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About Us


How we began

Organics LTD team

Organics.com is not just a retail website, we started out as an engineering company in 1985 called  Organics Ltd

Organics Ltd is a renewable energy engineering company, working around the world with many governments and businesses dedicated to the conversion of waste into energy. We turn gases released by the waste from factories into power, clean the water in the surrounding area and dispose of harmful materials safely.

Our dedication to the environment doesn't end with our engineering branch. After many enquiries regarding organic products we decided it was time to branch out. That's why Organics Marketplace was created. The new marketplace branch of Organics is committed to providing a platform for organics, renewable, sustainable and ethical products to be sold to a global market. Our shop allows anyone to share their organic or natural products with like-minded people, because with a domain name like ours it would be selfish not to share! 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a marketplace of products that follows the organic and natural standard. Goods that will be beneficial for our health and for our planet, so we move one small step closer to creating a healthy Mother Earth. We want to generate interest, fuel discussion and help people live an organic and natural life. Most of all our aim is to provide a home where organic and natural products are easy to find and by doing so establish an online Organics community. 

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What we sell and how we work

Organics.com is a marketplace that allows sellers to showcase their organic or natural products. Each and every seller has worked hard to create something that will not only benefit you but our planet. With our site we want to help the eco-conscious find products that will help keep our world balanced and green. 

In order for our Sellers to provide you with the best service, we are allowing them to manage their shops the way they want, while they are following our Organics Marketplace standards. This means that every shop will be unique when it comes to their Delivery and Return & Refunds policies. Before you purchase from any Seller, therefore, we advise you to familiarise yourself with their shop policies, its clauses and condition, etc. to enable you to make a successful purchase. 

What is a marketplace?

An online marketplace is an e-commerce site, that enables individuals as well as businesses, to either list their products for sale or set up an online storefront on the marketplace. This provides a platform for Seller and buyers to connect through the internet. 

Get involved and share your ideas

At Organics Marketplace we want you to enjoy your experience while using our site, so we encourage our customers to get involved. We want you to contact us and tell us what you think of our site and how we can improve. Be it good or bad we value your opinions. You can also become a part of our Let's Get Social page through our social media by tagging us in a picture of your order. Most importantly please don't forget to review your experience of Organics.com or of the products you have purchased. To give your honest thoughts and opinion to all of our Organics Marketplace Sellers. 

Do you want to sell with us?

Sell With Us

Great! Find out more information on why you should Sell with Organics Marketplace or click on the market stall to fill out your application to become a seller on Organics Marketplace. You will also be provided with your own account manager, who will help you every step of the way. If you have any question regarding a shop opening Organics Marketplace please get in touch and we will get back to you within 3 - 5 working days. 


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Frankie P   stumbled across this site. Love it! genuine organic stuff. Have ordered a few beauty products and all gorgeous. Candles for special birthdays. Easy, no problems and felt I could trust it.. fab to see an organic market site.
Tom H.   Found some proper organic products here for my saintly girlfriend who reads ALL labels! Great. Easy transaction. Arrived in time for the birthday. Bookmarked.
CT   Lovely things. Order came on time no hassles.