Buying Coconut Oil Online

Buying coconut oil products online. It's hard work! You want to buy high quality. So it's going to help if the coconut oil is natural and organic. Free from additives and no sneaky nasties in there, right?

Buying top quality coconut oil products online is tricky, not least because the stuff is so amazing. It has a dizzying array of uses. It goes on your hair, skin, nails. It get applied liberally to your unsuspecting pets. It's melted into your cakes, its roasts veg to crisp perfection. Heck, you probably used it on a squeaky door hinge last week!

So, you might find yourself trawling page after page of endless shampoos, moisturisers, body butters, soaps. Before you know it, you're knee deep in cooking oils, sugars .. And, what?! Dog shampoos? Itch relief creams? Yikes!

So, let us step in here. Ahem. We can help. (And, of naturally, we think our products rock!). At all our coconut oil products are 100% natural and organic. Always. Because our amazing range of independent sellers can prove it!

And my oh my, that coconut oil is indeed amazing stuff. But like all nature's ingredients, it has to be high quality. It has to be free from additives and man made extras to really do its job. Because frankly, mother Nature knows exactly what she's doing!

Buying Coconut Oil Products Online

Coconut Oils Products and Independent Sellers all on

What exactly do you want?

Here's the key to finding coconut oil products online. Be specific, but er, not too specific? 'Collections' are a good way to start if you're browsing around. You'll start to get a feel for what's out there. You could check out a natural online beauty collection first.

Now, the version is health and beauty, so there'll be gorgeous skin creams, as well as products aimed at improving well-being and health - like your teeth!

Yes, just when you thought coconut oil could do no more, it's in mouth wash too! (and it's great stuff).

Coconut oil as a beauty ingredient.

Shop Coconut Oil Mouthwash Online

Natural Coconut Oil Mouthwash pulling oil with Peppermint from Naturoganik

If you're not searching for say, coconut oil for cooking or pure coconut oil, you might be searching online for beauty products that have coconut oil as an active ingredient. Because, by now you'll know that the stuff is a really great moisturiser! (If not, check out our blog on why its so darned good)

Organic Coconut Oil Uses, Properties and Benefits

And this is why collections are great start for buying coconut oil online. You can discover your perfect product with a little browsing - but not across the entire internet! Phew.

You might trip across this little gem Organic Body Butter Lavender which has organic Virgin Coconut oil as its active moisturising ingredient. And lavender. What's not to love. Collections give you choice and options to discover. But not too much.

Shop Online Organic Body Butter with Coconut Oil

Lavender Body Butter with coconut oil from Kathy Sue-Ann's Collection

Buying coconut oil for cooking.

Now, the blog link above about the benefits of coconut oil covers a little about why cooking with the stuff is a healthy option. And these days, coconut oil is big news in the kitchen. Basically, it is true that it is high in fats, but the good kind!

There is some debate about it. This really focuses around its temperature volatility (which all fats have when heated up). So while most health pros will advise avoiding fried foods (we knew that - no chips!) it's much more likely that online natural products and coconut oils that have clean processing methods (no secret nasties added) and that are organic, are going to be the healthier option.

This also goes for roasting and baking if you've fallen out of love with the frying pan! So, online, look for natural and organic varieties of coconut oil. And if you're a serious coco-health-nut, do read the ingredients and how its made. It's important! And (as we live and breathe organic) we have some lovely cooking oil to get your bake on with 

Organic Coconut Oil for Cooking

Perfect cooking ingredient. Coconut Cooking Oil from The Coconut Company.

Specialised coconut brands do it best.

Oh, they so do.

If a brand does organic coconut oil, like, really does it, we say they're the experts! We're not knocking corporate food production companies that have a coconut cooking oil in their product line, but we tend to love the smaller guys.

The independent sellers and brands who've discovered a great ingredient, where to source it and how to make it. And they do just that. And they do it so well! Our sellers, for example, can tell us exactly how and where the coconut oil ingredient is sourced. And better than that, exactly how their products are made and with what. So if you're doing that online search for the best coconut oil products, as well as checking out collections, search for independent brands that specialise in coconut oil.

Then you know you're getting the real deal because being a small and specialised brand means their authenticity and honesty about their products is their biggest selling point!

And may we introduce you to one of those fabulously authentic little brands right now? The utterly gorgeous Coconut Company! Guess what these guys do?

The Coconut Company

Top tips for buying coconut oil online made simple.

We hope we have narrowed it down. Not everything that glitters (or moisturises, or cooks) is the best version. Coconut oil as a straight product or an ingredient is a natural product. Keep it that way to ensure you buy only the best.

So our top tips for searching are..

  • Always search for organic or natural coconut oil
  • Find collections on sites to browse. It kinda narrows down the internet! Not all products with coconut oil as an active ingredient will show up in a search.
  • Heading to specialist natural and organic sites first will easily narrow down your search to find the best quality.
  • The ingredients lists of natural products don't read like a chemistry text book! So they are simple and easy to check!
  • Head straight for the specialist independent brands. They will stock a range of coconut oil products, so it's great to see what they have first. They will be very fussy about what oil they use, how they use it and how its made.
  • Spread your coconut wings! This little nut (well, quite large nut really) doesn't just give us oil .. its shell is used for some pretty nifty and sustainable products too! Check these out

Eco Coconut Kitchen Utensils 

Happy searching. You can easily browse through for a wide range of truly natural and organic products. Stay natural, stay safe x

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