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Natural Handpicked Christmas Hampers

Let’s face it, the festive season this year is going to be a challenge, and we’re going to need something really special to lift our spirits. There’s nothing that can bring a smile to anyone’s face like a good Christmas hamper or basket full of lots of goodies.

But, I hear you cry, "What goes in a Christmas hamper? What can I put in a Christmas Hamper for my mum? or, What goes into the best Christmas Hamper for someone really special?" 

If you don't know how to build your own hamper, don't worry. We have created the most complete guide to success for a natural handmade hamper this year. Carry on reading to learn how to build your own hamper.

This year in particular, Christmas is going to need a bit more thought to make it special. When doubts are flying around as to whether we can even get together with our loved ones, perhaps it’s time to start thinking more seriously about the environment and about how local businesses need us all, just to survive! Instead of doing the same as we did in previous years, when we took the route of least resistance and bought our Christmas hampers in the nearest shopping centre like Marks & Spencer, Aldi, John Lewis, Waitrose, Tesco... or large online retailer  like Amazon, we thought that it might perhaps be time for a change and think about some ideas on how to prepare a hand-picked hamper that clearly demonstrates just how much we care.

So, thinking about the theme of giving, we sat down to prepare a complete guide of how to make a handmade eco-friendly Christmas hamper that is sure to be a screaming success and, after going over some of the great products available on our site, we pooled ideas as to how we could bring them together in a great hamper.

To help us, we looked at some of the things that people have asked us about the content and the presentation of a hamper. Questions like: How can I make a hamper look good without a basket? Is it cheaper to make my own hamper? How can I present a hamper in a natural and eco-friendly way? All of these things are important in deciding what the most appropriate gift can be. Even presenting a hamper in an eco-friendly yet attractive way can be a daunting task, when it really shouldn’t be.

To start you off, here's a link to a very useful video on how to present your gifts in a way that is not only brilliant, but it’s fun to do too! 

How to wrap a hamper and make it look good without a basket? 

Start on minute 4.30. Video Created by HealthNut Nutrition

So, when it comes to making your own hamper with hand-picked gifts, and taking into account all the conditions we've listed here, how do you make a sure-fire hamper hit?

Perhaps the first thing is to decide who the hamper is for, because you can be assured that young Johnny won’t appreciate a skin-conditioner that is the ideal gift for auntie Sheila!

To assist in the journey across treacherous terrain towards the goal of splendiferous solutions, we have consulted with our sellers and created some great collections that include Christmas hampers for couples, Christmas hampers that don’t involve alcohol, Christmas hampers for children, and luxury xmas hampers. And, if you’re looking for stocking fillers, check out our more than 100 stocking fillers or, if you were thinking about something more sophisticated to stuff in your stocking, visit our luxury eco-friendly gifts collection.

What do you put in a hamper basket?

In the end, we should remember that giving is about making your loved ones feel special. And putting together a gift of something that you have taken time to think about can only make them feel very special! Hampers are a great way to put in lots of things so that there is something for just about every taste. Check out the followings collections that we have created just for you, to make it easier to find  the best gift for your loved ones:

Skincare Hamper products

Christmas Hamper UK
Click on the image to find out what includes this amazing Organic Gift Set 


Our skincare selection has some of the very best in unique or custom, organic, natural or handmade products from our shops. Products like this Super Nourishing Organic Body Scrub that gently exfoliates the epidermis to restore radiance and beauty to very dry skin, or the MetaPora Seize The Day, Absolute You Day Cream that leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated and ready for life’s great journey or All Natural Organic Body Butter Grapefruit & Almond now on sale. 

Luxury Eco-friendly Gifts

Our luxury gifts are built around the observation that luxury doesn’t need to cost the earth. In fact, the essence of luxury is something that is naturally excellent.

The fact is that Nature doesn’t need a helping hand to make anything luxurious. It just is, naturally. Our luxury collection is based around this observation in that all the ingredients our sellers use are natural, organic and eco-friendly, just as nature intended them to be.

Last Minute Stocking Fillers

There are loads of ideas for stuffing a stocking with something useful and eco-friendly this Christmas. And they don’t need to be wrapped in plastic or single-use paper. Disposable materials include fruit (especially those that are easy to peel!) and nuts, organic chocolate, candles, or bathroom products such as organic cosmetics and bamboo toothbrushes.

And why not try something that doesn’t involve receiving anything by post. Things like subscriptions to your loved one’s favourite magazine or club are great for keeping your personal carbon footprint to a minimum. 

Waste Free Christmas

Christmas consumerism leads to huge amounts of waste; and this on top of the stuff we normally toss out. So, how can we have a waste-free Christmas and still show our love?

Of course, Christmas is important. But so is our environment. Sustainable Christmas gifts are the answer. And there are loads of them to choose from: Natural Oral care products, Crystal Healings BraceletsOrganic Hand Woven Jute Bag to help you shop in an eco-friendly way. And what about including a Beeswax Food Wrap to initiate your loved ones into a sustainable lifestyle.

Handmade Christmas

Of course, the best Xmas Handmade Gifts, and the ones that mean the most, are the ones you make yourself. Because they are made by you, you can make sure that the materials used in your handmade Christmas gifts can be ethically sourced and are not responsible for any environmental impact. But, if you’re not exactly a Leonardo Da Vinci, there’s some great hand-made gift ideas from our sellers. Their illusion in making these wonderful products is the next best thing to making it yourself!

Christmas hand-picked hampers for…

Some of the best hampers are those that are filled with delicious goodies; things that are not allowed or encouraged during the rest of the year. We’ve got you covered:

Christmas hampers for her

Christmas Hamper for Her


Christmas Hamper for him

Christmas Hamper For Him

Christmas Hampers ideas for a couple

Christmas Hamper for couples

Christmas Hampers for families

Christmas Hamper for Families


Keeping it local

As we said, small local producers of goods are particularly feeling the pinch this year. It’s a great idea to buy local, not only to help those small businesses that are struggling under the pressure of the global crisis that we’re all living, but also to make sure that the expected cloud of emissions that will result in the many hundreds of thousands of gifts being bought online and then delivered by countless planes, ships and lorries, is kept to a minimum.

Christmas Hamper UK

Christmas Hamper UK


Christmas Hamper Australia

Christmas Hamper Australia


Christmas Hamper US

Christmas Hamper US


Christmas Hamper Spain

Christmas Hamper Spain


Italian Hamper 

Italian Christmas Hamper


Is it cheaper to make your own hamper?

Why should you buy an expensive gift hamper full of plastic wrapping when you can create your own on a more sustainable way? Creating your own hamper is cheaper and it's a far easier way to success as you can fill it with all the products you know your friends or family will love, and not with the standard ones that a supermarket, such as Marks & Spencer, has selected for them. You can always find cheaper options than the ones these big retailers sell. And, doing it this way, leaves you with space for including some personalised gifts and trinkets.

How to make a hamper without a basket?

This video will show you an example on how to make a hamper without a basket. Don't forget to reuse an old box and wrapping an eco friendly-paper and with old clothes.

DIY Hamper 

Video Created by "MISS CREATIVE Muzayyana Faisal"

How to make your own gift hamper?

1. Create an ecofriendly basket with an old box.

2. Protect the items inside it with recycle shredded paper made with any paper waste you have lying around the house. Make sure it is not something covered with sensitive information!!

3. Select the most special natural and eco-friendly gifts that you know the person you are thinking of will love. And, if you have time, add a personalised handmade gift, such as a painting or a handmade bracelet, something that will make your hamper even more special!

4. To put the finishing touch, wrap it with recycled wrapping paper, or with some old clothes that you were going to throw away.

And here you go a quick, nice and eco-friendly hamper made by you. They will love it just for the personalised touch you give it.  

Christmas gifts

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