Buying Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Gifts for Christmas

For some of you, it has long been that time where you have been thinking about what to get loved ones, friends, and colleagues for Christmas. For others, it may only just be coming up to that time. Really, the question for many people this year, should be less about what am I getting, but where has what I am buying been sourced from?

Nationally and globally, ethical shopping still isn’t mainstream. There is not enough accessibility to sustainably sourced products, and where there is, the pricing is usually high.

“We are a company whose soul ethics and brand message is the promotion and sale of sustainable and eco-friendly products”.

 After realizing the gap in the market, we created a section on our website dedicated to amazing quality, yet competitively priced, environmentally friendly Christmas gift ideas.

Giving the gift of Wellness at home

Previously, you may have given spa vouchers or bought beauty gift sets from retail giants such as Boots or John Lewis. However, due to the current climate, getting out to enjoy wellness has not been viable. We have a wide suite of eco-conscious beauty products and toiletries on offer in our Christmas gift guide.

We recently launched some new products by the beauty brand ‘Suntribe’, who specialize in zero-waste.

One of our personal favourites is the ‘All Natural Mineral Body & Face Sunscreen SPF 30’.

A product that can be used all year round, this is a ‘reef-safe’ mineral sunscreen. Perfect for daily activities, or a day out at the beach, regardless of the weather. 

This sunscreen is completely free of any cosmetic nasties such as synthetic chemicals, preservatives, or perfumes, and is cruelty-free. Once you have used this product, you can fully discard the tube as the label is made from 100% recycled paper and the tube is made from biobased sugarcane. 

Organic natural sunscreen available on Suntribe's Natural Everyday SPF 30 Body an Face Cream / Image Suntribe

What is Biobased Sugarcane?

Biobased Sugarcane is a 100% recyclable and renewable material made from sugarcane. The sugarcane is transformed into ethanol, which is then used to make the eco-friendly material. By purchasing sugarcane made material, you help towards economic growth by reducing your carbon footprint by up to 50%! This really is an amazing product that uses natural resources for packaging, whilst helping to fight against air pollution.

Let us return to the idea of creating a more relaxing environment at home. Our environmentally friendly, scented candle range is crafted and made in small batches in Surrey. They are 100% natural, using sustainably sourced wax and lead-free wicks. Infused with natural scents such as Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and Rosemary, these divine smelling, calming candles will be an excellent addition under any tree this Christmas.

Explore the range of our gorgeously scented, Soy Wax Candles on our website in the Christmas Gifting range.

Hand poured soy wax candle

Hoof & Paw's Hand poured Natural Soy-Wax Citrine Candle with Essential Oils / Image: Hoof & Paw 


There has been a lot of coverage globally on rising stress levels with people more anxious than ever. With stock shortages across the country, people are seeking more natural, remedial solutions. Which is why this year we are selling our popular Crystal healing focuses on energy. The understanding is that crystals help remove bad or unbalanced energies and direct the right energy to the place it is needed most.

Anxiety Acupuncture Bracelets
Amelie Hope Crystals  /  Vertigo & Dizziness Relief Bracelet


Different crystals have different energy healing properties, which is why we offer a range of crystal bracelets that help with headaches, stress, fertility, sickness, and anxiety.

The environmentally-friendly gift that gives twice

Plantable paper tree

Our Plantable Christmas Cards are designed in London and made from 100% recycled paper and flower seeds. They are handmade directly by our supplier, and are a fully biodegradable product, as well as being an ethical, and sustainably sourced, made-in-Britain product. RRP £4 per card, view the range on our website

Biodegradable Christmas cards
A gift that keeps on giving Plantable Penguin Christmas Card RRP £4 

“Giving a gift that creates resource from waste”.

They are 100% biodegradable, with seed mixes such as English Daisy, Catchfly, Black-Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, Spurred Snapdragon, and Corn Poppy. Just see the images below which are pictures of some of the flowers these beautiful seeds grow into. This gift really will help you as a customer buying into a circular economy.

Plantable seeded paper

Creating a bespoke vegan-friendly, sustainable Foodie-Hamper

Buy a Christmas gift that becomes a fun activity within the confines of their home, especially one that you can involve the kids in too!  

Family spending time together

Why not start with our incredible and deliciously scrummy (and it’s not even naughty so no adding us to Santa's naughty list this year!) Raw Chocolate Making Starter Kit.


Chocolate making kit

Just £22, our bestseller food gift is perfect for all ages and great fun for the kids.

Our Raw Chocolate Making Kit is made by Elements for Life, a Wiltshire based company. Their raw chocolate products are award-winning and are dairy, gluten, and soya free.

Additionally, we not only have food gifts that bring people together but ones that bring a bit of peace and calm for those that have more individual needs.

Our 100% organic ‘Moos Broos’ loose leaf teas, start from just £4.50 and are a great gift option for foodie and tea lovers alike!

Organic Moos Broos Tea


Moos Broos Water Potion Tea RRP £7.49

With a strong passion for nature, supporting the environment, and working in-tune with the planet, the moon cycle, and universal energy laws; our range of organic teas have been blessed and filled with loving intentions to bring goodness, happiness, peace, and ease to those who drink them.

You’ve gone to all the effort of getting sustainable and eco-friendly Christmas gifts, but how to wrap them? We have!

You’ve gone to all the effort of getting sustainable and eco-friendly Christmas gifts, but how to wrap them? We have environmentally friendly Christmas gift wrapping alternatives, to complete your 100% eco-friendly purchases. Be different this Christmas, and use one of our organic cotton grocery bags to put your Christmas gifts into.

A perfect washable alternative to a plastic bag, your friend or loved one can use these to store other household items for long after they have opened their gift inside. These are incredibly versatile, plastic-free, and certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Want to know more about Christmas Hampers? We've got you covered read our Eco-Friendly Christmas Hamper Guide.

Hopefully, by now, you are feeling more inspired for festive gift buying while fulfilling your sustainable and environmentally-friendly conscious purchasing. To view our range of Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, and Zero-Waste Christmas products - click here

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