Last-minute stocking fillers this Christmas
Are you on a mission to rid your house of single-use plastics not just for Christmas but day-to-day? As much as we all love the fun Christmas brings, we do find sometimes we are left with tat which is neither useful nor practical. Cheap plastic gifts are usually a great way to fill stockings, but not this year. Our new range of environmentally friendly Christmas stocking gift ideas is the perfect solution to combat plastic waste.
Last Minute, Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

The UK environment figures suggest our countrywide waste increases by a massive 30% during the festive period. Crackers and Christmas Stockings are filled with plastic items as well as being made with plastic materials that cannot be recycled. 

Living more sustainably is becoming more vital because if we don't, we will run out of non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels and lumbar. If we continue to live in a non sustainable way, more animal species will become extinct, and we will damage the atmosphere beyond the point of repair. Now is the time to change!  

The traditional popular gifts for stockings include: 

  • toys 
  • beauty products
  • Small food gifts
  • Candles

Think that you can't get all the usual stocking gifts in a sustainable alternative? This is where you put a stop to the novelty and give something with a bit more longevity. Make a start on eradicating single-use plastics within your household and those of your family and friends by creating a whole environmentally friendly theme this Christmas with Christmas gifting and stocking fillers. Below are just some of our favorite eco-friendly stocking gifts, which are a bargain at £10 each or less!

Stocking Filler Gift Ideas For Her

Perfect Stocking Fillers for Her

Organics jams and marmalades with aloe vera and agave syrup - RRP £3.70 

A healthy sugar-free alternative to normal jams and marmalades, this is a perfect stocking gift to help start the healthy. Delight her taste buds with these jams and marmalade, made with delicious yet natural ingredients.

Organics jams and marmalades with aloe vera and agave syrup

View our range of jams here.

Aloe vera hand cream - RRP £6.00

Aloe Vera hand cream

If the cold weather is drying out her hands, this hand cream will provide moisture and freshness, as well as being gentle on sensitive skin. The perfect size to keep in a handbag or just around the house, this Aloe Vera hand cream is an everyday essential that she will love.

View our range of Aloe Vera Hand Cream here.

Making handmade Christmas Crackers this year? Make your Christmas Cracker a 100% recyclable experience. If you have already bought the materials to make the cracker, why not buy some of our smaller stocking gift products to put inside your handmade Christmas Cracker. Get all the usual Christmas Cracker gift ideas but in a sustainable alternative.

Stocking Filler Gift Ideas For Them

Stocking Filler Gift Ideas For Them

Organic pure castile soap - RRP £7.90

A two in one stocking filler, this organic soap can be used as a hand or body wash. This soap not only cleans and provides moisture, but it comes in a beautifully made bottle.

Organic pure castile soap

As this is considered to be the soap used by European royalty, make them feel like Royalty this Christmas.

View the range here.

Organic teas - Prices start from £4.50

Organic teas


With a range of flavours, our natural teas are sure to be a favourite for their stocking. Each tea has properties such as antioxidants that help keep hair shining. A gift that keeps giving and perfect for a stocking. 

View our amazing range of organic flavoured teas here.

Give a family member or loved one an experience gift. With many outdoor, public experiences not possible at the moment, our sustainable gifting range allows for experience gifting at home with luxury organic teas, beauty products to create your own wellness. Enjoy relaxing, anxiety-calming candles for a spa at home experience. 

Stocking Filler Gift Ideas For Him

Stocking Filler Gift Ideas For Him

Low carb sugar-free Hazelnut Chocolate Spread - RRP was £7.15, now on sale at £6.89 (Grab yourself a last-minute Christmas bargain!)

Low carb sugar-free Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

All-natural Chocolate, sugar-free hazelnut spread perfect for someone with a sweet tooth. Made with real chocolate and no added sweeteners, this hazelnut spread is suitable for vegetarians and will satisfy that sweet craving. 

Find our sugar free chocolate spread here.

Natural toothpaste - RRP £7.50

Want to add extra freshness to his morning routine? This all-natural toothpaste eliminates bad breath and helps whiten teeth while being fluoride-free and vegan suitable. It comes in both peppermint and spearmint variants. 

Natural toothpaste

View our range of toothpaste here.

Stocking Filler Gift Ideas For Kids

Stocking Filler Gift Ideas For Kids

Bamboo Toothbrush - RRP £2.99

A great environmentally friendly option is bamboo toothbrushes! They are made with bamboo fiber bristles and a bamboo handle. Our range is available with both soft and medium bristles suitable for children of all ages. We even have ones for the adults too!

Bamboo Toothbrush

View our bamboo toothbrushes here.

Another way to become more sustainable is by trying out your own handmade stockings. Create a reusable Christmas Stocking that is made of reusable materials that can be used long term.

Our new Christmas Stocking gift range offers all these fun and Christmas themed gifts, whilst being sustainable. Do you want a Christmas that is 100% magic, but 100% recyclable? View our range online now!

Eco-Friendly Handmade Christmas Gifting

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