Buying Plastic-free, the Veganuary Edition

What is plastic-free/plastic-free living? 

Buying Plastic-free, and living within a free-from-plastics household, means you are using products that are free from disposable plastics. This can be the product itself being plastic-free, the packaging it comes in, or both. Recently the most popular plastic-free alternatives for household items are products that are made of glass or bamboo, as plastic-free substitutes

Biodegradable coconut cleaning products

Living plastic-free doesn't mean that you never use plastics, rather that you have eradicated single-use plastics where possible. Some plastic products are reusable such as Tupperware and water bottles, which are more practical and healthier environmentally, as these don't get thrown out after one use. They replace the waste of usual single-use plastics, with their long term lifespan.

How does buying plastic-free contribute toward Veganism? 

Our society revolves around single-use conveniences, such as plastics and animal-based products. Cutting out just one of these can be hard enough, let alone multiple items.

Our planet is suffering from waste overload, especially plastic. Eight million metric tons of plastic waste is thrown into the ocean every year. 40% of plastic is single-use, and only 91% of all plastics are recycled.

As a business, we are conscious of the effect plastic has on our planet. But we need you. You need to make the conscious decision to limit your plastic usage, or else companies who still use single plastic won't change because they know people will keep buying from them.  

Zero Waste products

Steps to living a zero-waste and vegan lifestyle

1. Start with small steps - becoming vegan and plastic-free at once is exciting and noble, but hard to adapt to in one go. Why not start with becoming vegan first, cut out animal products slowly, but, while you do this, lookout for plastic-free options at the same time. For example, if you cut out milk and turn to soy milk, look for cardboard cartons at the same time.
2. Research - Watch documentaries, and research places that sell products that suit your needs.
3.Read labels - reading labels will help you immensely, see what recycling symbols they have (it's worth researching what the numbers inside of these symbols mean). Create a list of ingredients that derive from animal products so that you can find out what you can and can't have.
4.Remember that no one's perfect - the aim isn't to cut everything out straight away, people will always make mistakes since there's so much to remember but don't beat yourself up about it. Take it easy and do your best. 

Organics products that are plastic-free and contribute towards veganism

As solution providers to the fight for a healthier and better environment, we offer many products that will provide alternatives you might not have known existed, at great quality, taste, and cost.

Here are just a few of our favourite vegan-friendly and plastic-free products:

 Natural plastic free toothpaste with coconut oil

Natural coconut oil toothpaste- this toothpaste cleans, whitens, and keeps your breath smelling fresh. It is 100% vegan, made of only natural ingredients, and the packaging is fully recyclable and reusable. 

Did you know 549 million plastic bags are sold in the UK annually, all of which end up in landfill and can't ever fully decompose? Switch to our jute-bagplastic-free alternative and help us in our fight against continued plastic pollution.  

Handmade organic jute reusable food bag

Organic jute shopping bag - this is a plastic-free and eco-friendly replacement for those 10p supermarket bags. This bag won't break as easily and will be your plastic-free shopping companion for years to come.

We all know how important fruits and vegetables are, especially for the vegan lifestyle. However, a lot of the time they come in plastic packaging, or the loose fruit and veg need bags to store them in, which are usually made of plastic.

reusable food bags for loose vegetables


Buy one of our organic cotton mesh grocery bags. They are great at holding loose produce and will last for years. They wash well too. Unlike non environmentally friendly alternatives, these are fully compostable and won't add to landfills.

Here at Organics, we offer a plastic-free shopping experience to help you find reusable products. We also offer vegan products to help live a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle, with a range of organically farmed ingredients to give you the best quality products, while helping you live the lifestyle you want.

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