Essential Oils for Wellbeing and Mood:

Our sense of smell is more sensitive and immediate than any other of our five senses, which is why aromas can be so instant and uplifting and elevate our state of mind.

Chemicals in a scent can trigger physiological responses and these combined effects enable aromatic essential oils to work on our mind, body and spirit to bring about the desired effect on our wellbeing and mood.

Here at we offer Made by Coopers Non-toxic Atmospheric Mists. These mists contain a carefully selected blend of essential oils to calm, balance or uplift moods. (ADD LINK TO PRODUCTS) Created by a husband and wife team who believe what you breath and put on your skin should be natural, organic and contain only clean ingredients. Their products contain nutrient rich plant oils and therapeutic grade essential oils. Each product has an aromatherapy element to it; Calming, Balancing, Uplifting and Energising and all products are always 100% free from parabens, SLS’s, Mineral Oil, Palm Oil, Sulfates, Artifical colours and synthetic fragrances.  

What are essential oils?

Aromatic essential oils are highly concentrated essences derived from plants. Used today in aromatherapy and fragrances they have a long history in natural healing. These oils harness a plant’s therapeutic properties to restore balance not only to our mind and body but also to our spirit.

Today there are over 150 essential oils used in aromatherapy, each has a unique chemistry and properties which bring about distinct psychological and physiological effects.

What’s in an oil?

A single essential oil can contain as many as 100 naturally occurring chemical components which work together to give the oil its unique properties and aroma.

History of Essential Oils

Highly concentrated oils have been used for centuries to calm or stimulate the emotions and enhance wellbeing.  The ability of fragrances to affect mood and atmosphere has long been recognised in different cultures. Traditionally scented oils have been used in incense and candles throughout the ages, with many cultures believing the aromas could ward off evil. The Egyptians used scented oils in burial rituals while the Greeks believed aromas connected them to the Gods and the Romans used scented oils for seduction.

The modern use of essential Oils

In the 1930’s French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse coined the term aromatherapy after finding lavender oil helped heal his burned hand without scarring. In World War II a French Army surgeon used oils on wounded soldiers, while Austrian biochemist Marguerite Maury not only prescribed oils but is also credited with using essential oils in massage.

Nowadays essential oils are being embraced in modern day life for lifting the spirits, wound healing and more bringing this traditional practice back into relevance for modern day living.

Where do oils come from?

Traditionally most essential oils were harvested in the wild however with an increase in demand for certain oils many are now specially cultivated. Essential oils are now extracted from a wide range of plants worldwide and many oils thrive in Mediterranean areas and in subtropical and tropical climates.

Choosing Essential Oils?

Ensure that you are buying a pure, natural, good quality, sustainably produced essential oil. Recognise quality, check sustainability and choose organic.

Organic Essential Oils:

Organic essential oils and base oils have a higher therapeutic value because they contain the highest level of antioxidants and are less likely to have toxic residues from pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Organic production also benefits farmers, their families and communities. It is kinder to the soil and generally provides a more positive outlook for future crops, wildlife and water sources.

Atmospheric Mists are a fabulous way to incorporate essential oils into your daily life, or give as a gift to friends and family so they too can enjoy the therapeutic benefits these beautiful plant oils create.

To dispel negative energy and promote peace and tranquillity try Made By Coopers Calming Atmospheric Mist (add link) containing soothing essential oils such as Frankincense, Lavender and Bergamot. Lavender is a versatile and popular essential oil it has a calming fragrance and is renowned for its ability to relax, unwind and promote restful sleep, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

For a more uplifting mist try Happy (Add link) a fruity blend of three essential oils designed to exhilarate and excite. This mist contains Basil Essential Oil alongside Clementine and Lime. Basil is highly valued in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as a protector of both mental and physical wellbeing. Its crisp aroma clears and refreshes the mind and helps to calm anxiety. Good for enhancing wellbeing – Basil balances, revives and strengthens to help combat exhaustion, anxiety or depression.

As an uplifting alternative to Happy you could also try “Awaken” (Add link) with a combination of five essential oils designed to awaken the soul and lift the spirits. Containing Grapefruit and Orange essential oil alongside Black Pepper, Palmarosa and Frankincense. Grapefruit has an energising and stimulating effect on body and mind. An uplifting essential oil, it combats tiredness with its fresh, zesty scent, it is revitalising if you are suffering from mental exhaustion and can help lift the emotions. Orange is also an uplifting essential oil, with a sweet scent that relieves anxiety and can calm nervous tension as well as lift feeling of depression.

Other Atmospheric mists you can try in the Made By Coopers range include Invigorate (add link) which contains a mix of Peppermint, Lime and Rosemary Essential Oils or choose more balancing and calming alternatives such as “Relaxing” (add link) with Lavender and Frankincense, “Restore” (add link) with Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Coriander and Black Pepper or “Revive” (add link) with Lemongrass, Ginger, Lime and Bergamot.

There is a mist for every mood and why not travel with these combinations to spritz in your home, your work or your hotel room….



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