How does crystal healing work?

 Crystal Jewellery & Body Balance

Thousands of people all over the world collect gems and minerals for their metaphysical properties and use these beautiful stones in a variety of ways.  But how can something inorganic like a stone effect a living organism? What is crystal energy and Crystal Healing? Why is it that some people “feel” crystals while others can’t? We will attempt to answer these common questions and give you more background into working with crystals, where they come from, how they work and how you might be able to use and wear them in your everyday life to help with mind, body balance.

We have handpicked a selection of crystal healing bracelets from Amelie Hope Crystals. Bracelets which are handmade with love in small quantities, combining the healing qualities of semi-precious stones in such a way to target specific pressure points in the wrist to help combat anxiety, nausea, vertigo, dizziness, morning-sickness and travel-sickness. For more information on why Amelie Hope Crystals use specific stones in their bracelets for certain ailments do read on and please note we do not advocate using stones instead of traditional medicine or psychological care. Science still has further to go in terms of proving the self-healing aspect of working with crystals so for now we hope you enjoy this field of exploration and speculation and find our research helpful.

Our Ancestors knew the value of stones and their elemental forces within the earth. Each mineral within the earth vibrates with a specific band of frequency. When we bring a crystal or stone into our electromagnetic field two things can happen – firstly your nervous system attunes to the shifts in energy triggering physical and emotional experiences and secondly your biochemistry can adjust. The experience you have when holding a mineral is directly related to the stone’s electro-magnetic energy signature which we will delve into more now however we would recommend reading around the subject and Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian’s “The Book of Stones – Who They Are & What They Teach” is a fantastic resource for understanding more about the elements, energies and physical, emotional and even spiritual side to working with stones.

How Crystals Amplify Energy

Certain crystals can act as resonators and transducers of electromagnetic energies because of their crystalline structure and regularity of flow which provides great stability and is why Silicon chips are used to provide memory in computers and Quartz crystals can be incorporated into watches and clocks to provide highly accurate measurements of time. With this principle in mind it is easier to understand how crystals maybe capable of transforming or amplifying other forms of energy.

Why Stones Work – here’s the science!

As mentioned the crystal lattice structure found in minerals such as Quartz, Beryl, Diamond etc. provides great stability and regularity of flow allowing electromagnetic energies to move through them. A property of Quartz and other minerals is the “piezoelectric” effect. The word piezo is Greek for “push” or “press” and the effect known as piezoelectricity (discovered by Pierre and Jacques Curie in 1880) allows crystals to acquire a charge when compressed, twisted or distorted. This mechanical energy can be transduced into electromagnetic energy and vice versa and was first used in the 1920’s to allow for stability in broadcasting stations with a crystal oscillator. Quartz crystals are still used today in radios; crystal radios do not need a battery or power source, because they are able to draw energy from radio waves being transmitted through the atmosphere.

There are many stories that run through different cultures about the idea of conscious linkage and the use of crystals, biophysicists are now suggesting the physical bodies of human beings and other organisms are liquid crystals… The DNA molecule present in every cell of every living organism is itself a hexagonal crystal structure and today’s widespread interest in the metaphysical properties of stones means there is more research being done in this area.

How can you incorporate crystals into your everyday life?

The simplest thing you can do is select some stones which you feel drawn to and place them around your home or work environment. For instance, many people like using Amethyst to purify a space and create a positive healing vibration.

Other people like to carry crystals on them and keep them in their pocket or wallet. This can be useful for stressful days or when you are travelling a lot. A natural extension of carrying or holding stones it to wear them and incorporate them as jewellery

As we touched upon in our introduction Amelie Hope Jewellery creates specific acupressure bands from semi-precious stones, designed to be worn to relieve symptoms of anxiety, nausea, vertigo and morning sickness among other conditions.

The Amelie Hope Anxiety Relief Bracelet combines Aquamarine, Amazonite and Hematite for Anxiety Relief.  Aquamarine soothes, and is a powerful cleansing agent described often as “a stone of release”. Aquamarine has a gentle energy and can bring emotional patterns to the surface to process helping to balance anger, fear and allow one to move through grief more easily. While Amazonite is a stone of harmony; helping one communicate one’s feelings without over-emotionalism. Amazonite is an excellent stone for those who are overly concerned with the opinions of others and assists one in maintaining personal balance.

The Amelie Hope Nausea Relief Bracelet combines Clear Quartz with Hematite. In Amelie’s own words she says “Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals, so can be stacked with existing bracelets to give them a boost.” Amelie goes onto say “Clear Quartz encourages clarity of purpose to one’s heart and mind. It works on all levels of the energetic and physical bodies and resonates with all chakras.”

Other bracelets in the collection include Green Aventurine with Hematite for Morning Sickness and Rose Quartz for dizziness and vertigo.

You can also meditate with stones which is a great way to start to feel their crystal energies and beyond this you can look at dreamwork and body layouts.

Choose crystals carefully:

As crystals have become increasingly more popular in everyday life we ask you to always check the source of your supplier and make sure they are ethically and sustainably obtained. Our suggestion would be to share your crystals with friends and family – why not start a crystal club as stones can be cleansed and enjoyed time and again.



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