suntribe has a strict philosophy of only using ingredients that are proven to be safe for humans and the environment. But they still have to be super protective in the sun. They only use fully researched and tested organic oils, waxes, butters and natural minerals in their range so you know you’re getting natural stuff with high quality ingredients!

And they test tough! If they’ve designed a strong sunscreen for surfers, guess who gets to test it? Yep, surfers! The tribe who are out in the harshest weather conditions, with all skin types for long periods of exposure. Only until Suntribe are 100% happy with products are they released.

sunscreen ingredients with cartoon graphics

It’s part of their policy. Suntribe natural mineral sunscreen products are guaranteed free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, microplastics, alcohol and perfumes. And, they aren’t diluted with water - meaning that they are totally pure and really effective at sun protection. 

Non Nano Zinc Oxide

Non nano zinc oxide is the key ingredient in Suntribe natural sunscreen. Instead of chemical UV filters, it is a natural mineral UV filter. It’s been validated by science to give effective broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays - which are the skin damaging elements in sunlight. Non nano oxide is so good, it's been proven to block 97% of UVB rays.

They also add organic coconut oil and cacao butter that helps keep your skin fully hydrated and avoids drying in the sun. It also happens to smell like a tropical paradise!

What does ‘reef safe’ mean?

Suntribe natural sunscreens and skincare are all ‘reef safe’. But what does that mean? 

A sunscreen can only be deemed reef safe or reef friendly if it does not contain oxybenzone and octinoxate

These are two of the most common UV-blocking chemicals in standard sunscreens.  And they’ve been discovered to cause coral bleaching. This literally means the colourful and beautiful coral reefs in our oceans turned white. Which in turn means they have lost essential nutrients in the algae, and are vulnerable to disease. They cease to be a vital part of the food chain in the oceans - with devastating effects for marine wildlife.

A man holding a surfboard on off white background with cartoon graphics

As well as environmental pressures like temperature spikes or drops in the water, these chemicals are bad news for coral reefs. 

So, Suntribe products replace these active chemical ingredients with non nano zinc oxide, which is just as effective in protecting your skin, but does not harm the environment.

Natural Sunscreen for Every Skin Type

For absolutely everyone. We are all part of this tribe!

At the start, they made it with the adrenaline seeking surfers and climbers in mind, but the products are made with the whole human tribe. From laid back beach lovers, weekend hikers, occasional sun seekers, mums and kids, granny and grandad .. the natural sun products they make aren’t just for the select few, they are designed to be safe for everyone.

Natural Mineral Face & Sport Mini Zinc Sunscreens with cartoon graphics

Their range of natural sun and skin products have something for everyone. In fact, the range is small but targeted. So you can grab the Active Mineral Sunscreen at SPF 50 if you’re out on the waves all day, or the natural mineral day cream at SPF 20 for day to day wear. They do a Suntribe baby and kids cream that’s super gentle, and face zinc stick and balms that really protect your face from harmful rays.

It is why we love Suntribe. Fantastic high quality, eco-friendly, organic ingredients made for your lifestyle.

Suntribe Natural and Organic Skincare Everyday.

a woman using Natural Mineral Day Cream SPF 20 with cartoon graphics

Suntribe also has a gorgeous range of everyday natural skincare. And we mean, divine! As well as the SPF20 natural mineral day cream which is non-oily and won't clog pores, they have body butters and balms that will transform dry skin into silky soft super hydrated skin! 

Natural After Sun Balm Eucalyptus & Jojoba and Natural Body Butter Coconut & Argan on cartoon graphics

We particularly love the soothing and moisturising after sun balm, with cooling eucalyptus and lush jojoba. And the Coconut and argan body butter is beyond lush, smells amazing and made with the best natural and organic ingredients.

Suntribe Natural Shea Butter Lip Balm on an orange blob with cartoon graphics

And recently, they’ve introduced a vegan and 100% natural and organic and gentle hemp seed oil lip balm. This new addition to the Suntribe family is radically moisturising in any weather conditions - with coconut oil and shea butter and the magic of hemp seed oil heals chapped skin.

Better still, this little balm is zero waste, plastic free and comes in fully biodegradable packaging. What is not to love?!

Our Suntribe takeaway?

Natural and organic sunscreens and environmentally safe organic skin care ranges that use only the very best of ingredients.

With Suntribe, we felt completely safe in the sun. There’s a high level of research and science going on behind the scenes with these products, and we are sold on the protective quality of non nano zinc oxide.

It’s also reassuring to know that what we’re using on our skin isn't doing damage to the ocean. Why isnt that the norm?!

As one of our sellers, we know that the people behind Suntribe are making their products with all the right reasons and ethics behind them. They genuinely want to provide a safe, effective alternative to standard sunscreens and skin care - and that's exactly what they’ve done.

It’s a complete bonus though, that their everyday natural skincare products are absolutely gorgeous! 

Personally, I love the SPF20 day cream if I'm not on the beach for the day. It’s a lovely, light cream that doesn't irritate or clog up pores. 

All rounders. Good people. Fantastic range of products that do their job better than well.

With sellers like Suntribe, it makes it pretty simple to love yourself and love your planet. Enjoy the sunshine!

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